ReMix:Metroid "Secrets" 4:36

By Main Finger

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Metroid (Nintendo , 1986, NES), music by Hirokazu Tanaka

Posted 2002-05-06, evaluated by the judges panel

Bass. Great, heaping gobs of bass. The primary attraction and driving force behind newcomer Main Finger's initial ReMix is some seriously deep and infectious bass that is just the thing for those of you who like to drive around pretending you're in The Fast and the Furious and rattling windows of residences in the immediate vicinity. Just make sure you have a subwoofer on hand, otherwise the effect is pretty much lost. The mix is basically stripped down techno, with a cool semi-military snare shuffle on the drum track, a thick solid kick, and delayed high-pitched synth bits. There's a gated additional synth bass that's not quite as deep that comes in at 1'41" and interestingly is a little off-tempo (not sure if that's intentional but it's cooler than if it had been dead-on in my book). Could have used a bit more variety, but the emptiness seems appropo as Metroid's soundtrack never really concentrated on ornate patterns and melodies, but instead went for simple yet ominous and atmospheric stuff. This admirably stays true to that motif, and should be all the more fun for anyone with a penchant for the low octave frequencies :)



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SubNormal J3
on 2011-03-20 16:56:50

This is a classic track. Sadly, I don't think I have ever had a real listen to it with a sub-woofer. Headphones still capture some the essence, though. I have to agree with djp that the off-tempo synth is pretty neat albeit unexpected.

on 2009-12-16 20:08:37

Wow, there is an incredibly Huge contrast of sounds here. What and all with the bass and percussion. :shock:

It reminds me of the conversation from Encounters of the Third Kind mixed with a level from Battletoads from the NES.

Also, the melody buried so deep in there its not even really that funny.

Over all I rate it a solid "meh" :|

on 2009-12-14 16:11:17

I should try my hand at this short source. The judges would love it. :D

Lots of layers of drums, big bass. Wish it'd do more with the melody, it's just repeated over different parts of the music. The breakdown at 2:50 is pretty cool in how the bass recedes, tho the track doesn't really build from there much.

on 2009-09-28 22:19:52

Definately full of bass. Overall it takes too long to get anywhere though. The drums are killing me too, way too fake sounding these days. Would have been nice to have had more variation on the melody, also. Not for me, sorry.

on 2007-06-21 17:33:11

z z z

the percussion gets nice and layered, and the filtered bass has a nice vibration effect to it, but the repetition kills it.

on 2007-01-26 08:32:57

Actually, even from the early days, I thought this was kind of a beautiful melody, and I wondered why Hip Tanaka never went anywhere else with it...

It was featured here and there, re-used in Super Metroid, and later appearing in the ending theme. I dunno, but I think the composer for Metroid 2 tried to do something like it for the title theme.

GREAT elaboration on this strange tune. I think you could have extended it even further. I started getting ideas myself. Too bad I'm not a remixer... Kudos.

on 2006-12-28 12:50:09

Holy crap base, well the biggest thing bout this mix is making an entire song out of something for short and utterly simple. Not easy by any means, kudos for the arrangement.

on 2005-07-17 05:33:44

i live off of bass and any song with bass as its main course makes me happy, although i have read that its attributed to the vibration releasing adreniline into your body slowly addicting you to bass.

this song made my downsatirs neighbers hit the celing with a broom, so it gets 6/10 cause i reserve 10 for a handful of people.

on 2004-11-15 17:26:09

The little double kick every fourth measure makes me want to kick every person I see. It's pretty simple, but it works. Other than the beat, there isn't an awful lot that impresses me.

But, due to its addictive qualities it's in my rotation. Dammit.

7/10 overall.

on 2004-10-31 15:30:06

This song's psycho!

Its good! i'll only listen to it once

on 2003-03-23 16:27:31

I always thought this was crap. That is, until today when I listened to it again and, for some reason, I absolutely fell in love with those quarter note "BANG BANG BANG"s present at 0:37-0:38, then continuing for the rest of the mix. It still has that "crap" quality to it, but I could just imagine the funniness in playing DDR to this song: using 3 jumps, one for each bang, constantly throughout the mix. The thought of someone jumping like a mofo to this cracks me up. At 3:17 the bass seems to be dropped on each bang, in which, while creating a difference in the song it very much needed, got rid of the enjoyment factor.

3 cheers for cheesy songs!

on 2002-11-21 14:48:21

I also think its very interrrrresting tune... /me like de bazz!

on 2002-08-15 11:34:19

Nah, I disagree. I like this mix. Very fun to listen to.

Main Finger
on 2002-07-15 23:32:20

lol! Yup, that's my remix I made over a year ago. Honestly, I agree with you about everything you said. The mix really isnt anything special. I admit, I suck, it's just kinda fun to make music and even funner when you can get a proffesional site like this to post it^_^ I think my newer stuff is a lot better, but none of that is really that special either =P I dont even have any dj equipment, I just used Fruity Loops 3 to make it. Oh well, at least there's a lot you can do with that program^_^

on 2002-06-04 17:35:29

Metroid 'Secrets'

Takes a long time (almost 1:20) to really get going, and even after that I can't say this mix was all that interesting. The same riff gets repeated over and over and over, sometimes by a beepy NES-type synth, sometimes by a low saw-wave synth, and sometimes by both. Then there's a drum loop that, though it drops out quite frequently, repeats the same thing the entire time it's going. All of these elements are combined in different ways throughout the mix, but Main Finger doesn't put forth the effort to change any of them up. So sorry, but this remix really ain't that special, or even very interesting.

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Primary Game:
Metroid (Nintendo , 1986, NES)
Music by Hirokazu Tanaka

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