ReMix:Dragon Warrior "Dragon Hop" 1:23

By Stevie-Keyz

Arranging the music of one song...

"Chateau Ladutorm"

Primary Game: Dragon Warrior (Nintendo , 1986, NES), music by Koichi Sugiyama

Posted 2001-12-13, evaluated by djpretzel

Our first submission from Stevie-G is this nifty little Dragon Warrior ReMix done in Fruityloops. The VERY classical melody is covered by a delicate piano, backed up by thick synth strings and higher, wispier strings, and the whole thing is to a nice hip-hop beat. It's pretty easy to find good hip-hop kick drums but I fidn it's the snare that makes or breaks a beat, and the punch, compressed snare used here is just the type I like. The piece doesn't really go off on wild tangents or feature mind-blowing soloes or what not, it's more incidental BGM, but its iterative nature is well-served by the hip-hop etude that Stevie-G has put together. Good example of a short ReMix being made from a short track in a fairly minimalist fashion but still achieving a mood and being worthy.



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on 2012-09-15 12:05:34

This mix is built using only the first half (15 seconds) of the source (30 seconds total). The second half of the source is a bit more musically interesting than the first, and I wish it was represented in this mix. I think the process of integrating it could have inspired some original variations, but as it stands, the only original components of this mix are the beat (which is nice, don't get me wrong) and the instrument choices. Perhaps Stevie-Keyz could try revisiting this one...? The soundtrack has a lot of interesting stings and fanfares that may also be fun to incorporate and improvise upon. Just grab the NSF and listen all the way through.

on 2010-02-18 14:35:29

This is kinda meh - but I'll leave it at that, no need to pile on really.

on 2009-11-18 21:53:03

I've always liked this one. It's not the most creative or interpretive of the source, but it has it's own feel and it's a nice chill listen. I'm actually listening for the first time on headphones, and there is some almost dizzying panning at times that I'm not crazy about. It's all good on speakers though. The ending is pretty abrupt, it would have nice to have had something that doesn't just stop so suddenly.

Fun little listen.

on 2009-04-15 21:47:03

I think this is pretty much the bare minimum of interpretation that is tolerated on this site. All this mix really does is point out the baroque influence of the score, and semi-successfully combines it with a contemporary beat. The melody is pretty simple, arrangement is practically nil, and its not really something that is going to be remembered.

It's one of those blink and you miss it tracks, only you never really miss it.

BUT I will point out that in all its 1:22 duration, I didn't once wish it would end. So it's definately not the bottom of the music barrel, in my books.

on 2008-09-28 04:56:01

dont mind my terrible track i dont even know how it got accepted lol

this was like one of the first pieces i ever did on a computer :)

oh and to clarify something,

i've NEVER ripped a midi off.


just so you know.

on 2007-01-02 11:17:40

Mechanical and not terribly creative. I really like the source, and that's pretty much what this is.

on 2006-02-11 18:21:33

I was dissapointed by this remix. Lacking any creative originality or ambience, the track sounds more like a midi than anctual mp3. It's a good start but it needs some polish.

on 2005-03-04 23:55:42

My first time on the forums and I signed up just to say: This song rocks. I dunno what LibertyCabbage was talkin about way back in 03, but his song is one of the best i've heard. I played DragonWarrior constantly and hearing this remix just brings all those memories back.

Way to go Stevie-G, you really have to make the song longer! Just repeat it or something =). Keep it up.

A listener,


on 2003-10-25 19:51:47

the theme is pretty lousy so forming the whole remix around it wasn't a smart move... pretty much no creativity where even a little bit in this short piece would have helped

on 2003-04-03 14:10:12

thanks guys, if your intrested in whats comming next check out my half complete destiny of an emperor remix, orchestra arrangement in the work in progess section of the forum

on 2003-04-03 10:59:11

Short but effective combination of styles! Good stuff, when I first heard a baroque-ish minor piano intro I wasn't at all expecting the beat to come in right after it. I have a beef with the high strings though - I don't know what the term is, but there's too much delay on each note. That effect is especially annoying in the section at 0:32 where they've got a lot of notes.

on 2003-02-22 19:44:05

This remix is good, but would be Awesome if it were longer.

on 2002-08-31 20:45:52

Simple... but interesting. Worth the short download!

on 2002-05-24 22:31:49

Dragon Warrior 'Dragon Hop'

This is a short little piece of musical excellence. A little too short actually, but the organ more then makes up for that fact. It just leaves me wanting more. Stevie-G, here’s the deal, you give me a longer song and I’ll give you a longer review. It is great stuff man.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Dragon Warrior (Nintendo , 1986, NES)
Music by Koichi Sugiyama
"Chateau Ladutorm"

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