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Rayza, who gave us a kickin' Shinobi ReMix a long while back, returns with a blastastic ReMix of Sonic 3's Ice Cap Zone, nicely titled "Frozen Knuckles". Those who follow the site will quickly recall that McVaffe covered this track, also in techno form. This is an interesting case of two techno-dance ReMixes of the same track from the same game. I don't pit ReMix against ReMix or ReMixer against ReMixer, but even if I did, this would be a good contest, as both submissions are really strong. You already know about McVaffe's, so: Rayza begins with a really goofy quote, presumably spoken by himself. I can't really account for this . . . so I'll move on :) A nice mixture of analog and digital timbres are highlighted, with your standard bum-ba-ba-bum house bassline laying the foundation for the FM harp patterns, a lil bit of house piano, 4-on-the-floor kick with nice hi-hats and snare rolls, a higher sine-type trumpety lead synth covering the melody (with vibrato), and later saw thicker pads reinforcing the melody. In addition, in-game sound effects are thrown in AND used musically as part of the percussion at points, which is sort of nifty. Sonic and Techno fans can't lose, and that's a lot of people, but I encourage everybody to check it out - a great track made greater . . . again! ^^



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on 2017-12-05 19:42:14

This is my favorite Ice Cap Zone remix. If only it didn't have that clip at the beginning. It hurts my soul. Deep.
Its like being touched in the bad place by Eggman while caring for Chao.

on 2015-03-19 03:02:15

So this has been my favorite remix of my favorite Sonic track (or any Sonic track for that matter) for the past decade easy if not longer. I've had it incorrectly labeled this entire time and finally figured out where it came from. So thanks for the great track that now comes with a double dose of nostalgia from the early 2000s and the mid 1990s. Like going from watching Legends of the Hidden Temple to playing de_Aztec on Steam. I really have some fond memories tied to this song, so thanks for the memories.

on 2009-03-31 08:38:37

Not my voice, just a clip I found randomly. Thought it was funny and threw it in. I'm a big fan of ridiculous, nonsensical humour so this fit the bill.

on 2009-03-20 14:44:02

Pretty generic rhythmically and texturally, and there's nothing specific about this mix that stands out, except for the vocal sample at the beginning, and it doesn't really stand out in a way that is complimentary. :/

Gonna pass on this one, but Rayza has some good tracks you should try out instead.

on 2008-03-20 17:20:46

I love most of the Sonic tracks out there. This one is not my favorite, mostly because of the intro. The reversed Sega effect was quite cool, however, and the ring sound effects were well-placed. The instruments seem a little off to me, but I can't quite place why. It's not a bad mix, it's just not quite for me though.

on 2007-03-26 14:30:40

Definitely could do without the little introduction....although I did like when you added the jumping and ring sound effects in, that was pretty sweet. Seriously, just get rid of the intro, and it would be fine.

on 2006-12-19 12:26:39

This remix is quite portable. Nothing special, I've heard arrangements that were lots better than this. Still, I like this. Ice Cap is always Ice Cap.

on 2005-08-15 17:17:49

Not my favorite out of the current three Icecap remixes, starts out corny and kinda looses touch with the song for a while, but it could be worse. 2nd place.

on 2004-06-26 11:36:24

I thought the beginning was a bit cheesy. But the rest of the song is frickin awesome! The sound effects are used nicely and the end result is very nice.

on 2004-06-14 10:11:57

I like this remix. A lot. Icecap was one of my favorite levels, and a big part of that was the emotional music. :) I remember coming up with crazy stories about people being frozen under the ground in Icecap Zone. :P I downloaded this remix back about a year or two ago, and had to download it again for old time's sake.

I don't like the quote though. It's way too out of place.

on 2004-01-15 03:28:54

Oh damn how I love this song. The original and this remix. All the sounds fit together perfectly, this doesn't sound like video game music at all. I like the voice sample at the beginning too, it's funny. This is my favorite Ice Cap remix.

on 2003-11-24 22:29:53

There have been several mixes on this song, but this is probably my favorite. The intro is cool, and I just love the ring sound.

on 2003-08-31 12:29:13

I thought the intro was hilarious. It was what made me keep this thing on my PC. Mainly because this one isn't quite as smooth and poetic as McVaffe's Ice Capped, which I had just JUST downloaded before getting this. It's not bad; by itself it sounds cool, nice bass line, decent drums, neat game samples, and a modest melody. I would say there are better Ice Cap rexmixes floating about, but this one is still cool and worth a check.

And the SEGA reverb in the beginning is just plain awesome. I loved it.

on 2003-08-27 02:55:37

This remix seems to be a pretty interesting take on the Ice Cap Zone theme repeated several times before. Like the harps and panning within the piece, as well as the sound bytes of jumping and grabbing rings inbetween. ^.^

But, as stated by Eccles, if the introduction was cut out this remix would have been perfect ;)

on 2003-07-30 11:04:17

Once I got to listen to this it made me wanna pick up that dusting Genesis Controll and play Ice cap Zone one more time because of this badass song this song does justice to the Sonic Name. Great Job on this :twisted: remix :twisted:

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"Ice Cap Zone: Act 1"

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