ReMix:Dragon Warrior "Thou Art a DJ" 5:51

By Ghetto Lee Lewis

Arranging the music of one song...

"Unknown World"

Primary Game: Dragon Warrior (Nintendo , 1986, NES), music by Koichi Sugiyama

Posted 2002-06-01, evaluated by djpretzel

Ghetto Lee Lewis aka Thomas Nelson's first submission is some good FruityLoops techno coverage of Dragon Warrior that goes above and beyond what you often hear from the software: though some default drum sounds are used, the programming is very nice, and there's an extended break at 2'08" with a nice delayed piano against warm analog pads and backing short arpeggio synth. In general, this is the strength to the mix - its fluctuations and dynamics that give it life and soul as opposed to sticking at one level and riding that out. Reverb and delay are on, and mixing is consistently good throughout. My main beef is with the drum sounds and pattern in general - this would be a kick-ass-and-take-names mix with a more diverse array of drums at its disposal. The FL kick drum and snare lack a certain subtlety and tend to draw too much attention to themselves. Little touches like the lead-in upwards filter whisp at 4'47" help to address that, though. I wanted things to come back in a little harder and with more oomph after the well-done build and cut at 3'48". Minor issues notwithstanding, a very solid techno DW ReMix fans of the genre and games should enjoy. Thomas informs me he's getting into Reason, and while FruityLoops is certainly powerful if fully explored, Reason is easier to get variety out of, so I'm thinking we can expect even better material from Mr. Nelson in the future. Groovy.



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on 2015-12-17 15:25:27

Pretty sparse soundscape. Granted, this was 2002, but I would have liked at least some filter motion on the staccato chordal synth. I think the breakdown starting at 2:11 - 3:48 was the better part of the overall track. It took its sweet time building back up, and it worked fairly well.

on 2008-12-06 17:31:53

A very interesting take on a classic theme, nice work.

on 2008-05-08 11:10:54

For a dance track, this is pretty low energy. Repetitive until the background with some original-sounding stuff. Not too bad here.

But yeah, somehow this is more relaxing than exciting, which I don't think was the intent. I dig the theme, but this repeats way too frequently without significant changes. Some of the synths are decent, if a bit generic sounding, but the bass is really weak, and the drum programming is putting me to sleep.

A bit too dated for me. Sorry. :-(

on 2007-02-03 01:11:03

I like this music. It's become, like, the basis for all the overworld music in the Dragon Warrior games. The techno just makes it sound better. They should make another DW sequel with this music on the overworld.

on 2004-11-14 15:28:00

Oh Yeah! The old game!

This music is good for the ears. It is the old melody, in a modern touch

on 2004-11-14 10:46:41 It's good for what it is, but to be perfectly honest, it's not much. As for constructive critisim -- maybe tempo alterations, or at least alter the *kick, kick, kick* of the bass drum every once in a while. (I know there's snare rolls, but...meh.) I dunno, I almost fell asleep to it (if it's epic trance, that's bad...contrary to the name of the genre). I did like the piano section, though. Maybe you could rework this sometime and find a way to inject more energy into it. Reason should help.

Royal Sovereign
on 2004-11-13 12:03:28

Awesome. Simply, flatly, unbelievably awesome. I ADORE this remix. Definite favorite!!

Corporal Eschebone
on 2003-12-22 03:08:36

:lol: Only 14, yet I remember this...

I don't mind it stretching on. It's pretty good for the most part.

And I had no idea Ormgas would introduce me to two mixes by the same artist that I would want...

on 2003-10-25 19:43:46

i didn't like it... it felt way too stretched out... 6 minutes.. i would have liked more creativity and more variations... plus it just didn't have much energy

on 2003-10-10 02:11:12


:cry: can you insult the original NES music from Dragon Warrior!?! Sure, after a while, it does get...maybe...a little...umm...not great. But, that's why there is battle music, town music, castle music, cave music, and sound effects...

Although, I must admit, that while I play Dragon Warrior on my NES, and my cousin plays along with me on my computer using Nester, I tend to set this song on loop, and say "Now, THIS is the way Dragon Warrior music should sound." Hehe.

on 2003-10-09 22:30:53

First off, I appologize in advance to the homosexual community for my upcoming choice of words... Back in the day, Dragon Warrior, while being a HIGHLY entertaining game, had the GAYEST theme song of any video game in history. I am sorry, but that over world music is not the music of a man who is about to save the world. I couldn't listen to that song for more than a few minutes.

Then along comes this little song, Thou Art a DJ. My first impression: Wow. I had no idea that such a gay little NES song could be turned into one of the best dance songs on this site. The layered music, the smooth fades and transitions, the steady driving beat... this is exactly what this site is about. Taking simple, stupid little NES songs and making them into something so much more fun to listen to.

Bravo to the composer! This one get's an A+! :D

on 2003-06-23 08:25:22

This is the first OC ReMix I like that my dad can stomach.

on 2002-08-31 20:49:56

It's sounds inevitably funny... but is very good. I like the different ways the theme sounds throughout the song. It keeps the track fresh and interesting.

on 2002-08-03 18:33:09

really brought back some days of old...sitting infront of the TV all day playing dragon warrior....good mix of the song...nice groove too it! :D

This is a great mix especially done in Fruity Loops...I know cuz that is what I use.

hey if you get a chance Y not check out some of my tunes that I made in FL...let me know what you think....just click below and it will take you to my site.


Old Omen
on 2002-07-31 20:56:29

My only problem with it is that it's slightly repetitive. Other than that, it's my kind of techno. Good job.

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Primary Game:
Dragon Warrior (Nintendo , 1986, NES)
Music by Koichi Sugiyama
"Unknown World"

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