ReMix:Secret of Mana "Wandering the Wild Forest" 4:00

By Thumper

Arranging the music of one song...

"Into the Thick of It"

Primary Game: Secret of Mana (Square , 1993, SNES), music by Hiroki Kikuta

Posted 2002-07-12, evaluated by the judges panel

Judges had their fair share of nitpicks regarding this second submission from Thumper of SoM, but overall most thought the piece had more desirable elements than . . . undesirable. Beginning with a piano that's delayed in swing time for an interesting effect (some felt this created an unacceptable asynchrony between the piano and drums), Thumper brings in some rolling drums and then a flute (perhaps a bit on the loud side) to cover the melody. To me the arrangement overcomes its initial shortcomings in its latter portions, with a tasty jazz guitar showing up at 1'52" and competently taking over the lead at 2'24" - tres cool, very atmospheric. At 3'00" the piece changes gears towards a break without the piano line for a bit, then things re-enter with a meaty electric lead that soars above the mix - nothing too fancy on the playing side, but it doesn't need it. While I'll agree that the piano bit does have some rhythmic . . . idiosyncrasies . . . I still think the other elements combined (particularly the two contrasting guitars) more than make up for it. Take it or leave it, but I enjoyed the smooth jazz feel and floating sensation the mix evokes.



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on 2012-10-11 00:34:06

Wow, I remember this mix. It was nice for its time, but with the continual growing of the scene, I think it has been bypassed greatly in many respects.

It is a relaxing listen, if a bit harsh due to the guitar.

on 2008-02-12 10:35:46

This mix needs to go back in the oven because it is clearly not done.

The piano at the beginning seems somewhat off, but the real issue I have with it is that it just goes on and on as elements slowly filter in. Having a drawn out intro like this is fine, but please make it more exciting than a 2 chord progression. When the flute finally comes in it is a nice copy of the in-game flute sample, but a few parts are piercing.

The guitar that comes in later is pretty ugly sounding, sometimes out-of-tune, but just tonally unappealing.

The drum breakdown is decent, though it's still the 2 chord progression, and the dirty guitar sounds slightly better, if not terribly thin. I just can't get into this mix on any level.

on 2006-04-27 08:15:49

From my point of view, I'm not too much bothered by these "undesired elements", the piano plays for a while in the beginning, but the drums comes very slowly into the picture by using small and quiet cymbals at first and then bring in something more heavy.

The flute maybe is playing a bit too loud, but not enough to get a headache (depending on what level the volume is). The guitar worked fine together with the piano, strings and drum equipment, and created a very chill and smooth atmosphere. Not very "wild" as the title says, maybe a little at 3:15, but that's about it.

A very cool and descent remix, it's worth a listen or two.......or maybe 47. :D

on 2005-07-24 21:48:29

I like the piano! I like pieces that can take one phrase, repeat it s the basis of the song, and then have other instruments come in to provide the variance in the song. I was never bored of the piano motif, and though the first guitar sounded out of tune, I found that instead of detracting from the piece, it actually added to it, with a somewhat loose feel. An interesting piece, and with good results.

on 2004-08-23 20:44:02

The pads are nice. I don't see why the piano couldn't have been quantized. Had there been no delay effect, the lack of quantization would have not mattered, but as it stands, it just detracts from an otherwise nice mix. The flute section is sweet, and the hollow body guitar is nice, except for the fact that sounds out of tune on parts, but it could be me. The breakdown at the end is really refreshing. The electric guitar was a total and welcomed surprise.

on 2003-04-11 07:54:08
:) Thumper has a great thing going through-out this piece, the swung piano, and contrasting drums did it for me. One thing I could have done without is the guitar track. I take that back, the track itself is good; mixed well, decent tone, but... that guitar is way out of tune. That minor flaw offset the simplistic melody (or solo) for the worse. If I wasn't such a bitch, I would say the song was cool, but out of tune instruments make a song hard to listen to. But I forgive Thumper. Keep up the good work.
the warlock
on 2003-03-09 19:57:39

