ReMix:Sonic 3D Blast "Symphonic Ruin" 5:33

By Jivemaster

Arranging the music of one song...

"Rusty Ruin Zone: Act 1"

Primary Game: Sonic 3D Blast (Sega , 1996, SAT), music by Richard Jacques

Posted 2001-09-17, evaluated by djpretzel

Jivemaster continues to, not surprisingly given his name, put copious quantities of jive into his consistently enjoyable Sonic ReMixes that anyone who visits the site should already be pleasantly familiar with. A little less hardcore this time around, with some nice ambient rain, and a thin, wispy piano that trades off with a hard-sync pad, later giving way to an analog lead on the main melody. Drums aren't as energetic as some of Jive's more lively ReMixes, but that fits more with the motif here, which is sort of a semi-laid back atmospheric groove. I also liked the very different section at 4'32" which adds some compositional flair and a distorted guitar to the fray. Delicious and lengthy: grabbit.



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on 2015-12-05 14:17:58

Well, this track is really different from the other Joel's tracks, which are more energetic and techno-oriented, so it's a very nice change of pace. It surely sounds dated and the percussion seems to be out of place, but I really love the ambient atmosphere of this song. Love the cool breakdown @ 4:32, which kicks the things up a bit. Pretty good mix, considering its age :)

on 2011-03-23 12:44:49

It's raining outside. It's raining inside this song, too. This is a good song.

on 2008-05-15 11:54:47

EQwise, i think some of the high end of the percussion could be toned down a little, but it's a beautiful piece. I love the rain effects and the pads, and though the piano is a bit mechanical and sounds like the are hitting it with a sledgehammer, the melody is beautiful.

The ending was a little abrupt, but still this is pretty nice stuff, as long as you turn the volume way down. :-)

Rock Howard
on 2008-02-13 14:17:00

I didn't expect much from this mix, but when i heard it I could say nothing but "WOW!!!!!111"... EVERY second of it is nice, I especially like raining and beat in the end... One of my favourite mixes of all times, for sure... Great work!

John Revoredo
on 2006-08-26 03:48:52

Man those drums sound terrible. Then comes the ultra-Fake lead. There is an off note at 3:19. This shouldn't have been accepted, it still needs a hell lot of work

on 2006-07-11 09:15:26

I never thought that Jive was going to have the rain through the entire song, but I guess that I was mistaken. Good thing that he has waterproof equipment. :roll:

Anyhew, it was a little slow to begin with. The rain and the mellow synth got boring after a while, so it was a relief when I started to hear a beat building up followed by a piano sample. 2:14, that's when the it started to get a little serious, but there wasn't really a moment where it reached its climax and unleashed everything it got. Some new elements such as a synth around 3:00 and a dark electric guitar around 4:30 enlightened the situation so that it at least didn't get repetive.

I'm still amazed though, the remixes i've listened so far to that was from jivemaster has been very active and fast, so it comes like a surprise when I listen to such a calm and thoughtful arrangement like this one.

Nice work, trying something new should be something that we all should do from time to time. In this case, the result was good.

on 2006-04-25 13:53:28

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Jimstander Drago
on 2006-01-14 23:22:49

A beautiful remix to say the least. Jive master really got the quintessence of the rusty ruin zone, which reminds me that I've never beat the game. Well at least I have something to do tomorrow.

on 2005-11-12 20:08:19

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To drill the point that the original is very much in this remix, here are acts 1 and 2 in their original mp3 forms. It's clear Jivemaster was faithful to both acts.

I've always liked the originals. I agree they sound dated now but that's the reason why I like them. oldskoool. At the same time, I have an open mind and believe Jivemaster did a beautiful job here. He eliminated the groove completely and poured on the emotions. I feel.

Slime Master
on 2005-02-13 03:01:37

I really dig the ambiance of this mix as it helps me when I am working on various prjects. The Thunder Storm in the background is a nice touch too. This mix gets two thumbs up from me.

on 2003-12-30 18:16:24

To be completely honest, I really am not feeling what you guys all are. I actually prefer the original. This one seems to be just like the original, only slower and with rain ambience. Sorry, but I just don't feel what you people are.

Kureejii Lea
on 2003-11-21 09:02:34

I love this one... the rain and thunder at the start really set the mood. The synth pads have a relaxing, dreamlike quality and the piano is beautiful in its simplicity. The drums are light and varied enough to keep things from getting boring. The guitar towards the end was a little surprising, but it works well, giving the song a slight edge towards the end without being too hard. The entire song seems to carry a feeling of calm self-reflection without making things become muddled or sleepy. Beautiful stuff.

Sorry, I really dislike this remix. Hell, how is it a remix? He didn't even leave even a scent of the original melody at all, or any other main things from the song I can remember. I don't see how you people can hold things like this in such high praise. To me, remixes like this are like drowning a meal in ketchup towhere you can't even taste the original flavor anymore.

Um, yeah. So your dislike stems solely from the fact that you can't recognise the original theme within... I wonder if you're not confusing the Genesis and Saturn versions? Here's a midi - if you can't pick out the same tune in both it and the remix, you must be deaf.

on 2003-10-02 13:29:25

Sorry, I really dislike this remix. Hell, how is it a remix? He didn't even leave even a scent of the original melody at all, or any other main things from the song I can remember. I don't see how you people can hold things like this in such high praise. To me, remixes like this are like drowning a meal in ketchup towhere you can't even taste the original flavor anymore.

on 2003-07-16 19:21:51

Wow, that's all I can say. This is by far my favorite remix by Jivemaster. It has an excellent feel to it, it just seems to convey so much emotion. Probably even one of my favorite tracks on OCR. I've never heard the original unfortunately, but I love the feeling this song captures, even if it's not the one originally intended for the stage.

on 2003-07-10 13:55:03

Genius Sheer Genius. I can't even express what this Mix makes me feel. From the first second it played it took me to a place like no other. This is why I love music and why it's a major part of my life. JM great job. I'm Out!!!!


Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Sonic 3D Blast (Sega , 1996, SAT)
Music by Richard Jacques
"Rusty Ruin Zone: Act 1"

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Ambient,Hip Hop
Electric Guitar,Piano,Sound FX,Synth
Effects > Distortion
Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Time > Tempo: Moderate

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