ReMix:Sonic Adventure "Theme of Chao (Party Started)" 4:20

By LeeBro

Arranging the music of one song...

"Theme of "CHAO""

Primary Game: Sonic Adventure (Sega , 1998, DC), music by Fumie Kumatani, Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Masaru Setsumaru

Posted 2001-07-24, evaluated by djpretzel

Put together using Sonic Foundry's uber-popular ACID app, this funky breakdown of the Chao theme from Sonic Adventure is sure to have you and the whole family jumping around and thrilling to the uniquely Japanese hobby of collecting cute-but-freakish animals and hoarding them away in mass quantities. Or not. Well, yes on the jumping around part, at least, as this is a very happy technodance track done with a lot of nice touches and breaks, everything very tight. At no point does any one element come out of the mix, grab you by the hair, and really kick your ass, but the combination of everything adds up nicely to a four-square-meals-a-day dance track that I can't see complaining about. So, if you like Sonic and you like Techno / Dance (is anyone's hand *down*??), grab it. Good first submission from leebro, and a good example of ACID done right (i.e. not just on autopilot).



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Klub Kid
on 2009-10-22 16:38:03

hey leebro, me ag ain, been workin on new bea t i deasz, ,thanx again fo inspirn me!.

on 2009-07-17 01:23:33

A big smile swept my face when I heard this. I remember when Sonic Adventure first came out, I would spend hours just playing with the Chao babys. This song is perfect. Very nicely done. Definitely something I always put on repeat.

on 2008-01-10 16:01:15

Synths on this one are a bit midi-esque, but it's a good arrangement of a good source, and that improves it quite a bit. Things sound really mechanical, but the chords and counterpoint added to the peppy melody make it worthwhile overall.

Not the most sophisticated remix, but definitely a lot of fun. :-)

on 2006-08-03 19:01:00

Definitely love this mix, is quite upbeat and feels like walking into a party. One of my favorites.

on 2006-07-12 07:35:03


That or something like it was my first reaction when i heard this, and now that I have had it on repeat this entire morning, I think I'm ready to review it.

It's a party mix, so far I got everything clear. Lee has chosen fine samples to make this possible, no depressing and boring stuff and instead some happy and energic synths and beats. You have some variety to it, I like the switch that occurs around 1:31, and then some trumpet samples appears both before and after it. However, after that happening, it seems like the whole thing clicks on the reset button and starts over again, with some more energy but with pretty much same feel and setup, although some new extra materials have been added.

As I said, a happy and joyful remix, and apparently it works to have it playing while you're doing some computerwork. It's good to hear a remix that at least has plenty of time to show its stuff onto, 4 minutes and 20 seconds to be precise. To keep the attention, I guess it would have been good to throw in a new sample to make a big difference, but I'm satisfied with the setup and speed its going with.

Actually more than just satisfied, this remix is great. :D

Klub Kid
on 2006-04-30 16:57:35

for a long time i've been looking for the right style of beat to rap on and i think this is it, acid, isn't it? i'm considering making a remix of this remix only wit a rappish style sound to it. maybe i'll throw in some lyrics too,why not? only thing is, like djpretzel says,there isn't really somethin that comes out and kicks ur ass,if i remix this,i'll throw in some turntable effects and possibly some guitars as well to beef it up, other than that, great track leebro, you've helped me find my right style of beat to rap with cuz i haven't been able to make tracks like this myself to rap on, i'm only using magix music maker for ps2,so u can guess wat things sound like. anyways, keep it up man!


Corporal Eschebone
on 2004-08-21 18:21:24

This mix is very catchy, and while slightly repetitive at times it keeps things going. I really enjoy the overall style of this mix, and like Saunders said it sounds like the ending theme to a game.

Good job.

Edit: HOLY SHITBALLS, you mean this mix is off the Hero Garden? I've been itching to hear a mix of it forever, and here it was under my nose.

Deryck Khusial
on 2003-08-12 03:54:40

review on the Second version: always wanted to hear the first version re-mastered, but little did i know LeeBro would go the extra mile. switching genre gears to House (don't worry, the festive atmosphere remains intact) turned this mix into a floorfiller. at 0:25, an electro synth enters the mix that only indicates the greatness to come. when that electro synth joins the lead melody later on periodically throughout, man..utter nostalgia. clubbers, this one’s Essential

on 2003-01-03 02:04:50

Wow. A great remix of a suprisingly repetitive source theme. Rest assured that this is no reptitive party remix, either. Its a non-repetitive part remix! This is such a lively mix, of a lively song. Points of intrest include 3:10, which is the climax. So many layers, so many different tunes all combined to make an incredible high point. My sould complaint is the ending is a bit too abrupt, but that's about it. A lively, enetertaining remix. Check it out.

on 2002-10-04 20:11:55

F*CKIN BAD*SS REMIX MATE!!! This sh*t rocks da house!!! AN INSTANT CLASSIC!!! I plan on using this remix in a dance lesson (elementary school kids, I'm a teacher trainee) sometime in January of next year hopefully, I just hope that's cool with Leebro :-).

on 2002-10-04 19:55:33

Awesome. Simply awesome...

on 2002-08-14 12:29:53

This song is pretty good. The overall effect is nice, the fact that they keep the same instruments as the original is better(well foreground instruments, anyways). This is a song I have listened to countless times, only two I can think that are better than this are Kefka Heads West from FF6 and Palm Tree Panic from Sonic CD Japan.

Squiggles the Chao
on 2002-07-25 17:01:23

Great Song. It took me bit to get used to it, I've spent more hours listening to that song while raising Chao than many people have played FF7 (yes, I realize how sad that is). But once I got used to it, the only problem I could find was the title. "THEME OF CHAO" and "Let's Get this Party Started" are two seperate songs. The one you have remixed here is "THEME OF CHAO".

on 2002-06-09 02:30:48

I lub this song...i used to spend countless hours spenidng time raising those stupid choas just to race their panzie asses, but the arcade like music and gameplay kept me going. I think this song is a beautiful remake keeping the spirit and catchyness of the original. A solid tehno dance with lots of spirit and beat, if you got hooked on the original then youll love this song. I give it a 10/10 for keeping true to the original song and making me want to dance.

on 2002-05-26 02:16:38

Sonic Adventure 'Theme of Chao (Party Started)'

Starting off a little weird, this mix goes into a definite dance-y style. It almost makes a lazy ass like myself get up and dance, almost. Heavy bass, constant claps and happy leads give this mix a sense of completion and pride, as if this were the ending theme of the game (is it? I've never played a Sonic game). So what are you waiting for? Grab this tune, turn the sound up and dance like there’s no tomorrow. While you’re doing that, I’ll sit back and laugh. :D 3/5

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Primary Game:
Sonic Adventure (Sega , 1998, DC)
Music by Fumie Kumatani,Jun Senoue,Kenichi Tokoi,Masaru Setsumaru
"Theme of "CHAO""

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