The intro is so sweet and i particulary enjoy the piano melody. My only critisism is the ending which i don't hate but would prefer something a little different thats all. I really enjoyed the original from Hiroki Kikuta so this was a pleasure to listen too and remixed very nicely indeed. Keep up the good work Thumper, hope to hear more from you.

on 2003-03-03 17:36:21

Well, first off I'd like to say it doesn't really even sound like it's swung at all. It sounds like a triplet-based-echoed piano that is a bit messy at times. the peice is actually pretty simple at first, which can be good. but in this case it doesn't really strike me as being anything original. once the guitar comes in, I definately love it. the... let's say "lagginess" of the guitar sounds really nice. it isn't quite always on-beat, which makes a really nice effect. the ending is a bit bland, but it works.

Maybe it's just the theory geek in me, but I love opposing meters, 2 vs. 3 or 3 vs. 4, 4 vs, 5 whatever! Now 3 vs. 5, that's weird...

in some of my original stuff i've had some fun with 7 vs. 8. it's easier to work with than 3 vs. 5, but it just sounds neat in my opinion :)

on 2003-02-21 01:24:39

In a word, bleh. Not bad, just not fantastic. The ReMix equivalent of elevator music perhaps?

(0:40) Intro's okay. A little "dizzy..."

(1:52) I absolutely hate this guitar. I really do.... It's too "runny." If there was a driving background, a little sloppiness might balance out, but the swung piano vs. straight perc. thing gives everything a subtle disorientingness already, just by itself.

(3:16) Now, the distortion guitar I like. The raw sound seems to compliment the nebulousness instead of magnifying it.

I loved the unsynch'd pianos and drums, I don't think it would have sounded right any other way.

Maybe it's just the theory geek in me, but I love opposing meters, 2 vs. 3 or 3 vs. 4, 4 vs, 5 whatever! Now 3 vs. 5, that's weird...

on 2002-07-14 22:13:49

I loved the unsynch'd pianos and drums, I don't think it would have sounded right any other way.

I didn't find any problems with the flute, are you guys cranking up the volume or listening to these at high vol on headphones with an amp? :P

The guitar seemed unusual but fit perfectly with the piece in my opinion.

Overall, great remix!

digital buddha
on 2002-07-14 19:08:08

I like this one - brings back memories of running around in those forests. secret of mana was dope. Guitars sound great and overall its very good, but what's with the odd garbled noise that comes in with the drums? I didn't understand the reason for using this and it makes the song sound somewhat muddled. Overall, though, a good mix.

on 2002-07-13 16:50:16

I really like this remix. The flute sound font is really quite poor, but otherwise, the production values are fantastic. And the arrangement itself is a great interpretation. Good stuff.

on 2002-07-13 14:26:28

Thumper thumps out some really delightful work here. DJ Pretzel spoke of the Judges having many quams with this piece, but whatever they were I don't notice them. I'll have to read what that was about. I really like the wind instrument and the guitars in this piece. The kick drum gives this a really nice sound as well. Great work Thumper, I find it oddly refreshing.

on 2002-07-13 13:18:51

To start off, the intro is pretty mediocre. The lack of panning creates a lack of depth. At about 1:04 stuff improves. I sense more depth - I become more attached to this mix. Though, at 1:20, the mix goes boom. That flute hurts. Hurts a lot. At 1:52, the guitar is nice, but it becomes jangled with the piano. Again, no panning here. The strings, piano, and guitar are all center panned. It's beautiful, though, when the guitar goes solo. Then, at 3:00, it starts to sound like a porn groove (but less sexy). Eventually, the distortion guitar comes in. It's pretty nice, but it lacks dynamics. Overall, a mediocre mix. Could easily be improved simply by panning. Too many instruments mangle with each other in that center channel.

on 2002-07-13 13:04:28

It's Thumper so of course it's great. Slow and melodic with a hint of kick ass guitars. Now we just have to wait for DJP to get Thumper's other tracks up here! Most importantly "Green Haired Girl" which is the best Terra mix I've ever heard! Sorry Sean...


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Primary Game:
Secret of Mana (Square , 1993, SNES)
Music by Hiroki Kikuta
"Into the Thick of It"

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