ReMix:Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Tight Finale" 2:33

By Jivemaster

Posted 2002-02-09, evaluated by djpretzel

Well-known Sonic mixmaster of mayhem Jivemaster actually did a mix of this track a loooooong time ago, but submitted it back to back with another submission that went up instead, and it was never brought up again. Well, I've been trying to clean out my inbox, so I emailed him about it, and though he didn't think the original mix he did was up to snuff, he decided to revisit it and improve upon it. And here be the result: a very electric, electronic, hyper ReMix of the already hyper finale music. A jiggy little pattern basically IS this track, covered here by a filtered FM-ish texture that leads things off. The entrance of the bass, full drums, etc. is cool in the intro, as the sound expands to a huge field of instruments right at 0'14". This is the type of BGM that doesn't really do too much musically as far as different sections, chorus-bridge structure, or harmony - it's essentially just different iterations of the same groove. But Jivemaster works with that, and actually uses it to his advantage - the additive-subtractive mix process is used well to compensate. As I said, very high energy and electric, and an evolution of the original. And, of course, tight :)



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on 2015-12-21 14:43:59

Agreed it's too repetitive and could have used more dynamic contrast, but still a good listen and a classic theme.

on 2009-10-31 04:17:55

This song is too repetitive - the melody is repeated for pretty much the whole duration of the song, and the pacing is kept constant. This approach really could use some changing up to keep things interesting.

on 2009-09-02 20:58:47

I spent about 3/4 of the mix waiting for a treble instrument to come in with a melody before it happened. Interesting approach, but as OA has said, this gets repetative pretty quickly. When most everything drops out my attention was caught for a moment. Would have liked that to be a transition into something new instead of building back to more of the same.

Catchy, but very repetative.

on 2007-06-25 11:49:50

A bit on the repetative side, but there is a lot of energy here, and the synths are generally pretty good. Having several rotating arpeggios gives a lot of motion, and the semblance of the chord structure really well.

The filtered repetition of the melody was really nice as a bridge, It gave a little more life to what was starting to get stale. Copout ending IMO, I would have preferred a ascending run and then the boomy hit rather than just a boomy hit, but whatever. :-)

Still a decent remix.

on 2007-01-28 00:59:04

It had been a while since I've heard this track.

I always played Sonic 3 locked on to Sonic and Knuckles, so I just never passed the game on its own...

GREAT rendition.

on 2006-11-25 21:28:35

I love this source tune's melody, and I've never even heard the source itself.

And Jive turns it into one of the most energetic mixes on the site, mainly brought about by the constantly repeating circular-sounding synth. The mix can be said to use many electronic-music cliches, and actually I can agree a little since they're often mixed too sharply, but I can't help but love the sound anyway. Put this in any rhythm game for me any day.

Someone said the ending melody should have been more powerful or something, and I agree with that to no end. Given the high energy throughout the rest, the sample is weak in comparison.

on 2005-11-20 10:02:39

prologue (1): I never liked the original song. it annoyed me.

prologue (2): usually I like Jivemaster's works

then, on the remix.

as usual, Jive managed to improve by 3250% the greatness of a song. the bad news is that the source song had very few to improve. if I can give this a numeric vote, it would be like 19/30, like a 6+ because I'm happy

on 2003-06-18 23:58:18

This is my first review.


!!!OmG OMG OmG!!!

This is too much greatness (98.7% on the greatness supreme scale) for me, I'm almost crying.

But now I'll never find any chill-out music good enough to accompany this. :(

on 2003-02-26 16:28:58

9.9/10- At, I am searching for the "pefect remixes" of videogame songs. Yours is damn close. I like the song so much becuase it's sticking to the original theme, but is still something different. The use of the "clap" sound was wonderful, and whatever you used for the backround theme was perfect, and never tired me out. The ONLy problem i had with the song was the instrument choice for the main melody, which is played at the end. It could have been a little more "in yo face".

Otherwise, it's an excellent remix.

on 2002-10-04 01:05:01

tight tight

on 2002-10-04 00:18:56

I really REALLY like this song. It's actually one of my favorites. I know it's awfully repetitive, but it's really upbeat, and it just feels like there's tons of energy in the song. It's just so darn lively!

on 2002-09-25 03:04:39

I love this song. Is fuking cool. "go go go go go go"

on 2002-05-23 19:35:09

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'Tight Finale'

This is pretty cool - Jivemaster works his magic on another sonic song. Not much to say here, other than it's almost complete ass-kickage. The repetitiveness keeps it from being *total* ass-kickage, but considering the source material Jivemaster had to work with (which sounds like a simple 3-chord progression to me, with a discernible melody coming in only near the very end) he did pretty good.

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