ReMix: Castlevania "Simon Belmont's Garage" 3:38

By Rosencrantz & guildensterN

Arranging the music of one song...

"Vampire Killer (Breaking Into the Castle BGM)"

Primary Game: Castlevania (Konami, 1986, NES), music by Kinuyo Yamashita, Satoe Terashima

Posted 2002-04-09, evaluated by djpretzel

Wow - ear candy for sonic satiation doesn't begin to describe this latest mix from Rosencrantz & guildensterN, who a while back gave us a great and often-overlooked FF7 mix (check it out if you haven't!) I am very glad these guys decided to do a sophomore ReMix, as their initial submission was imaginative AND high-quality. This Castlevania mix is also worthy of those adjectives, and features some of the wildest synth gurgles, bleeps, snuffles, snarfs, and yes, farts, to grace the ears of OCR listeners yet. Equal parts techno, industrial, metal, and just downright experimental, I can't recommend this mix enough, as I can pretty much guarantee you'll hear some textures / sounds you've probably not heard before. There's even a brief but well-placed cameo by a well-known Queen song :) Vampire Killer is the track being covered, with biting guitars, a phat electric bass that rides ahead and behind the beat in a lazy funk at points, and mucho effects. Children of the Monkey Machine covered this track, and I took a stab at essentially the same song from Castlevania 4, but this mix is just over the top and bustin' out. Also, gotta love the upwards twang ending. You can tell a lot of fun and skill went into this, which is always a good combo. Highly recommended.



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on 2015-01-15 09:34:45

This track is a lot of fun. The synth work/modulation really captures the feel of the game I think. Quirky for sure, nice Queen allusion, and it never gets boring!

on 2008-11-12 11:39:38

This mix is deranged. I don't even know what to think about it...there are moments of genius and then there are sections that hover above being just barely tolerable (not just the fart noises). It really is the type of track you can't describe with just have to experience it for yourself.

on 2008-02-19 15:43:51

The mix starts out pretty solid, getting right into things. The bass sounds pretty flat and flubs a ton, however. Should have re-recorded it. Great guitar tone though.

Actually as the mix progresses, it gets sloppier. By the halfway point it is pretty messy, though the breakdown is a nice change.

Fart noises need to go. :/

Pretty nice solo, the amount of wheedilies is staggeringly high.

The high point of this mix is the guitar tone, and it sounds like a messy WIP rather than a completed mix.

on 2006-07-29 14:10:26

One of my favorite mixes from way back when, part creepy, part experimental, part goofy, part fuckin metal. Honestly, some of the goofy aspects of this mix could turn people off to it, but I find the overall presentation quite cacophonous and joyful.

This is some crazy schizophrenic shit is what I'm trying to say. One of the mixes that inspired my own FFX-2 remix, this is a wall of intense crazy sound.

You'll either dig it or you wont, imo. I do.

Psychotic Ninja
on 2006-01-28 02:47:12

Vampire Killer has got to be the second best track from Castlevania, and this remix was beyond awesome. Great job.

on 2005-05-06 18:35:48

Industrial Synth-rock meets Vampire Killer...

Heheh. Awesome. No better a combination have I seen on this site.

And garageous IS a word. It is NOW, anyways.

on 2004-08-25 12:02:40

Original. very garageous... garagic? are those even words? anyway, it's unique, check it out.

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2004-06-28 14:49:47

The bass is cool ,drums likewise.

I dont mind the weird noises and farting (is only meant to be a funny spinoff anyways).

Excellent work ! Do more of this :lol:

on 2003-12-23 13:27:04

Garage band...different. Definitely different. This mix is cool, except for the part with the crappy fart-like noises.

The Xyco
on 2003-10-19 00:46:04

i thought thie initial drums (or whatever they are) were a little bit too strong and made the excellent guitar work hard to hear.

anyway, defiantely something... different.... not bad, just different. if i didnt know who did this mix i woulda screamed "Mustin!!"

on 2003-08-05 14:22:14

Excellent guitarwork and drumwork. I honestly have nothing to complain about there; the execution and arrangement is great, and the listener is assaulted with a good amount of rockin' audio. But the farts/burps (or whatever the other noises were) were just plain stupid, ruining an otherwise amazing remix. Perhaps replace them with synths, even if the synths are weird sounding.

on 2003-04-10 23:47:42

fart noises never hurt noone....

Mario Buu
on 2003-04-02 20:22:08

Hrm. This peice is definately different, if nothing else. But fortunetly thats not the case, as the song is pretty good. It changes style many times throughout the song. I found the small Queen section added in a nice touch, but as someone else already stated...the farting noises....arnt exactly the greatest thing.

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2002-11-22 17:35:41

This definitely sounds like something you'd hear in a garage band 8) Listen closely... okay, so maybe that baritone (possibly tuba) would not be found in most garage bands, but I've seen a bass clarinet once so it is entirely possible...

on 2002-11-01 01:04:49

This is a really good song, the only problem is towards the end with the little fart noises, that messes it up bad, its a good piece, i would just advise not to ruin a good thing by putting someones sphincter to the mic.

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Primary Game:
Castlevania (Konami, 1986, NES)
Music by Kinuyo Yamashita, Satoe Terashima
"Vampire Killer (Breaking Into the Castle BGM)"

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