ReMix:Final Fantasy "Crystal Rave" 4:11

By Nines

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Primary Game: Final Fantasy (Nintendo , 1987, NES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2002-02-28, evaluated by djpretzel

Well, it's just been Final Fantasy madness around here lately. Enough to drive a Phantasy Star-head like me crazy :) JK - actually, these submissions from FF lately have been STELLAR, very high quality, and first-time contributor AYREZ adds his name to the list with a great initial offering of . . . you guessed it . . . the prelude. Sixty years from now, I'm going to be humming this thing on my death bed, after hearing it so many times. But, at least it's different every time. If ever there was a testament to the mutability, longevity, and flexibility of Uematsu's music, his prelude would seem to be it. Hard techno here, with a devastating downbeat and great trance synth textures. The syncopation on the main melody during the intro is poifect, and when the jumpin' octave bass comes in, it's party time. Immensely danceable, I would say. Check out the filtered drum lead-in at 1'20" and the lovely low-end distorted synth that comes after. I would have preferred a big bang ending to the fade-out, but that's my main gripe, everything else is pretty dern solid. Great first submission, yet another great FF mix, and yet more great coverage of the prelude theme, which gets a lot of loving. I need a thesaurus for some synonyms for "great" real bad, I 'spose :) Check it.



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on 2021-04-05 11:50:37

I actually don't mind the synth which seems to be the biggest problem for the most people. It gets kinda repetitive, sure, but it's not that bad. Nothing too groundbreaking, and I wouldn't listlen to this on a regular basis, it's just okay.

on 2017-10-15 15:54:56

As others have mentioned, this is a pretty decent if vanilla mix ruined by that awful synth.

on 2012-01-24 20:57:09

Call me old fashioned but these are the kind of remixes I look for and really enjoy. :)!!

on 2008-08-14 21:35:48

The synth that comes in at 1:24 is way too loud, like others have said. It meshes for the most part, but gets a little off here and there, which just grates on me after a while. The beginning is decent, when the bass first comes in I was enjoying the piece.

For a piece as remixes as this one is, this is a different take on things, though it sounds very similar to the FFX version of the prelude, if compared side-by-side.

There isn't really much interpretation to the themes, much more could have been done to add variety to the mix.

It's a mix that shows its age, unfortunately.

on 2008-02-19 12:55:02

Starts out decent if vanilla, but then an overly loud synth comes in front and center and seems to go without much regard for what is going on around it. Sometimes it matches up, and it's a good, solid progression on it's own, but oftentimes it creates voicings that aren't really very good. It sounds tacked on top. :-(

Production is decent, arrangement is almost a rip with the exception of the added "do-whatever-I-want" synth, and that addition actually degrades the mix.

Pass. :-(

on 2007-02-07 01:15:29

meh it's allright although i prefer the Breath of Fire dance mixes and the Industrial Fear "Donkey Kong" song

Thin Crust
on 2007-02-05 20:39:28

This sounds like a cross between Tidus' theme(ffx) and some DDR song.

Interesting. Very interesting. But stupid!!

on 2006-07-05 13:48:32


on 2006-05-18 19:05:27

I love this version. Sounds like FF meets DDR to me. The synth didn't go with the chord procession the entire time, which irked me, but it was awesome none the less.

on 2005-10-02 07:01:46

VERY good rave-mix, until I got to 1:24, that synth just killed the whole thing, but I managed to listen to the music behind the synth, and that was real good. Although this is a FF1 remix, that prelude sounds suspiciously much like the prelude from FF7. Hmmm? :roll:

on 2005-05-25 01:46:45

Incredible Remix. I loved this techno version of the FF1 prelude. I can't get enough of it.

Royal Sovereign
on 2005-03-17 11:30:16

From the time I was in fourth grade until I was in 8th grade, I experience every imaginable horror that adolescence had hurl upon a hapless human being. By the time I was 14, I was recognizably not a boy anymore, but something else, something older and stronger and yet more vulnerable.

The rift in-between was one of constant upheaval and iconoclasm, so that the traditions of the past were tossed out completely in favor of the uncoming rush of Lust, Ambition, and Intelligence that made me who I was. Whoever that little boy of 9 and 10 was, or had been, he was dead by the close of the millennium.

The change that was yielded was one that was nearly traumatic, and one which left deep scars on my psyche. For many years, there was no closure to my sudden maturation, even less closure for that period had me become in the process. This song filled the gap.

It's subject is one of the most sublimely beautiful videogame tracks ever made, "The Prelude" from Final Fantasy IV. The famous spiraling arpeggio that millions of gamers the world over hold with love and gratitude is set to a trance beat, and would indeed be appropriate at a rave. In the background is the soaring orchestral section found in FF IV's version of "The Prelude," a magnificient off-setting to the rhythmic trance beat.

The song, I recognize now, can be a fitting anthem for the time period between 1996 and 2000, the painful years of growing up and becoming something much different than what I had started out as -- for though the song is deleriously happy, as all Rave music is, there is a palpable melancholy to it, replicating in synthesizers and mixers the feeling of looking at a picture of a dead relative -- infinite loss the years heal over, memories of whole worlds and empires gone and vanished with Time. Over all of it is the famous, soaring Arpeggio, the enchanting promise of far-off worlds and amazing adventures -- of the bubbling excitement of simply being a child, entranced, as it were, with the entire world.

Nothing in the world could come close to being as beautiful.

on 2004-12-09 20:55:54

Usually I don't like rave music but this one was okay

Actually I liked it quiet alot

This song has emotion unlike other rave songs out there

its just a bit repetitive

Great job, Nines!

on 2004-12-02 02:20:04

This is one of the best remixes i have come across Not on the level of Chu Chu's flight and other orchestrals But it is up there. This is a very very well done mix with a lot of energy and just a great sound to it :)

on 2002-06-22 16:41:11

I really liked this song, as I've always liked the Final Fantasy theme, and it's fast enough to not be boring, as another reviewer said. My main problem is the intense repetivity of the over-synth, which can get rather annoying at times, and might have been enhanced by some harmonic changes. Other than that major flaw, I like it, the ending's fine with me, and all in all, it's a great solid-sounding song.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy (Nintendo , 1987, NES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu

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