ReMix:Final Fantasy VII "Fighting (7/8 Jazz Spiritual)" 5:24

By Lau

Arranging the music of one song...

"Let the Battles Begin!"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-11-13, evaluated by djpretzel

Lau gives us un-diluted, uncompromising jazz in his latest FF7 creation. Listeners will remember his fantastic 'AerisSummerSamba' mix from the same game, which also had a lot of jazz elements in it. Good stuff, good stuff. There's some people I've talked to that ONLY listen to the jazz and orchestral stuff. I prefer variety myself, and it's great to see we're getting more of that. Getting its name partially from its unique time signature, electric piano takes center stage, with very dynamically arranged drums and acoustic piano coming in as well. From 4'20" on the track ends with an extended solo 'cadenza' of sorts. Whole piece is VERY mellow; the ReMixer describes it as raw and earthy, and also mentions he made no sacrifices and stayed true to the artistic vision. Cool that. This can often mean a piece is less accessible, but I think most of you will appreciate it. Definitely enhanced by a low-light atmosphere and the sippin' drink of your choice, but good even without it.



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on 2016-08-27 17:48:32
On 6/12/2008 at 9:19 AM, OA said:

There were plenty of


oh well

Super creative. Few remixers would think of doing it in this style for a battle theme, and incorporating the source into the bass and e. piano. Great work!

on 2014-11-17 12:45:59

Quality's aged, but hey, it's cool. One of the few beatnik-esque pieces on the site, which is sweet. I'm really surprised we've had nothing else remotely like it, because it's a cool approach.

on 2008-06-12 12:19:58

The vocals are hard to discern at the beginning, and they were a bit too dry when they made chanting appearances and could have used some reverb to fit in better. Once things got going, it's a very chill and pretty well-produced track. The whole ambiance fits except for the vocals, and takes the room sound of something with a low ceiling.

Some of the higher rhodes notes get a little piercing, and there was a massive clip at the very end, but i was feeling the groove on this one.

The arrangement is stellar; I love when remixers turn a track on it's head, but still make it recognizable. The drums were just keeping time, but when the rhodes and piano are both so busy, there isn't much room left. There were plenty of

Overall with the exception of the ending noise spike and the vocals not fitting into the mix, this is pretty awesome.

on 2008-03-27 03:43:21

A smoking arrangement. The vocals/voices are done badly, but they're listeneable, it's not like the rest of it is a live band. Despite any technical limitations, there's a lot of feeling here.


on 2008-02-28 23:47:54

This song is amazingly chill. I love the way you blend the different pianos. Great EP playing too, I loved the tone you had. Anyone know what kind of piano that was? I love jazz/lounge music and this was a great example of it. Good stuff to relax to, keep up the good work.

on 2007-03-17 02:57:38

Likely the most original mix of the battle theme you'll ever find. It's a good thing.

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2006-03-12 19:31:45

This is fucking awesome.

lady zelda
on 2006-03-12 16:35:17

Now this is creative! The suspense from a fight is replaced with the jazzy/mellow feel. Now that's contrast at its best. And it goes really well too! This definitely needs stage time at a jazz club. Overall, the entire package, the mixing and the improvisations alike are amazing. Good work, Lau!

Yeah, I could've sworn I posted on this thread too...I guess not.

on 2006-03-12 10:09:17

woah I could've SWORN I posted here. damn cant believe I overlooked this.

Anyway i've been listening to this for a few months now, awesome work Lau :) You rock!

on 2005-10-15 11:26:21

It´s very hard to believe that THIS is the fighting song from FF7, but truth is, it is, and Laudude has done some serious work with this. The speech in the beginning was rather foggy, couldn´t hear those words, good thing lucubrator heard some. This was a very groovy mix, with an extra O in it. Had some nice piano to it and nice cymbals working together with a kewl synth and a organ. You don´t know the true meaning of "chill" if you haven´t heard this one. Thanks again, Lau.

on 2005-04-18 15:11:11

Bigass vast improvement over the Summer Samba thing from long long ago. I'm just kind of sad that the mumbling at the first is completely unintelligible--glad somebody translated it, heh.

It's very original. To me, it's almost not so much a remix of the song as it is his own song with the essence of Fighting. The different instruments used throughout make a huge compliment to the song, and I just really enjoy it, even though the bass almost sometimes sounds out of key. That might be just because it's so low it's--it's as unintelligible as the mumbling at first. ;) I love 3:30, though, even if the funny "waoowayyoowayyooo" voice thing is ... special.

Less Ashamed Of Self
on 2005-04-01 15:08:03

Wow... this stuff gets fast and skillful.

I am impressed.

Very interesting spin, though I'm not too familiar with the source material (yeah, there's like 5 of us on earth...) it definitely is good for a few listens.

Very intriguing mood to this piece. I like it a lot.

on 2004-08-03 14:05:59

For reference, the talking in the beginning of this piece is the beginning of Bugenhagen's lecture on the planet, minus a few lines in the middle.

"Reaching up into the heavens, threatening to snatch the very stars from the great city of Midgar. You're seen it, haven't you? Well, that's a bad example. Looking up too much makes you lose perspective. When it's time for this planet to die, you'll understand that you know absolutely nothing."

That's the entire section, bolded parts are the parts that are in the song.

(Obviously this is one of my favorite remixes if not my favorite remix on this site, or I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of finding this out.)

prophetik music
on 2004-04-21 12:33:12

I can honestly say that this piece is quite good. I do a lot with jazz and that style, and Lau does an excellent job making a difficult genre to mix for sound good. Keep it up, Lau - we don't have enough of this here!


on 2004-04-12 23:18:35

This is really unique. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I LOVE the easier sound this has. Don't get me wrong. I love alotta heavy bass in remixes and stuff, but to see a battle theme turned into something so... easy. I'm truly impressed. This is something I could leave playing all night and wake up without a headache. Well done! ^_^

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Let the Battles Begin!"

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Electric Piano,Hand Drums,Piano,Synth,Vocals: Male,Vocals: Voice Acting
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Production > Live Instruments
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Reaching up into the heavens, threatening to snatch the very stars from the great city of Midgar.

When it's time for this planet to die, you'll understand that you know absolutely nothing.


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