ReMix:M.C. Kids "po! kidz" 3:45

By Mustin

Arranging the music of one song...

"Level BGM 2 ~ Credits"

Primary Game: M.C. Kids (Virgin , 1990, NES), music by Charles Deenen

Posted 2001-12-03, evaluated by djpretzel

This is apparently the first in a series of ReMixer 'tributes' from Our Man Mustin, who this time round is honoring hip-hop / jazz mixer po, with deep hip-hop and extensive vibes riffage. Know how in every commercial for McDonald's, they try to fit as many kids from different races, creeds, religions, sexual preferences, and solar systems on screen at the same time, to proove how multi-cultural the experience of fast-food can be? I always found that amusing, and moreso when they made this videogame, wherein - ala Brian's Song and Lethal Weapon - two males of different colors try to save the universe is some fashion or another. I think they use french fries to do it. But nevermind - Mustin's versatility is definitely on display here. He begins by laying down a solid groove, with a deep sub-bass sinewave and nice clean hip-hop drums with slick shakers and alternative percussion (and killer hi-hat patterns). But the real meat is the groovalicious vibes soloing that basically makes up the entire track. Not only is the sound used very believable, but the articulations and playing is true-to-form and extremely well done. Also dig the triplets on the hi-hats towards the end. Great ReMix - great details - great tribute.



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SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-21 01:09:13

Mustin really knows how to write some nice beats. Love the vintage sounds here. Especially that really tight snare. The bass and kicks are a powerhouse. As noted above, the vibe solos are a real treat.

Steven McFly Jr
on 2010-04-16 23:51:56

Man, MickeyDee's got it right with that theme ... so, what fit's better to say to to this what I said on another song post:

" I'm Lovin' It !!! "


on 2009-12-17 22:07:49

The bass is making me think there's someone outside blasting some hip hop as they drive by, so the effect is certainly there and used well. Aside from that I'm not really feeling the real 'hip hop' in this, but the song is still a pretty chill mix that's overall a relaxing listen. Vibes take main stage for most of the mix, and they sound pretty good. Love the soloing going on.

I'd have liked the balance of the volumes to be a little better, it feels like the vibes get overshadowed at times, but aside from that, not bad for a McDonald's remix. :P

on 2009-11-07 12:34:26

I still remember this emulation of po's style. This is more like house/lounge/jazz rather than hip-hop though. The vibes seem to clip a little bit, but other than that the arrangement and contrast between the rhode/string accompaniment and melodic elements definately play off each other well. The sine bass and 808/606-ish drums keep things in a great flow.

Yup, 8 years later, I'm lovin' it!

on 2007-07-18 18:43:27

I didn't really expect a McDonalds tie-in game to have music this good, but this is a top-shelf sippin remix. There's always something new and intensely catchy starting up as other elements fade out.

I thought the snare was a little too sharp early on in the mix, but once things got going it blended pretty well. There elements immediatly caught my attention when they came in, which is rare for an ambient chill mix.

The first was the double time with the shaker about 1/3 through, the second was the subtle strings just before the halfway point, and the final was the slightly busier beat at the 2/3 mark.

Throughout the whole thing is a sick vibes solo; and the groove is killer. Awesome work.

on 2005-11-21 02:09:17

Very impressive and thoroughly developed arrangement. The tribute to Posu's style comes off very faithfully; nice bassline, light beats, and a chill atmosphere most of the way. Treble's up there, but otherwise very solid.

I never heard the M.C. Kids soundtrack prior to comparing it to this, but the soundtrack itself was quite the sleeper. Always a fan of the warbly, Commodore-sounding stuff, so I'm glad I checked it out. Despite the game being obscure, I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews.

on 2005-03-29 18:31:05

Whoo! Another "normal" mix from Mustin! Slight bit issue with clipping here but nonetheless, still a great song!

on 2003-05-20 22:46:09

The greatest things happen when we take chances. Keep up the good work Mustin!

on 2003-05-12 12:37:59

Pretty good.

But no his type.

So don't suggest it.

If it's not your type, then shouldn't you suggest it to people who do like this type of music?


Thanks for those comments, everyone. Seems my favourite mixes are the ones with the least comments.

That's what you get for doing something a little different, I guess.

on 2003-04-23 09:23:55

pretty good, not my type, i dont suggest it

on 2003-04-18 10:49:58

This is a great song. It's the one I use to convert people to OC music.

on 2003-02-27 18:00:45

A+ reccommended. Hip-hop meets jazz is what it sounds like to me, with top-notch samples. Bass is solid, vibes are amazing (sounds like the real thing), and the percussion is unbeatable.

on 2003-02-22 16:16:40

As weird as it sounds, I actually remember playing this game back on the NES, loved it, expecially that one song that I still can't get out of my head. Nice to know someone can remix it and make it better than the first, it has a really soft mellow groove. Awesome! Keep it up!

Kamikaze Noodle
on 2003-02-01 01:06:10

Oh man i luvs dem vibes! Reeeal smooth ya know? I just can't figure out how you got such a good song off such a bad game... Mustin! I humble myself before you, wait wait, someone told me not to feed your ego so... I'll just say kicks ass.

on 2002-12-06 01:29:56

Ah, a truly cool remix. Ya know, I played this puppy in my apartment when I was down in NYC, and my room mate who's a R-n-B Hip-hop singer perked up and popped in the room with a "whoa - dude - what is that?! That's nice!"

I agree... that bass just grabs ya from the get go - and everything else in there just flows nicely. The vibe lines are fun, the electric piano thing is simple and adds a nice balance to the mix, and the intermittent strings give it a nice overall tone. And that shaker thing in the mix - is that a real maraca? Sounds like it. Very cool.

I like this one a lot. Smooth, yet edgy... hip hop, jazz, whatever, it's nice. And I haven't even played the original.


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Primary Game:
M.C. Kids (Virgin , 1990, NES)
Music by Charles Deenen
"Level BGM 2 ~ Credits"

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