Posted 2001-10-14, evaluated by djpretzel

There's quite a bit of controversy over the Hidden Palace zone, which was apparently supposed to have been in Sonic 2, is available secretly, is in the crackers beta, etc. There's actually more conspiracy theories regarding Sonic games than JFK's assassination, if you look hard enough. Leebro sent in this S&K Hidden Palace ReMix a while back and has since created a totally different version, but I like his first stab at the track better. Nice loop, not too fast or slow, a thick picked bass, quality pads and piano - it's all there. I especially like the reverse snare every once in a while on the drums and the atmospheric effects (chimes, etc.), as well as the delay on the piano done via MIDI (i.e. actual notes) as opposed to DSP. Solid and enjoyable.



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on 2009-12-05 18:50:18

This isn't a mix that I can sit and actively listen to for very long. That isn't saying it's bad, it's just a mix more suited to being background music than something in the forefront. I like the reverse snare that's used somewhat frequently, and the sounds overall are pleasant.

The instruments change up leads throughout the mix, but the percussion and piano feel mostly the same from beginning to end, which adds a repetitiveness that's hard to shake. I would have liked more changes in those areas especially.

Not something I'd break out when I'm in a 'Let's listen to music for music's sake', but a good piece to have on when you're doing whatever.

on 2008-01-24 14:45:23

nicely done, it's relaxed and laid back with a subtle sprinkling of funk.

Though melodically, nothing really rises above the "aite" level, the production balances are good, and the leads are switched out often enough to keep things from getting stale. Rhythmically, it's pretty same-y until a breakdown about 2/5ths through, then back to the beat. This is rally good background music, but doesn't really engage me in an actively listening sortof way. I think there is just a bit too much repetition with the piano rhythm and the loop, and the piano is pretty mechanical.

Nice but not awesome.

on 2007-04-04 10:03:51

I want to take this mix and blend it with a nice orchestral Zeal Palace tune.

But it's fine alone, too.

on 2007-01-29 03:52:18

Good listen! Definitely feel the original's feeling in it...

The piano and chord progression sounds like it could have been a good segway into Donkey Kong Country's Hot Head Hop.

Other than that, great stuff.

on 2006-05-26 10:50:13

Simple. Sweet. Sound.

I think this remix is just perfect. When you consider that most of all the remixes here include some sort of "zomgCLIMAX" at the end of the song, or thereabouts, you begin to tire of the same ol', same ol'. Just once in a while something like this remix refreshes your mind, body and soul with some very simple, if not damn sweet, tunes.

I like this remix. I like it alot, which is interesting to note since I am very fickle with what I like.

on 2006-05-12 08:42:59
Today is the 2nd of June, I'll let you know how it turns out.

Now it's the 12th May 2006, I think we'll never gonna know how it turned out. :lol:

Onwards to the remix, it was surprisingly good. The small bell pads that was used worked well together with the synth piano and groovy beats. A very smooth arrangement, there are some instruments that annoyed me at first with their SNES quality, but along with everything else, it sounds swell.


Axe Canabrava
on 2004-02-19 02:07:31

Hidden Palace turned good? The Sonic game music I liked the least, turned into one of my favorite mixes?

Not much of an accomplishment (not leebro's fault, but mine), but an accomplishment nonetheless

on 2004-01-28 14:26:25

This is a nice soft piece to listen to and was welcome to hear. At times the support doesn't support well enough and the echo of a vibe or chime usually adds chaos to a piece. Also, at one point it became repetitive but not for long. The piece didn't sound like it was going anywhere though. There was no emotional climax, and yet, this is the type of piece that doesn't really need one. Thank you for making this piece.

82% Great!

on 2003-09-05 11:43:17

This was the first remix I ever downloaded from OC Remix, and it's still my favorite! Excellent job LeeBro!

Deryck Khusial
on 2003-08-12 03:54:23

review on the Third version: while i thought the other two versions were ok, i never expected much out of the boring Hidden Palace music. maybe that’s why LeeBro floored me with his latest rendition. definitely a 360 from the original, this trance monster deserves to be played on a massive system. fitting title -- the thing about this mix that pulls me in is the breaks. imagine you’re slowly going waaay up in the air, pivot, and start freefalling madly back to reality -- Exhilaration, no less

on 2003-07-10 13:31:30

Good Mix, beat is good, bass line, its all good. Nice use of piano thoughout. great for when you just want to relax. Two Thumbs up!!

on 2003-03-01 09:39:56

music that makes the girl go wild in the bed. nice job leebro. for a weird reason tho, i am gettin a nasty lil clip at the very beginning. dont know how.

on 2002-07-22 15:43:38


Its a good track.

Its cool and laid back but you can still (sorta) dance to it.

Go. Download. Now.

on 2002-05-22 18:19:33

Sonic Knuckles 'Hidden Palace (Master Emerald)'

Yummy, this is what I’m talking about. Nice and soft, easy to listen to, but just enough spunk to keep the excitement alive. I love these drums and the Oboe is a nice touch. Nice work, LeeBro.

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"Hidden Palace Zone"

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