ReMix:Tecmo Cup "Razors Theme (Guts Mix)" 4:14

By Rayza

Arranging the music of one song...

"Offense (National Tournament)"

Primary Game: Tecmo Cup (Tecmo , 1992, NES), music by Keiji Yamagishi

Posted 2002-06-20, evaluated by djpretzel

I've always dug Rayza's taste in ReMix selections, and this coverage of Tecmo Cup comes at an especially appropriate time (what with the World Cup and all . . . you do watch the news right?) Gotta get my two cents in and say that regardless of how things go tomorrow morning against Germany, it's quite cool that Team USA is doing as well as it has. It'll never beat basketball, for me, but I've begun to appreciate the international nature of football (aka soccer) more recently, especially this go round, and it'd be cool if it picked up a bit larger fanbase in the states. Rayza writes:

Did it as a request from someone on the forums and he emailed me back saying he loved it.. I'd like it to get passed around for other fans of the game..

Coo. Understated techno with some great dicing and bending of that classic 'GOAL!!' shout, a lot of pulsewave synth textures, fast and bouncy drums, some delayed saw waves, crowd cheers, and an excited announcer, as well as a deep octave bass and classy applause ending. There's really not that many pieces here for Rayza to play with, but he does a good job of using the primary motifs of the original and stretching them out with the augmentary elements he adds. Recommended, fun, and timely too. Just remember to keep your shirt on :)



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on 2023-11-06 23:03:14


Look, it's not peak Rayza, but it's classic Rayza. What I mean by this is that there's a formula that worked brilliantly in #00505 'Top Gear "Track 1 (Final Nitro Mix)"' that gets applied here as well. Take your melodic game theme and give it some good unts and progression, and ride over the top related over-the-top processed samples that make it all cheesy to go down easy.

So yeah, it's his Top Gear ReMix but for soccer. That doesn't mean it's bad, though. It works. It works well. Check it out.

on 2012-06-12 07:51:13


lol, this mix is so damned gimmicky and generic... it sounds really old and dull... and it's over-reliant on sound clips...

So then WHY do I LOVE this so MUCH!? It being a guilty pleasure is surely part of it, but I think Rayza's ear and mind for melody and colour play a larger part. With such ordinary, beige sounds and production, there is still that classic Rayza brilliance and flair shining through.

This has far more character, charm and catchy personality than it probably was ever intended to, and quite honestly, this is one that has no right being as memorable as it is, based on the sum of its parts. Only it is. And I love that about it.

on 2012-02-12 15:55:56

Lol, the Tecmo sports games. Short riffs abound, or at least that's the impression I got from Tecmo Super Bowl due to exposure back in PRC52 (thank you Kamoh _). But it's Rayza, and one may expect him to provide a good free kick to the source.

Like a lot of Rayza's works early on, they often provided a lot of cheese, and the gated "GOOOOOOOAL" voice clip at certain intervals with the addition of the occasional whistle in the percussion has managed to help with that. Even with the 8-bar limitation the additional non-source writing managed to help shake things up a lot as well, so for an early Rayza arrangement it could be seen as one of his more creative ones.

Production-wise, I didn't think it aged quite as gracefully as some of his other works, most likely due to roughly mixed percussion (especially with the side snare apparently getting more attention than the claps), the rather minimalist textures and what appears to be minimal panning outside of the drum pieces. But things were made up for with some good bass manipulation (if not repetitive) and the clever use of gating particularly on the sound clips used (as stated before), so they may be enough to try and see past the shorcomings.

While an elder track, it's quite appropriate for the soccer pundit in you :razz: I feel happy that Rayza managed to get involved with the requests side of the community and fulfil the wishes of others, and that's what I like seeing - some clean community spirit. I'm hoping this won't die down any time soon, and I also hope one of these days Rayza himself would chip in with new material too. Please come back :o

on 2009-12-18 10:05:04

The beginning is great. Rayza has a great style and the sauce melody is great.

on 2009-09-30 10:26:13

My main issue here is that it sounds kinda empty at around 2:35, and that the samples are probably holding things back, but otherwise it's a pretty good take. Love the goal sample that everyone has been mentioning!

on 2008-11-04 18:31:24

Creative intro. Larry's right, it catches your attention and keeps you listening. I will admit to giggling at the gated 'GOOOAAAALLLL' whenever it came in.

