ReMix:Final Fantasy VII "Rape of a Planet" 3:12

By mp

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"Mako Reactor"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-12-24, evaluated by djpretzel

Mr. Pollard explores new sonic territory, thanks to SONAR, with this dramatic FF7 Mako Reactor ReMix. A heavily distorted industrial drumline with running eighth-note hi-hats that give it a forward drive, very delicate arpeggios in the background, delayed synth, a nice choir patch, but most noticeably and perhaps importantly tons of great audio chopping / processing / filtering highlight this submission. Cross-panned gating, phasing, the afforementioned distortion, and a couple other sonic tricks-of-the-trade seem to have worked their way into Pollard's repertoire, so he can now combine some of the more edgy audio tricks and textures with his already polished orchestral & instrumental skills, as this mix demonstrates. A potent combination, no doubt - hopefully this will be the first of many submissions to feature a successfull union of da skillz. Recommended.



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on 2010-01-22 09:00:55

Surprising. Very surprising. I much prefer a clean sound than a dirty, distorted sound, which is why it's so surprising that I'm totally endeared by this mix. It exaggerates its effects whilst having a bit of respect for the audience, meaning the intricacies of the music isn't going to fly over people's heads but at the same time it's not going to sound silly and obvious. It's pulled off really well. The percussion and the panning in particular are definite highlights. And considering the age of this mix, I don't think the samples are THAT bad. The choir samples get very iffy in places, but in other places I think its totally passable.

I'm glad to chalk this up as a very pleasant enlightenment. It's a nice little step out of my own personal taste. In fact, the more I listen to it, the more I appreciate the sound. Can't ask for more than that.

on 2009-03-21 16:37:57

There's a nice distorted bass drum to start this out; I love that sound. Actually throughout the whole mix, some sort of percussion is distorting throughout. Sometimes it gets to be almost too much, but it is always tasteful, and the care of the panning and rhythms is really good. A lot of the synths used are pretty cheesy and overly lofi, but there is so much good stuff going on in the percussion that you really won't even notice.

The piano is good, and the tubular bell motif that appears a few times is completely kickass. For an old school, lo-fi mix, this is incredibly cool. My only real complaint is the terribly abrupt ending.

Otherwise, this is pretty damn great. I wish mp was still around mixing. ;_;

on 2007-12-14 20:31:42

Upon the first play through I thougth its from the sequel of the game. Such nice treble instruments. Its a pity no synthetizer cant redo old midi files with real sounding instruments. Outstanding remix but the crackling of the percussions is rather irritating.

"You can here the cry of the planet" and "Mako Reactor" are tunes I seem to never get tired of like "One winged angel".

on 2007-10-05 17:22:13

Love this remix. Percussion and dynamics are insanely good. Synth design is basic buts fits the mood and the composition perfectly. Really enjoy the glitched out type sections like ~1:00. Have listened to this for years and is one of the best old school OCR songs period IMO. The breakdown sections were well placed but still managed to keep the groove going without sounding repetative.

DJ Skratch 'n' Sniff
on 2006-01-03 03:04:30

This ReMix is just too badass. There's such excellent use of cutting and panning in here; it's really, really easy to rock out to. This is probably my favorite FF7 mix on this site. Then again there's Mazedude's Space Station of the Ancients...

lady zelda
on 2006-01-03 02:16:35

Foreboding, haunting, catchy (drastic understatement), PERFECT! You set up a perfect atmosphere for this, mp. You got that perfect mix of the modern hip-hop beat and that darkness and contemplation of FFVII. You'd definitely own the dance floor with this! What else can I say? I'm once again lost for adequate words...w/ know what I mean...

on 2005-10-21 11:54:29

The mako reactor

Only the name of that thing deserves a theme with the feel of that life-absorbing industry. mp, dude, how did you not succed with that one? It got that dark mood through it, and I really think this is industrial, some has said the opposite, but I don´t agree. It may take more than just machine noises in da back, but the synth, the clock, the heavy drums and that short appearance of the careful piano somewhere in the middle gives this remix a sneaky, mysterious and unsecure look, I like it, BYE!

Gone downloading...

on 2005-10-03 23:11:35

Yeah.. I wouldn't call this industrial. The drums are a bit crunchy. Ok, there too crunchy. That's the only part that is remotely industrial. I love the quick pans; that is a totally under-apreciated effect. But, the drums, oh, the drums... they have to go. They were sequenced well and you're obviously good at that. Tonally, they need work. Get rid of the filter and the crunch and the VERY repetetive HighHat. Otherwise, the mix is decent; nice ambience and reverb. Could actually be a bit longer, methinks. And with a bit more filler.

on 2005-01-16 12:37:10

I thought this song did a superb job of capturing the essence of FF7 too...the consistently dark feel of the song is what makes it great, if you ask me.

on 2004-12-02 13:24:57

Someone said their complaint about the song was it never sounded like it was going anywhere. And didn't. Well it's goin' places with me. Lovin' it. A remix isn't supposed to nessisarily turn a BG into a flat out cinematic - "Okay you have the intro here, the rising action here, climax here, falling action here" - music isn't a play, it's a piece of art, and if it remains consistantly beautiful to me, I couldn't care less if it ever has some big explosion of energy or anything. While it may've made this piece even more interesting, it's touched me well as is.

I just think it unwise to act like a good song with good variety never having a big 'boom' somewhere in it is a fault.

This is one of those where you close your eyes, open your mind and let it dance. While not following the 'style' of FF7, it fits nonetheless. FF7 was a dark and morbid and sometimes bright and serene game. Like neon green on shades of grey. I get the visuals. Just because this doesn't sound like the game it sounds like the world to me. Better than the game. That's the point of a remix, ne?

Very smooth, masterful composition skills at work here. Impressive soundwork. Hook this baybee up to a 'woofer n' watch it spin' ya' around. And in my humble opinion, it was made with a great choice of instruments. Keepem' comin'~

on 2004-02-21 23:04:43

This was the first OC Remix I ever heard, which was about three months ago when I was on Kazaa, and I LOVED it!!! :D At first I couldn't find any information on it and thought it might have been a remix of City of the Ancients (which I think it sounds a little simillar), but then i found it here and it made sense.

Anyways, I really impressed with the song. Great job! ^_^

on 2003-11-14 16:56:49

Really cool!:)

on 2003-10-30 19:03:59

This is one of the coolest tunes I've heard. Those drums rule!! I like how there's a flange (I think?) on the drums around 2:00, that is really cool and isn't often done. What Sound Font/Samples are you using? These are entirely awesome. One of the few pieces that has both awesome sounds as well as awesome execution. Very nice.


Deryck Khusial
on 2003-10-28 04:23:42

Pollard strayed away from the original? so That’s why i like this FF mix so much. the atmosphere the mix paints corresponds well with its title. the dark and sinister vibe's perfect for this time of the year. love the beat-slicing (2:26 in particular) and the choir synth; they contribute to the mood greatly

on 2003-08-04 13:30:24

*laughs* Every single time I hear the 'Bombing Run' theme....makes me want to reinstall FFVII for PC and play it!

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Mako Reactor"

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