ReMix:Phantasy Star II "Mama Brain" 2:37

By Quinn Fox

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Place of Death"

Primary Game: Phantasy Star II (Sega , 1989, GEN), music by Tokuhiko Uwabo

Posted 2002-07-17, evaluated by djpretzel

Quinn actually submitted mixes a long while ago, but because they weren't quite as good as his newer stuff, and because he submitted multiple mixes at the same time (which is a no-no, btw!), his entry into OCR was delayed a bit. This is a bit of catch-up, on the heels of his PSO ReMix which was recently posted. The man loves Phantasy Star, so even if he steals, maims, and kills, he's okay in my book :) JK o course, but my PS devotion is well documented throughout this site, and I need to return to it for some mixing some time this year. In the meantime, looks like QF's got things covered. This piece is more substantive than Quinn's PSO mix, probably because it's based on a more direct piece of BGM (less frills when you're working with a Z80 vs. redbook audio). It still kinda fits into the ambient/new-age category, though a nice dirty filtered drum loop gives it more push than those genres usually have. Pads, choir patches, layered synths, piano, organ and crystalline, angelic timbres stew in this mother brain mix. I remember casting "Brose" on a million robots to get to Dark Force and the Mother Brain, so many years ago. The seventeen millionth time she beat me, I felt more like listening to KMFDM and kicking the TV in than enjoying something mellow and exploratory like this ReMix, but now that it's all in the past, I can dig the nostalgia's full flavor. Recommended stuff from QF that captures the feel of PS2's BGM with updated sounds and structure.



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on 2009-10-16 11:10:12

Right off the bat, I'm a huge fan of the brief organ section. Very few mixes make use of the gorgeous instrument! The synth choices are, like your previous mix, retro in nature, but boy do they work. This is another gentle, lush piece. Very chilled and relaxed! There are more layers in this piece than your first mix and it shows how much polish you added to this track. The drums are a little repetitive, but with the introduction of so many different layers and elements, it's not quite as noticeable! Excellent work!

on 2008-10-23 11:19:21

Chill without being dull, this is a laid back track with a lot of great layers, and some really nice synth subtleties. The way the layers were added and each layer seemed to stack new frequencies up was pretty cool, and the mod and pitch bends of that backing pad were awesome, it has great serene feel.

This is definitely recommended, really nice stuff.

on 2007-05-14 10:04:46

Absolutely loved this one back when it first came out. It solidified Quinn as one I'd watch after I first heard Phantasy Star Online "Lobby Static." A really engaging, laid-back, beautiful mix, it really does a lot to take the original and make it more melodic and palatable to the ear. Definitely an overlooked gem if you want something chill.

on 2006-01-07 08:47:12

Another one from Fox is coming right up! It picks up the rhytm fast, nothing wrong on the drums of what I can hear. When the synths starts to play the remix relocates to space, since they give off a very alien feel if you could say. I didn't hear any pianos in it, more like an organ-like synth. The bells are my favorite part, they have that certain sound that makes me smile. Overall is this a groovy remix, and isn't really annoying in any way. Nice work Quinn.

on 2004-11-18 20:31:59

I love this, it's hard to find the original melody in it but I love the synth and instruments used!

I still prefere djp's version but this one's still great!

on 2003-11-04 02:01:04

Im a long time lurker of this site, coming on infrequently and listening to stuff every once and a while but it was this remix (and 'burntmota' =djpretzel=) that first grabbed my attention. Since finding these two pieces i've downloaded and listend to alot of remixs on this site, and am overall very impressed. This particular song is one of my favorites from phantasy star 2, the battle with mother brain. This remix does it justice in every way i can think of, and my only complaint is that i have to turn the speakers way up just to hear it.

on 2002-11-25 03:08:17

Man I love this mix... I really like the subtle record scratching effect that is mixed in with the beat!

on 2002-10-26 14:03:42

Fantastic work, Quinn. One of my favorite game mixes.

on 2002-10-20 06:18:50

Quinn, simply put, you are the man!

As usual, a totally awsome mix, and great song selection....

PLEASE do more! "Pressure" and "My Home" remixes would be so awsome...... along w/ any other song from any Phantasy Star game.

Anyway, keep up the good work! You have fans!

on 2002-08-15 17:13:39

:D This makes me glad. :) The Phantasy Star series are terribly overlooked, there are TONS of powerful tunes to remix in there! As this one. Although there some large volume ramps in this remix, it is true to the original melody and keeps the sweepy FM sound feel while it adds powerful drums and bass.. this is just wonderful..

I want more PS remixes! :twisted:

Quinn X5
on 2002-08-05 10:32:14
Thanks again, man. ^_^

Man? I'm a Gyno-American, thank you very much. :wink:

Oops, I just visited your website and discovered the appropriate gender moniker.

In that case...

::saxophone plays::: "Love the website, baby...." :lol:

Just kidding,


on 2002-08-05 10:06:20
Thanks again, man. ^_^

Man? I'm a Gyno-American, thank you very much. :wink:

Quinn X5
on 2002-08-05 08:02:05

Thanks again, man. ^_^ I can only hope my future remixes please as many ears...


on 2002-08-04 22:53:44

I mentioned earlier that I was working on a Mother Brain kisekae doll. Well, Here 'tis. It comes complete with The Death Place music (Mother Brain's theme) - but only in MIDI form. The "Mamabrain" Remix has spoiled me; the MIDI now seems so rinky-dinky. :lol:

Anyway, I doubt that people here are really interested in KiSS dolls; my point really is that this remix really stuck with me, got me thinking about the game again, and inspired me to do a work of my own. So, once again, Quinn, good work!

Homo Pocket
on 2002-07-20 12:04:13

I loved this mix the first time I listened to it.

I got no complaints, wouldn't change a bloody thing..

The volume jumping up n down I actually liked alot, it added a great effect to the song to me.

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Primary Game:
Phantasy Star II (Sega , 1989, GEN)
Music by Tokuhiko Uwabo
"The Place of Death"

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