ReMix:Brave Fencer Musashi "Diet Thirstquencher" 2:44

By Beatdrop

Arranging the music of one song...

"Midair Giant Playground Battle"

Primary Game: Brave Fencer Musashi (Square , 1998, PS1), music by Tsuyoshi Sekito, Yoichi Yoshimoto

Posted 2002-07-12, evaluated by djpretzel

Interesting. Sometimes people say they can spot my ReMixes from a mile away - esp. the older ones - which I don't really take as an insult or a compliment. I feel that I vary genre / game enough to keep things interesting, at least for me. When I heard this latest submission from Beatdrop, our first for Brave Fencer Musashi, I was a little surprised, because, although it's electronica, for some reason it didn't sound like most of his other mixes to me. Go figure. This is straightforward upbeat techno of a semi-80's nature, with a strong downbeat and bouncy, happy bass and chords. The highlight element is the comp synth, with a nice delay and wandering stereo panning that intros the track and remains key throughout. The bass has a strong presence, playing off the drums. Note the cool introduction of breakbeats and some of the fx at the 2'11" transition, and the simple but perfect ending. The original is catchy and that catchiness is certainly magnified under the techno-pop lens that Beatdrop provides us. My only hesitation is that the piece doesn't take many sonic risks - the arrangement is there, but I would like to have seen more variety on the instruments, or some audio processing. I only expect that because Beatdrop has set a high benchmark for himself and in that specific arena this piece may fall short of some of his other works. But overall, a satisfying effort that, while it may not present a variety of timbres and textures, implements those it does with conviction and style. Recommended.



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on 2009-10-24 10:29:40

I listened to the source and the mix and I've got to say, this is a childhood game of mine, and this mix really doesn't do it justice.

The original manages to sound more epic, more catchy, and has less spots (well, none, in my opinion) that want to make you skip it.

It's not a horrible remix, by any chance, but it's not very good when compared to the source.

on 2009-05-23 14:22:03

I'm just glad that someone made a remix for this game. Honestly, it's not bad.

I really wish more people would make more remixes for Brave Fencer Musashi. I would love to hear some more remixes for this title.

on 2009-03-28 19:58:06

This is a case of the source being bigger than the mix, which is a shame because I really dig the production and the fluctuating tempos. Obviously, that melody is a superb choice for a remix, but I just don't see this expanding to its full potential.

I do like it however. It has bundles of energy, it's unapologetic in its crazy rhythms, and it does a decent job of cradling the melody. But is it an earth-shaker? No. No it is not.

on 2008-12-04 21:28:55

The melody is catchy. I don't know the source, but I trust OA that it's apparently not changed much from the original. I can see a lot of places Beatdrop could have gone with the melody, so it's somewhat of a shame that he didn't vary things up too much.

Overall, there isn't any big risks as DJP said, and therefore nothing really stands out. It sounds pretty run of the mill. Still enjoyable, just nothing big.

on 2006-12-26 14:33:31

This is basically a nice sounding midi rip until the tempo changes right before the ending. There's a little bit of arrangement, but compared to a lot of Beatdrop's work, this is pretty throwaway stuff, however enjoyable.

The source tune is fantastic though, so even non-fans of the game will have something to love.

on 2004-08-25 11:20:43

This is just standard eighties analog techno, no more no less. It's good, but not original.

on 2003-08-29 22:42:50

I really like this one too. It's happy, so it's not like other techno-ish songs, and the instruments themselves sound really cool and different. An example of this would be the beginning, with those parts that have kind of a bass-y synthesizer-like instrument playing in the background. Excellent ReMix!

on 2003-07-13 17:21:07

This is a great mix - it's light and catchy, like several of the Kirby mixes we have. I will admit that it's not much like Beatdrop's usual style, but that's okay because both styles are good. This is fun, with some nice samples, not long but not incredibly short, and overall just bouncy, bouncy, fun fun fun.

And as for the tempo change, I don't really like it a ton, but it's not as bad as some people would have you believe - and I do like the way it speeds up.

This mix reminds me very much of Double A Ron - Floating Islands of Beach Manitoba, so if you liked that you'll quite possibly like this, and vice versa.

on 2002-07-24 14:49:27

There there, Rob. Once again I feel the need to reply saying that I share similar feelings as you about this remix. It's not bad or anything, it just doesn't do anything for me. Just chiming in since everyone else here disagrees with you and thinks it's great. Keep up the honest opinions Rob.

Zandar The Weeble
on 2002-07-21 14:46:54

I don't have much of a problem with this one. It's pretty solid all the way across, and the 2:10 tempo shift was actually pretty jarring the first time I heard it, but it grew on me. Light techno (a little too light for my tastes) but gets better at 0:56 and 1:14.

Then again I'm a bass freak (I played tuba in school, even. It's all about the bass.)

It's also good to hear ANYTHING outta BFM, it's one of my favorite Game soundtracks of all time. There's a lot to work with here, I just wish I had any sort of ability to do something like this.


Homo Pocket
on 2002-07-20 12:29:19

I thought the mix was pretty kickbutt.. It was quite energetic in alot of areas, very upbet and catchy.. One of my favorite parts was at the 1:20-1:24 part, that was truly great, gave it an epic feel at that point.

Outside of the bassline I don't see what makes this a techno theme though

on 2002-07-13 14:25:36

When it's Beatdrop, fast paced beats is what I think we've all come to expect. He certainly had no intent on failing us in that here. I certainly like the echoed ping pong effects in this mix. My only complaint would be that at 2:10 and then at 2:18 there are a couple of not so smooth transitions in the music. It sounds like Beatdrop an interesting idea that wasn't so well executed. Other then that, great work Beatdrop, keep it up.

on 2002-07-13 13:09:43

Dude, this mix is amazing. 2:08 has to be the start highlight of the mix. The ending is just great. Tempo changes grab your attention and tell you how sexy this mix is. My only nitpick about this mix is the lack of panning on the hi-hat. This just disturbs me... Maybe because I'm a realist when it comes to percussion. But, yeah, this IS good techno. Cool stuff, Beatdrop.

on 2002-07-13 02:46:55

Brave Fencer Musashi 'Diet Thirstquencher'

*Listening while reviewing*

Mmmm, technoey goodness.

I believe Beatdrop sent me this a couple months ago to listen to.

Not a whole lot to say, although I'll agree with Pretzel, it doesn't sound like Beatdrop's stuff. I think it's less harsh than his stuff is usually. I dunno.

Conclusion: Can't say there's a lot of new, exciting stuff going on here. It's not bad, but it's just regular everyday techno to me. I think I might have liked it more if the bass were a little deeper on the drums. It seemed overall pretty soft.

My opinions.

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Primary Game:
Brave Fencer Musashi (Square , 1998, PS1)
Music by Tsuyoshi Sekito,Yoichi Yoshimoto
"Midair Giant Playground Battle"

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