ReMix:Kabuki: Quantum Fighter "USB Mindlink" 4:26

By Aureolius

Arranging the music of one song...

"Round 1"

Primary Game: Kabuki: Quantum Fighter (HAL , 1990, NES), music by Masaki Hashimoto, Takahiro Wakuta

Posted 2002-07-14, evaluated by djpretzel

This is our very first ReMix from Dj Abjurator, our first coverage from "Kabuki Quantum Fighter", and - by virtue of being from that game - our first ReMix of a game whose protagonist fights bad guys inside a supercomputer using primarily his formidable abundance of red hair. Yep. Not too many games fit that description. Not to get sidetracked toooo much, but this to me is what makes Japan a great nation - they can produce games that feature hair-fightin' kabuki heroes dukin' it out inside supercomputers that somehow resemble sets from Ninja Gaiden II, and present the concept with straight faces. In most civilized nations, that's the type of idea that doesn't even make it to the proposal stage, and in some uncivilized nations could result in immediate castration. Yet the land of the rising sun gives us these gems, and by god, some of them turn out to be great. In this case, at least the music was solid, and has produced an even more solid ReMix. Abjurator gives the title screen music - peppy, energetic techno to begin with - an overhaul, with much-improved sounds, some ambient effects, and more focus and direction. If I were inside a supercomputer and were killing people with my hair, this here is the type of music I'd wanna be hearing, true dat. Honestly, I'm glad someone covered this oddball, chose probably the best track, and did an admirable job as well. There's not much to describe or elaborate upon - this is after all pretty direct techno, with the salient stand-out characteristic being the spooky atmospherics, but it's direct techno done well, with variation, discrete chunks, some slick leads, and a relentless drum track. For execution, game choice, and sheer fun combined, this piece thus comes highly recommended.



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on 2009-12-08 18:59:07

The ambient effects that start off the mix are pretty cool, they remind me of a disgruntled monster growling at the bottom of a dark cave. In fact, it feels like they're sampled right out of Star Fox Adventures from the Krozoa Shrine.

On to the actual mix though... I don't have much to say :? It's completely generic techno aside from the neat ambient effects (and I guess the pitch bended lead is pretty interesting, too) and I can't say I recommend this unless you're a huge fan of the source or the genre.

on 2009-10-31 11:08:08

This is pretty repetitive to start out. Samples and the volume levels really don't do this song favors, and make this hard to really want to listen to with any regularity.

on 2009-09-04 19:09:26

More than 2/3 of the song goes by before we here the melody. I'd definately want that to be earlier, as my lack of focus made me nearly forget that I was listneing to a mix with the intent to review before it came in.

The background gets repetative, I would do something to change it up, return back, etc. Just more new stuff to keep me interested.

Overall the melody is catchy, and the bassline is pretty cool. I could see a lot of potential for more development going on here. Overall, a fun listen.

on 2007-03-27 12:35:56

It starts out somewhat repetative, but once the main melody comes in, it's a lot more interesting. There are enough mnor breakdowns and buildups to keep things from getting out of hand, but overall it seems to run a little on the long side.

THe synth used for the melody is very nice and slidey. :)

on 2005-11-20 09:51:50

*reviewing while listening*

nice introduction: starting creepy, growing happy

then at 0:52 here we go 8)

oooh, at 1:04 is even better

nice change at 1:17 (it was better before, though)

at 1:30 is sad again :(

cool, 1:42 (and 1:56) for the win again

OMG drums at 2:08, and continue!!! a long cool section

at 2:30 the song is changing and the panning surround is awesome. good that I'm sitting otherwise I would fall down. oh, and at 3:00 some more drums.

let's go for the finale. 3:25 is a nice milestone

not so grand finale, imo.

maybe this song is too repetitive, 4:26 is a lot to fill with this simple melody

*closing review mode*

k, this is my first and last try at realtiming-review :lol:

on 2002-08-05 22:42:54
Where is that string sounds from? Its almost identical to the one used by The Prodigy (Liam Howlett) in "Music for the jilted generation" album.

Thanks for the kind review.

I used a simple GM-bank string sound and manipulated it with a sampler until it sounded right. Basically, I adjusted the attack and release rate, tweaked the cut-off and ressonance, then ran it through some reverb. Yummy.

on 2002-08-05 18:17:45

Just played KQF earlier today and it rocks! But this remix rocks more! The original song , though its excellent, lacks content, but you have really packed some action in this version. Where is that string sounds from? Its almost identical to the one used by The Prodigy (Liam Howlett) in "Music for the jilted generation" album. Its a fantastic string sound. But it sure isn´t the only fantastic thing in this song. Its excellent throughout. You managed to maintain the basic feeling of the game. A very good remix indeed.

on 2002-07-20 02:13:43

When I first heard this this song in it's original nes form I didn't really think of it much. I have to say this was an awesome remix of the song. It made me unbox my nes and pop in that good ol' Kabuki Quantum Fighters pak in. After fighting with the nes to get the game work (DAMN CARTRIDGES :x ) I cranked up this remix and actually played through the whole game. I hope to hear more remixes of this calibur from DJ Abjurator. Awesome work!

on 2002-07-16 09:39:55

I've never even heard of the game this game from, but ya know, I rather like this. In fact, I like it alot. I don't know if it's the melody or the variety or the samples or what, but it just hits me the right way, especially as the track proceeds. There's something very cool about it, but I don't know how to describe it. It's like one of those tracks that should be merely good, but is somehow great. Congrats on this flawless piece of art.

on 2002-07-15 20:27:58

Thanks Ryan8bit. I was not aware that anyone requested that a remix be done for this game, nor was I aware that this many people knew about the game. I have had long hair almost all my life, so when I first played the game, I can remember trying to whip things with my hair like the kabuki guy did in the game.... :P

on 2002-07-15 19:43:03

Nice job DJA. This game did deserve a remix. And a good remix it is. My favorite part is at about 1:30. I can almost see the guy whipping his hair. Man, I gotta go play that game.

I know there was a request for it in the forums a while back, were you answering to that?

on 2002-07-15 01:04:15

Thanks Ginnsu, I appreciate it. I have a few other mixes in progress, so you will definitely hear more.

on 2002-07-15 00:56:01

Kabuki: Quantum Fighter 'USB MindLink'

Abjurator, now if that's not a new name then I must have missed something. This isn't just a new name, but this is a new mix with an almost experimental ambient sound, that is, when the when the hard hitting techno beat isn't seething from your speakers. I love the ambient loop at the beginning and the end of this piece, and I really have to say, the part with the hammering beat a is no sluff either. This here is definitely one of the better techno pieces I've heard on this site, and very easy to dance to (believe me, I even tried.) Excellent work Abjurator, and yes, I want to hear more.

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Primary Game:
Kabuki: Quantum Fighter (HAL , 1990, NES)
Music by Masaki Hashimoto,Takahiro Wakuta
"Round 1"

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