ReMix:Lagoon "Dwarfunk" 2:12

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...

"Desert Plains"

Primary Game: Lagoon (Kemco , 1991, SNES), music by

Posted 2002-04-23, evaluated by the judges panel

Jiggy. Jiggalicious. Jig-o-matic. Jig. Mazedude's latest in a line of consistently high-quality, impressive ReMixes that I personally always enjoy has some great wakka-chikka guitar rhythms to compliment a funky electronic drum track and some bitchin' synth solos that soar high into the upper registers (where I like 'em). Fantastic stereo imaging on the synth chords that intro the track, and on the detail accoutrement synth effects used throughout. What I particularly like about this mix is that Mazedude fits in many different sounds for a lot of sonic variety, but they all flow into one another - it doesn't sound like he's running through presets on a keyboard, but instead each patch's uniqueness compliments the next. Very clean sound, so you can hear some of the programming details that Chris threw in like pitch bends on the beginnings and ends of chords, great modulation and filtering, and much, much more. And let me emphasize again that we've got wakka-chikka guitar being used well, which is fun for the whole family (they say that cat Mazedude's one bad mother . . .). This was composed rather rapidly by Mazedude, on request, which again is a testament to his abilities. Also, it helps that the original track, from the sleeper RPG Lagoon for the SNES, has some interesting intervals and builds, which Chris takes full advantage of here. Recommended.



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on 2015-12-02 01:24:24

Gotta say for 2002, the quality is pretty great. I've never played the game, but having just listened to the original source before this, I can say that the tempo slow down totally works. It ends up reminding me of something I might hear from the Jazz Jackrabbit series. Some of the added arrangement is really cool, like the short but sweet solo at 1:23.

As others have said before me, this one could do with an upgrade in production but, it has aged very well. Good stuff.

SubNormal J3
on 2011-03-20 16:48:26

Nice, funky piece here. It is always progressing so that even though in clocks in just over two minutes, it feels like a full arrangement. The sound design is very fitting. I love the modulation throughout as well as that nice, thick snare hit. Definitely worth checking out.

on 2009-12-16 23:19:05

Ohhh, funkeh...

The opening groove really got me groovin', and the rest of it kept the funk going. This mix is pretty polished for a old one, but I ain't complaining.

Nice work.

on 2009-09-16 03:39:57

This is pretty nifty, although it needs a production upgrade to really be something I listen to some more. Also, it easily could've been expanded quite a lot..oh well, it's one of Mazedude's earlier mixes. Definitely love the improvement he has made all around since then though.

on 2009-01-09 22:30:08

Definitely some excellent funky stuff. The opening groove really grabs one's attention. Pretty chill stuff that's aged very nicely. More people should roll with this one.

on 2008-10-27 21:41:30

Good, fun mix. Love the funk feel overall. Quite enjoyable, and pretty polished even for an earlier mix. Love the details put in, like the various sounds you hear.

Nice work.

on 2007-12-10 17:20:07

This mix is aptly named: It's short and it brings the funk! From the first five seconds you can tell that this mix stands out from being very different from everything else on OCR. It's very well-made and extremely entertaining.

In response to the comment made five years ago, while the organ sample isn't the best quality, I think it ultimately works in the mix's favor, and complements the arrangement's feel quite nicely.

The Author
on 2007-12-10 11:27:17

Ah, this feels like something that could have been a soundtrack from way back when if designers would have cared more about sound quality.

Gotta say I love the instruments on this one. It's interesting, and frankly, I just think it's biggest flaw is that its short. Overall this is a good original song, and it's taking chances and it goes in a direction I kinda wish we heard more often.

on 2006-12-23 16:37:55

This might be one of Mazedude's older tracks, but it's still cool. His signature drum and keyboard work is very much present, and his aptitude for arrangement is obvious. It might not be as polished as some of his modern remixes, but that's OK. For the time this was an outstanding mix with a groovy vibe. It has aged well.

on 2006-12-19 15:42:45

Good stuff all around, I gotta agree with the bassline. I like the guitar around :50.

The best strong point about this mix is the composition. It's tight and it's cleverly written. Packs a whole lot of ideas into a short time frame.

on 2006-12-19 13:51:58

Lagoon was a game with pretty good music, and this remix does it justice in a bite-sized, funky send up.

The bass groove is especially nice, and when the saw solo comes in, it only gets better. If only it wasn't so short.

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2004-08-04 21:53:26

WOW ! 1 single review ? come on ppl 8O

Give this little piece a chance ..its a great remix !

on 2003-02-12 10:38:18

This mix is simply awesome. First, I always liked the music from this game, and it's great to hear a mix from an overlooked title.

My favorite aspect of this mix is that the style and instruments (esp. the organ) preserve the feel of the original, while raising the depth and richness several notches. The funk style fits, and the funk guitar works well as a subtle extra.

The lead-guitar sound and scales are excellent: reminds of the Transformers the Movie soundtrack at times. My favorite part though is the deeper distorted guitar sound - it adds depth and a hint of menace.

The mix itself is high-quality, varied, and well produced. Well worth the download.

on 2002-05-27 01:20:39

Lagoon 'Dwarfunk'

Organ sample could use a little work here, but other than that it sounds good to me! Nice funky remix, and well worth a download.

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Primary Game:
Lagoon (Kemco , 1991, SNES)
Music by
"Desert Plains"

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