ReMix:Mega Man 2 "Crash and Burn" 2:11

By DJ Goyim, DJ Intermodal

Arranging the music of one song...

"Crash Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES), music by Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi

Posted 2001-07-09, evaluated by djpretzel

Cool little MegaMan 2 ReMix . . . not exactly kickin' AE's ass or anything, but worthy. Pretty unique in that it stays AWAY from analogue / resonant fitler effects and relies on straight synth with a lot of multi-tap on just about everything. Nifty backing pad does a nice stereo ping-pong. A little repetitive, but redeems itself in the end with some good arrangement. Warrants relistening as well - I like it better each time I hear it, so maybe you will too. Certainly nothing wrong with the sound quality or mixing. Promising start from DJ Intermodal and DJ Goyim - a little bit of exploration and a few touches and their next ReMix could be downright smashing. grabit.



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on 2013-07-04 18:20:17

Wow. Did we really make this 12 years ago? And haven't been on the forum in 10? I always did kinda wish we'd done some more, but life got in the way there. It wasn't long after we made this that Intermodal (my brother) moved out and got married, and I started at University, and from there we just lost touch in a lot of ways. I think we could have done a lot better if we'd stuck with it, but life has its ways of making hobbies hard to keep up with. Maybe I'll get in touch with DJI and see if we can collaborate on something more advanced with some better software than 2 poor teenagers could afford.

DJ Goyim

on 2011-12-11 09:57:31

I do remember hearing this when I started exposing myself to OCR's early work and feeling a little puzzled with this a way. And indeed I still do now; bare-bone beats, a conservative arrangement, the fact that you got the bass to play the melody as well as the lead bell (that to me really clutters up the notation if that's done consistently), not much articulation done to the synths other than the use of echo, and generally a weak sounding soundscape.

Back in the day it might've been pretty cool especially considering it was done with the demo version of FL Studio, but nowadays it feels somewhat vanilla. I feel disappointed that they didn't take the experience to hand and follow it up as people would've been wanting - it's a cool experience to learn from in making music especially when side-by-side with someone else.

on 2009-10-08 02:03:00

So this sounds kinda coverish, but a downgrade from the original. More needs to happen! The samples don't help the piece very much either.

on 2009-01-17 23:36:57

Not bad, it's simplistic and not so dynamic though.

It doesn't really go anywhere, but what it is has been polished up well.

Still, it gets an A for effort.

on 2009-01-15 01:24:35

good mix! I like the synths you used, I feel like they work well together.

on 2008-12-11 12:41:39

This is a fun mix. It's pretty simplistic, but it's also very light and with a little bit of intensity. Actually, it really feels like the kind of piece that I would download back in 99 or 2000.

So, nostalgia factor aside it's not a bad mix, I think that my 6 and 8 year old nieces would love to dance around to it. That's meant to be a compliment.:smile:

on 2008-12-06 18:44:56

This one is pretty conservative. Although I really like the feel of the music, it's just too short and doesn't deviate enough from the source to be overwhelming. Good and fun, but not great.

on 2007-12-13 11:01:15

The fact that this is done on the Demo of FL ups my appreciation of this track. It's not my favorite MM2 mix, certainly not by a long shot, but knowing where it came from makes a difference.

It's pretty coverish, but adds a more...happy...flavor, and I like that the mood's been changed in it. Not crazy about the key change or whatever happens at 1:56, but the tracks over before I can really complain about it.

My biggest gripe is the delay or whatever on the main synths. I feel like it's just out of time and it bugs me.

Still, better than I could ever do with a demo setup of anything.

on 2007-02-28 13:02:48

Drums feel very very generic and dry, but i like the bell tones.

Overall the mix seems a little too vanilla for my tastes, but it's cool that you did it all on a demo version of the software. :D

on 2005-11-15 02:51:16
Thanks for the input!

You can reward us by making a new remix.

It is good, this must be my favorite crashman mix. It´s not tough and hard like most of the others, more like the opposite direction of it. The bellchimes was good, I like those, and the poppy synths was put in good use. I don´t really know how to describe it, it´s techno alright, but someties this makes me think of music to cellphones. Maybe this could fit like a glove.

DJ Intermodal
on 2005-02-20 04:06:24

Thanks for the input!

on 2005-01-13 14:15:55

Wow, crazy melody! Nice beats! I appreciate this remix.

on 2002-06-19 04:44:14

I agree about Crash man's theme, but it was a first attempt at anything, and Intermodal chose the piece. Also, in fact, it WAS all basic FL instruments as we did it off a demo program, and werent able to save on it regrettably. Glad to see some Feedback though, much appreciated.

on 2002-05-26 02:11:42

Mega Man 2 'Crash and Burn'

Tremolo strings kinda bug me for some reason. An okay tune here, I was never overly fond of Crash Man’s theme, yeah, yeah I know, blasphemy and all that, but I just don’t see what’s so cool about it. Anyways, nothing super new and exciting happening here, seems like some basic techno tunage. I like the heavy bass and the drum work is okay, although at points it sounds almost like default FL instruments, maybe that’s just me. 3/5

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Primary Game:
Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae,Takashi Tateishi
"Crash Man Stage"

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