ReMix:Shadowgate "Shuffle" 3:52

By aneurySm

Arranging the music of 3 songs...

"Entrance", "Title Theme", "Wandering"

Primary Game: Shadowgate (Kemco , 1989, NES), music by Hiroyuki Masuno

Posted 2001-08-24, evaluated by djpretzel

You should of course remember aneurysm from their absolutely classic Super Mario World ReMix from a while back. Classic because it was comprehensive, imaginative, unique, and very well done. While this Shadowgate ReMix is not as good, that still doesn't damn it to the recycle bin or make it not download-worthy, as that was simply a difficult track to follow up. What we have here is fairly fast-paced techno track with an interesting electric bass, some bizarre vocoder stabs, a heavy room reverb, drums that go off on all sorts of tangents and are very fun to listen to in their own right, and a gliding reverb monophonic synth line covering the melody. Towards the end the whole thing goes deeper and deeper into the reverb - I really credit aneurysm for not letting the individual elements of their tracks stagnate. Significant alterations in tone, processing, and sounds come fast and furious, which is what makes this track a very enjoyable mix you should pay attention to!



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on 2016-01-16 16:50:34

This is some downright unsettling processing. Some very obscure sound design here. Distorted pitch-shifted comb filters (the metallic stuff at 0:33 - 0:42), those glitched drums, short-delay-time metallic delayed vox (2:30), some VERY upfront glitching (1:23, 1:33, 2:58, 3:04, etc), and kind of a phasered backdrop make for a slew of spooky textures.

Steven McFly Jr
on 2010-04-17 01:23:04

Ahhh, the fond memories of sitting in front of the NES on a non-school summer day to the original beat of SHADOWGATE wit it's haunting-like tunes. Then, years later, the CLASSIC version for GameBoy Color!

Nothing like fearing to fall when trying to get orbs or burn in the room stealing all those god forsaken shields equipment!

w00t !!!

on 2010-02-18 15:21:36

This is a strange song - it has this darkish atmosphere to it, but still has a feeling of moving along. Nice job with the setting here!

Samples sound a bit iffy I think, and could be the only thing really holding me back from liking this fully.

Level 99
on 2009-09-26 10:08:08

The noise fuzz in the background is a little distracting, but some of the unconventional drum samples help to fix that. A lot of this sounded too empty but it has a nice groove to it after the buildup, and it fits the theme and context of the original game. While I would have liked to maybe have heard some more varied use of instruments besides drum samples, I can't fault this mix for what it isn't, and it definitely isn't bad in any way. :

on 2009-01-15 23:33:13

good stuff, was tapping along with the drums the whole time. funky synths over the top of it really bring it to the next level. good job!

on 2008-10-03 19:49:37

Drums do a lot for this mix. Most certainly the best part of the mix.

The bass is hit or miss to me. Sometimes it works, and other times I'm not feeling it. Same for the synth on the melody.

Overall, it's alright to me, not something I'd listen to often, though.

on 2007-04-04 10:13:54

the constant hiss is annoying at first, but as the mix progresses, it adds to the spooky ambiance. The drums throughout are cool and there are enough different processed sounds that you never really know what will happen next, but it always fits.

My favorite parts where things break down a bit and it's just pads and bass drum, along with that hiss. Very cool stuff.

on 2005-12-11 05:11:09

Biased opinion:

I loved shadowgate. I have so many fond memories of ways to die in nearly every room in the game(Sounds odd, but its the easiest way to describe the game). And really, pick up something and something kills you, touch something and something kills you, forget about your torch and you die, pick the wrong door and something kills you... was insane.

But anyways, this remix just reminds me of so many parts of the game, with all the tricky puzzles that hardly made any sense. It fit in so well to me actually, that I had to get the chiptune to check the original music to make sure it wasn't just this. Realizing that of course old NES can't sound like this. It will more then likely replace my memories of the original music, but thats allright, its good.

I thank you aneurysm for this remix.

on 2003-06-28 23:07:57

I love this mix. Actually, its the first OCR I ever listened to so it holds a special place with me.

This piece is just as creepy as the actual game tune and I love that.


J. :twisted:

on 2003-06-28 22:04:56

This is definitely one of my favourites. I've never played Shadowgate so I don't know how different it is from the original, but it's nonetheless brilliant. The way aneurysm seems to variate second from second with differing drum beats makes the track stand out, 1.49-2.12 being my favourite part of the track. The whole composition almost reminds me of a final boss theme for a Final Fantasy game, I don't know why, but it seems to have that special quality.

I'd advise anyone to download this, especially drum n' bass fans, just to try this fantastic track and see if it's your cup of tea.

on 2003-01-21 13:22:20

Aneurysm strikes again with yet another remix that will scoffed at for being different... The bass adds a great degree of depth to the mix, and keeps it rolling along. Truly a remix that you shouldn't listen to in the dark. Aneurysm's drum work once again puts me in awe. Highly recommended for anyone with an open mind.

on 2002-11-25 10:51:08

Whoa... this song is CREEPY.

The drums are constantly changing and being manipulated. Very very cool. That snare has a nice hard crack sound to it and really works well with the other drums.

The way it starts out is really eerie with that bass, I mean, it sounds sort of lo-fi vinyl-ish, but it works. The phase inversion and stuff later on that happens to the drums is really cool. But yes, I think the most noteable point of this remix is the drum work. Lots of stuff goes on here, so pay attention.

on 2002-08-24 00:29:04

This was a good one indeed. I love how the drums are always mixed. Sounds like one of those drum and bass kind of songs.

Nicely done. Aneurysm is one of my top favorites.

on 2002-05-19 20:39:26

Shadowgate 'Shuffle'

I'm not really too sure exactly what to say about this mix. It has a very deep, dark, dungeon like feel to it. And from what I can assume about the game from its name, that should suit it very well. What really gets me is the deep bass noise sound that’s just so constant; it feels to me like it shouldn't be there. Beyond that, I do like the crashing reverb drums especially nearing the end. And that lead instrument holds an awesome tune, especially starting around 1:45. Over all very well executed and certainly not one to be ignored.

Sources Arranged (3 Songs)

Primary Game:
Shadowgate (Kemco , 1989, NES)
Music by Hiroyuki Masuno
"Title Theme"

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Effects > Distortion
Effects > Glitching
Effects > Lo-Fi
Origin > Collaboration
Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Time > Tempo: Moderate

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