Posted 2002-06-04, evaluated by djpretzel

Whoa. Downright bizarre, really. What do you get when Jivemaster, resident aussie Sonic mixmaster, and Malcos, who's also given us some excellent coverage from the sonic series, team up for a long-distance co-op on a Sonic 3 track? Whatever you guessed or envisioned, it's probably wrong, as in the four and half minutes that this mix it exists, it mutates and transmogrifies into several different beasts (insert Altered Beast vocal sample here). Almost impossible to cover all of the juicy sonic bits that were thrown into the stew. Introing with some island jazz against amazing stereo percussion, the main digs come in round 0'50", where if you're not familiar with the melody yet you probably will. Then there's a carazzzzy steel drum solo that's all over the place - not a very believable solo, but very zany in a cool way. Things go more electro for the break at 2'10" with a GREAT phatulence synth that sounds like a human-beatbox "Fat Boys" effect. Then a sax comes in. Then distorted drums and guitar briefly, and then things go piano and percussion picks up with rapid triplets underneath. Then at 3'45" things go drum'n'bass all the sudden. I mean, like, whoa lookout. No idea who did what on this one, but I've a feeling both JM and Malcos had quite a bit of fun and exercised more creative freedom than they might normally in their solo ReMixes. Whether that's a good thing or not to you depends on whether you dig pieces that are hybridized, chock full o' nuts, and a little on the random side but always musical. For me, that's a yes, though I enjoy their solo work just as much. An impressive collaboration resulting in a great mix that wouldn't have gotten made any other way - kudos to both. Highly recommended.



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on 2015-02-03 11:47:20

Awesome take on the original. It captures the tropical feeling perfectly. There's enough variety, so I never get tired of it - this mix takes several transformations, so what starts as something reggae-ish/funky/jazzy ends as kickass techno/DnB. Great job!

on 2011-06-03 16:38:15

Oh yeah! I love the island feeling of this ReMix right here. Nice and tropical, especially with the steel drums. Then it goes into a bit of a chameleon effect, changing slightly every few seconds while maintaining the feeling. Wasn't blown away by the ending, but I didn't hate it. Just didn't seem to fit with the rest of the mix to me. Still enjoyed it and it made for a successful collab.

on 2009-08-06 12:08:34

I'm really digging this one--yes, it's weird, it's wacky, but it's got style.

on 2008-06-12 16:41:26

This track had me at the completely amazing fake steel drum solo. It's so implausible that you can't imagine it to be playable on an actual instrument, but the part itself is so cool. It'd make a fantastic synth solo, where suspension of disbelief isn't a requisite.

The shifts this track take on throughout it's four-and-a-half minute duration are immense, and everything is packed in so densely that it's a great track to listen to on repeat, finding new layers every few listens or so. This is Sonic plus the kitchen sink, and if one section doesn't immediately grab you, the one right after it is sure to.

An excellent collab where both mixers seem to have gone all out.


on 2006-12-13 10:40:47

I absolutely love this mix to death. It's subdued, catchy, islandy, and simply very very cool. Kudos to Jivemaster and Malcos. 9.5/10

on 2006-12-08 22:11:23

This is a great remix of Zone 1-2. The only thing I thought that was missing was the proper tempo of the music. It could've been a bit faster to match the tempo of the original track. I know there were some comments about the way this ended, but I really liked the ending myself. The sax and trumpets were exceptional also.

on 2006-06-28 03:40:04

I love this song. I really do. I replay it over and over again.

28 Percent Will Do Fine
on 2005-08-16 14:35:28

I absolutely love the song, but I'm sorry: the last 45 seconds with the drum and bass kinda ruins it. You wait for 3-and-a-bit minutes for a good ending and this dub bit brings it down a taj. i give it 4-red-star.gif4-red-star.gif4-red-star.gif4-red-star.gif.

on 2005-07-23 04:48:06

First of all, let me say I was OVERJOYED to hear the S3K Icecap tune in there. Nobody really acknowledges that the song changed when S3 locked with sK, but it did, ne? You can all keep your S3 Icecap songs and such. The lock-on version was perky.

Beyond that, 'twas excellent all around. I commend ye on a job well done. *bows*

on 2005-05-10 10:00:57

Its got a great groove to it, especially with the sax at 2:21. I like it!

on 2003-07-16 19:24:58

A very unique track I must say... and after a while it really started to grow on me. My favorite part has to be the steel drum solo in the middle, but the rest is really well sequenced as well. Great job.

on 2003-04-09 06:06:33

This song has got to be the most... different... remix I've heard so far, and I love it to bits! It's incredibly original and does wonders for the jaded ear. You all just have to hear it, right now. A truly marvelous mix. Malcos and Jivemaster are geniuses.

on 2003-01-26 01:46:41

I suppose the drum line at the end is supposed to be Knuckles' entrance? Maybe Eggman? The ending sounds remarkably similar to the Sonic vs. Shadow battle on the ARK.

on 2002-10-14 17:39:49

This is one of my all time favorite remixes on the site. I love listening to this song in the car and just cruising along. Although I wish some of the parts were longer, like the steel drums part; The whole song should be longer. But the sheer variety and island theme is great, highly recommended.

on 2002-10-14 13:53:33

Nothing short of brillance coming from this piece, I really get into it at 0:50 while the melody really hits full force. And like everyone else has mentioned, the instruments are incredibly clean and just flow so nicely. This is definitely up there on my favorites list by far! :)

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