ReMix:Astyanax "Danger in Remlia" 4:59

By Protricity

Arranging the music of one song...

"Round 1"

Primary Game: Astyanax (Jaleco , 1990, NES), music by Kiyoshi Yokoyama

Posted 2002-02-09, evaluated by djpretzel

Protricity's sophomore ReMix effort (his first being the DKC2 Brambles mix) is off a track from a great sleeper NES game with a cool name: Astyanax. Protricity seems to be picking up Reason very nicely - if this were my first ReMix with it, I know I'd be happy. Techno with well-sequenced bouncy and seriously pitch-bended synths, drums that are at times minimal but layer well and pull off some nice alternations on the loops used (good fills in particular), nice filtered pads, and a generally ornate and well thought-out mix. I would have pumped up the bass a lil bit more to give it a solid foundation, but I think you'll enjoy it nonetheless, and it's a great first ReMix for the game. I particularly liked the intro and transition segments, which do pad the mix and make it a lot longer, but are well-done, and the nice synth+kick solo at 2'42" is pretty groovy as well. Very nice mix and solid programming.



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on 2009-12-03 21:24:54

The melody of this one is catchy, and the synth handling it is interesting in that it seems to slide to every note. The concept of sliding through a song doesn't seem appealing in word, but Prot makes this work well. That, combined with the overall bounciness of this makes the track an interesting listen.

The bass is lacking in volume and intensity, and the drums weren't the strongest point, but these things can be overlooked without much difficulty. I personally didn't find this too repetitive overall, but there are a few sections that could have been a bit shorter to increase the flow a bit.

Overall the criticisms are pretty minor, and the track is an enjoyable one.

on 2009-10-29 00:39:30

Kind of interesting Prot didn't like this mix of his on OCR - I remember liking it, but part of it must be just nostalgia over the game as I don't know anyone else who have played the game.

This particular mix is pretty straightforward in following the original melody. It does enhance some parts in some ways. Definitely not a fan of the ending though. I can see some of the complaints about repetitiveness, but that partly follows from mainly following the originally melody.

on 2009-05-09 00:51:48

From start to finish, Danger in Remlia brims with a lively hop-step, melodically and percussion-wise. It's more emotionally arresting than the source, enunciating the perils of war, or a solo outing for the first time, or the perceived impossibility of rescuing a girl who only appears in dreams.

Otherworldly synths, sweeping arpeggios, and the choir are the major transporting keys. The choir emboldens my spirit and warns me that I could join the lost souls who've died defending Remlia if I'm not careful. 3:38 feels so final; it's like I've reached Blackhorn's castle already (which is fitting, since this song also plays during the cutscene before the last boss fight).

If this mix were to voice any of Astyanax's thoughts, it would be: "Wait for me, Princess Rosebud!"

on 2007-07-02 14:29:19

This track has been on my playlist ever since I went through every mix via the torrents a few years back. It's a good track, with interestingly cool synthwork. The drums feel a bit weak, but there is enough layering going on to keep them interesting enough; make no mistake, the synths are the star here.

If anything, I think the mix may be a touch too long, or perhaps could have used the tail end a bit better to have a more satisfying ending. It seems that it's a little abrupt, but I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to that, so I can't fault it too much.

on 2007-02-08 17:11:12
Wasn't this Prot's only OCR that he hated? Must be too many drum loops and groove bias.

That's correct. He revealed that on VG Frequency #21, ironically while it was playing in the background I believe.

I appreciate, in its own ironic way, how Ari eventually vehemently turned against drumloop usage. He helped up the standard here by encouraging people to write original drum parts, which forced other artists to become more creative and thorough in their own work.

I still think this particular mix is great for its time. Despite Prot's own issues with it, it had effective sounds and textures, and the arrangement was developed very well. I never saw the shame in that.

on 2005-10-21 07:58:37

Wasn't this Prot's only OCR that he hated? Must be too many drum loops and groove bias.

It is true, this pales in comparison to Ari's DKC2 offerings in sound quality, arrangement and variation. By itself, it isn't a bad listen, though the drums do leave something to be desired. Sounds a little 'tinny' overall, but that was the overall style that he was going for, I suppose.

on 2005-09-10 18:59:18

Fantastic! What cracks me up on this mix? I think the distortion of synths are a good reason. Also, I like the cut of the synths at 02:09 (these are things of Protricity). The percussion isn´t bad; it is exactly appropriate for the mix. Great fun!

on 2004-08-02 16:09:31

Very well done. While I was looking down the pages at different remixes, I saw one from Astyanax and said, "OMG, I used to play that when I was 5!" Safe to say, I downloaded the mix and about 45 seconds in I started to recognize the theme. Thanks for bringing back some long forgotten memories. Good remix, 4/5.

on 2004-01-11 01:14:58

Cool song, lots of synth work, lots of energy. It manages to stay at least somewhat interesting through the entire five minutes, which is good. May turn out to be an unexpected addition to my regular playlist.

Paulus Maximus
on 2003-03-01 15:00:49

I don't see any of the problems former posters have seen in this song. I positively adore it. He took a great song to start out with and made it BETTER. Thanks Protricity, you're one of my fav remixers now.

Kamikaze Noodle
on 2002-12-31 05:52:52

A good mix on the whole. My only gripes - lack of bass and weak drums. Granted, those are some big gripes, but they are the only reasons this isn't going on my playlist. If you aren't a drum/bass whore like me, I'm sure you would enjoy this mix to no end. Great cohesiveness with all the parts of the song and high energy synth action! Not to mention fun breaks!

Deryck Khusial
on 2002-11-25 04:32:05

from the very first note, you're treated to some bouncy beats. lots of standout parts, including the fun breakbeat sections and my favorite, the bass solo with accompanying ambience around 2:45. yowza!

on 2002-05-23 19:22:35

Astyanax 'Danger in Remlia'

Though I've never even HEARD of this game until now, this is a very enjoyable remix from Protricity. If there's one thing this particular remixer is good at, it's mixing things up so things stay interesting throughout the entire song - in this case, all 5:06 of it. My only beef here is the sample quality - the drums in particular could use a bit more punch. However, that doesn't mean it isn't worth a download. Recommended.

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Primary Game:
Astyanax (Jaleco , 1990, NES)
Music by Kiyoshi Yokoyama
"Round 1"

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