ReMix:Street Fighter II: The World Warrior "Ryu Interpretation" 3:03

By Malcos

Arranging the music of one song...

"Ryu (Japan)"

Primary Game: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Capcom , 1992, ARC), music by Isao Abe, Yoko Shimomura

Posted 2001-11-17, evaluated by djpretzel

Very original techno makeover of Ryu's track from the immortal, legendary SF2 :) Yes, McVaffe recently covered this same track and did a fantastic job, but Mr. Malcolm most certainly holds his own with a ReMix that is just as compelling and also has great attention to detail and high quality. The intro, which runs throughout most of the track, is a quick repeating harp pattern - it's really the one element that flavors the track in a unique way and makes it very memorable, as it gives a driving force to the piece beyond the drums / melody. It's really a fantastic addition. Drums are solid - and become downright stellar as Malcolm piles on slick extra rhythms at 2'03" that take it up a notch - excellent work there. Synths are great across the board (the deep bass is especially nice). Choir sample used is a little dodgy, but I'm just picking nits - for me to say that this ReMix holds its own with McVaffe's is in my mind saying quite a bit. So download it, you won't be disappointed ^^



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Level 99
on 2010-12-27 17:33:02

This mix is competent for the age it came out in, but it could have used more flare and some better mixing (the high end range really has a lot of fighting going on and the only things in the mid are the top of the bass and a tiny bit of the snare). Unfortunately this definitely doesn't hold up to the test of time, but there are quite a few neat ideas employed like parts of the drum layering. Still, can't fight the fact that it does not really develop much.

Shows that OCR has come a VERY long way, and its roots are full of many things.

on 2010-12-27 17:30:26

Except for the harp reverbing all over the place, this is good.

on 2009-09-15 00:23:26

So this mix utilizes a lot of high end frequency- I would've preferred if the lead was a little on the midrange side. The high end is actually kind of grating to hear over and over again :-( .

I didn't feel like there was much going on just keeps looping over and over again with minimal rearrangement.

on 2009-01-07 02:23:10

That was g-e-w-d good! BAM! It was good. The harp reminds me of Sonic 3's IceCap Zone, and also Sonic Knuckles' Hidden Palace Zone. I'm definitely getting a Sonic vibe out of this mix, and I'm digging it. Straight up good.

on 2008-12-14 00:12:09

The intro comes off too strong and fast paced.

It's sort of hard to say something that hasn't really already been said.

I do think that the melody is overshadowed by much of everything else that's going on.

This isn't really one of my favorite remixes, but one can tell time and effort had been put into this.

My recommendation is to just download and listen for yourself.

on 2008-09-08 20:53:15

I think the harp is a pretty cool idea. Had a good drive to it. Beyond that everything is decent. Choir sample is sketchy at best, but it serves a purpose, I guess.

To me it doesn't seem like too much happens, I would like to see more go on with the melody. More variation overall would have been nice.

Worth a listen, I think.

on 2007-12-12 15:26:06

I love that opening harp and synth, and it gives the impression that this song is going to be amazing. It has so much energy in it. Those drums are a little too muddy to really match the quality of the intro, and choir a little too cheesy. Oh well. I enjoyed the song nonetheless. This would be a cool song to hear redone.

The Author
on 2007-12-06 12:35:41

The intro is interesting, but I feel the harp is covering up a melody that should be more present.At around the midway point, the melody is being "uncovered" and the ever present harps now fade in the background, giving another feel to this remix. There are some good ideas in this, but it feels condensed. It's like instead of having one idea for a song, two incomplete ideas were taken and mixed together. I can't say I like it very much, but its still an interesting musical composition.

on 2006-12-27 16:58:03

The heavily delayed and looped harp sample really does give this an unique feel, and there is a pretty solid energy to this, but why oh why did you use that choir sample? ;_;

I'd have prefered the drums to mix things up a bit from time to time, but there was enough breaks to give things a sense of structure. The synths were overall well used, and the traditional sounding instruments blended well. There was a few ideas I thought you were hinting at that never materialized, and that's a shame, but I think things turned out just fine. Nice work. :D

on 2005-02-14 21:51:26

Yea...Can't say anything else different about this from what everyon else said. amazing! Especially around 2:03. A true work of art.

on 2004-09-15 23:20:01

This song is pretty good, to me it sounds like background music, like something I would fall asleep to (its the instruments and the quiet volume of it).

on 2003-12-31 22:49:35

Hahaha, I'm guessing this was posted before there were judges or something. ;)

But anyway, ummm....yeah. This mix is definitely, as djp puts it, "unique" and "memorable," but whether that's in a good way or not could be left up to the listener. It does have a certain frenetic feel to it, and a pretty decent groove, but I personally feel that some better choices in synths, samples, and effects could have been made. In the end, it's not exactly BEER quality, but don't expect to put it on your top 10 either. Check it out if you like techno and/or Street Fighter, I guess.

on 2002-05-24 02:17:22

Street Fighter II 'Ryu Interpretation'

It starts off with a quick harp pattern with the repeating delay, and I just can’t say that it’s going to work for me. The reverb on the drums also seems a tad heavy. Around 1:36 most of the instruments go silent and the harp is not as overwhelming, this is the one part in the song that doesn't make my skin crawl. Sorry Mr. Malcolm, but I’m afraid this one doesn't work for me.

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Primary Game:
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Capcom , 1992, ARC)
Music by Isao Abe,Yoko Shimomura
"Ryu (Japan)"

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