Sounds aren't the greatest, but I'm able to put that aside as the track works with the sounds it has. The techno style works well with the melody, and the sound clips work surprisingly well. The song wouldn't be the same without them. Some of the entrances on the clips are a bit sudden, however. Maybe a bigger build up to them? Not sure how to fix that.

Catchy track that is a good fun listen.

on 2007-06-07 11:23:16

This mix could just be the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL and it'd be a winner in my book. I like the soccer touches, like the whistles and the crazy announcer. Man, that dude is excited. I normally hate samples in songs, but this song did it right.

The music itself is a pretty good source, and while a bit simple, it is melodic enough to keep my interest, and there are a lot of good added elements. I really love the sports theme throughout though, it really makes the mix awesome.

on 2006-10-29 22:35:23

Stock samples indeed. But the whole song makes me happy inside. Super-excited announcer guy adds to the mix by at least one thousand percent. It's pretty crazy that right now I have a tiny bit less than 300 mixes from the whole site, with this and matt pollard's FF6 "EngineerCid(factory)" mix included with it, two arrangements with pretty low quality sounds, yet I keep them, despite there being 500+ more mixes with great sounds that I didn't keep.

Being selective is awesome, because then you get really excited about your accomplishments, and can be as excited as this announcer when you play this happy little generic song in front of friends. I wasn't quite sure about this mix when I did just that, last winter. But after playing this more by myself, I've found that next time in front of someone I can say stuff like "Whoa man this song, is so exciting! Get ready for it!" with confidence. So thanks for the simple request, person!

on 2006-05-01 16:26:39

The gated-style "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!" intro already makes this a hot track. Does a good job of making you curious enough to listen to the rest. Fairly stock sounds/effects were in play here, but came together well with that good old-school Rayza flavor. The samples of the football announcer going crazy had me laughing. Interesting mix. Makes me wanna watch a speedrun of the game.

Mahjong No OujiSama Yoshi
on 2003-11-15 10:58:50

This HAS to be the best dang MP3on this site! That's all I have to say! The "GOOOOOOOOAL!" sound effect is awsome! Thanks for such a great MP3!

on 2003-06-23 08:15:49

Rayza makes solid gold again. Awesome stuff.

on 2003-03-26 21:11:03

Nice! I love the Captain Tsubasa series (which Tecmo Cup is a part of), and this turns one of my favorite NES tunes into something I can dance to. Excellent job Rayza, and thanks to Kain's Shadow for requesting it!

on 2002-06-21 06:54:33

First of all, if anyone read DJP's reveiw of this peice they will recall that Rayza said this song was requested. I am the one that di such, so I may be a bit biased. I have had this song for a while now (I am SO gald to see it show up on OC) For anyone who has ever played this game (and their aren't many) this is a treat. I absolutely love it.

BTW, If anyone is interested in starting remixing, this game (Tecmo Cup for NES) has many great tracks that would be easy to remix and I would recommend you check it out! (--- Cheap Plug)


on 2002-06-21 01:57:39

I've never played the game before, and I judged the the song by the lame picture so I wasn't planning to download. Opps. This is a really good song for those of you who love Techno. Also visit Rayza's website for a Sonic the Hedgehog Remix that isn't on this website, that is also really good!

on 2002-06-21 00:30:07

Tecmo Cup 'Razors Theme (Guts Mix)'

A nice dance track. I wasn't too big on the vocal bits, but they fit well.

It feels kinda long though because it's a simple theme, but being

a technoy thing, that's all well and good. neat.

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Primary Game:
Tecmo Cup (Tecmo , 1992, NES)
Music by Keiji Yamagishi
"Offense (National Tournament)"

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