ReMix:The Great Giana Sisters "Epic Diva" 3:24

By Zeratul

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: The Great Giana Sisters (Rainbow Arts , 1987, C64), music by Chris Huelsbeck

Posted 2001-11-28, evaluated by djpretzel

Back in the day, this Commodore release caused quite a bit of legal trouble from big bad Nintendo, who thought it was a Mario ripoff. Well, to be fair, there are tons of similarities, but I've a feeling what they were REALLY sore about is that it's actually a bit better in some regards. The tunage is quite memorable; Zeratul's latest is a very light, wispy ReMix that achieves a zen-like floating feeling via wind, chimes, minimal drums, very groovy squelchy synth stuff goin' on, and just a general overall "harmlessly happy" vibe. Would have been tempting, I imagine, to get a full-blown techno groove going on, but Zeratuls plays it smart, does the right thing, and keeps it fresh by dancing around having percussion figure lightly or not at all. Very nice.



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Level 99
on 2010-12-27 17:36:49

Very soothing, some cool stereo-play going on as well. Music for a day relaxing at a spa with a massage in a bathtub full of natural mud or something. Production is...really really good, actually. Lots of cool and intricate chippy effects going on too. Yeah, I would write more but I'm having too much fun with my head in the clouds listening to this track. Great choice of samples and a really good attention to detail.

Very chill and enjoyable.

on 2010-12-27 17:36:28

I feel like rolling around in pillows.

on 2009-09-24 02:25:07

This is a quirky mix - my problem with this is that it sounds like it's just beginning and then it suddenly ends.

on 2009-01-15 02:09:58

very cool mix. kind of reminds me of a trip to the beach :)

kind of simple, but very groovy and everything works well together. good job!

on 2008-12-12 07:30:03

Very pleasant, and well-produced for it's age. Recommended if you need some quirky chilling music.


on 2008-09-08 20:44:24

What a cute little mix. Nothing jaw-dropping going on, but the mix has a really nice feel to it. I had this dorky smile on my face the whole time.

Nice job.

The Unsung Plumber
on 2007-12-13 15:52:57

Very good,

:00-:23 Very calm intro,

:24-:40 Leads us into some light bouncy synth work.

:55-1:27 comes some more light airy synths to lead us into the main part of the song.

1:28-2:15 nice variations on the original melody.

2:15-2:25 brings a mini breakdown.

2:26-2:58 repeats the main part one more time before,

2:29-End Calmly releases us from its grasp.

all in all, a very relaxing song deserving of props.

on 2007-07-19 15:06:38

This is an extremely underrated remix. Extremely chill and very happy. This may be the most 'peaceful' piece of music I've ever heard.

on 2007-06-29 12:42:56

There is some nice detail work, like the high end "beat' of seemingly mashed together blippy syths (or something, I seriously cannot describe it), and the waves throughout give it a serne feel, and a segue well into a flanged transition, but I think the lead part is a little too thin, and the beats could be a little more interesting overall.

Good, but not awe-inspiring.

on 2007-02-08 15:40:04

Yeesh, I always thought I'd reviewed this. Back in the days when I just scanned through the first 700 or so mixes, this one didn't originally stand out.

Back for VG Frequency #51, Joe Cam sent me an interview he'd conducted with Zeratul and I needed some background music to accompany it. After scanning through Benedikt's stuff, I rediscovered this gem.

The arrangement is just really creative and chill, one that demands a close but relaxed listen to enjoy. Great sounds chosen to make this stand apart from the original, Hülsbeck himself would be proud.

In the Commodore arrangement community, the Great Giana Sisters' music attracts a ton of attention, but outside the European scene, awesome stuff like this gets no love and recognition. I wish more people would take time out to listen to mixes like these that aren't from the most widely-known games and see what they're missing.

on 2005-11-27 16:49:32

Well, I've been meaning to go back and review all the OC remixes I've ever listened to, and as you could imagine, it's quite a feat. I was looking for a place to start when I suddenly came across this old mix by Zeratul. So, regardless of whether or not I actually finish my noble quest, this mix will recieve another review to add to its grand total of three.

Zeratul almost always turns out good stuff, and this is no exception. Like his other mixes, this one employs a certain amount of repitition that serves it well. I like the jaunty feel of this piece and can think of little that would add to it. However, it isn't one of those grand mixes that makes you say "Wow!" afterwards, but at the same time it doesn't require close listening either, making it one of those tunes that is easy to just throw on while you're doing something more important and disgusting, like taxes.

I ended up giving this a 3/5, for being a good mix, if not giving me anything that exciting.

on 2005-01-01 12:22:31

Without comments again?

Okay. I never knew of this game. I don´t consider this remix a GREAT stuff. But this is something amused. Another distraction. And also annoys...

Half Thumb up. :tomatoface:

on 2002-05-24 20:31:11

Great Giana Sisters 'Epic Diva'

This is an excellent piece here by Zeratul. Nice synths and some very interesting string instrument work. I don’t really like the samples of 'water splashing on a beach' but they don’t really effect the main core of the song which is excellently executed. A job very well done, Zeratul, I love it.

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Primary Game:
The Great Giana Sisters (Rainbow Arts , 1987, C64)
Music by Chris Huelsbeck

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