ReMix:Tales of Phantasia "Journey to Thor" 4:57

By Xaleph

Arranging the music of one song...

"Abyss of Thor"

Primary Game: Tales of Phantasia (Namco , 1994, SNES), music by Motoi Sakuraba, Ryota Furuya, Shinji Tamura, Toshiyuki Sekiguchi

Posted 2002-07-21, evaluated by the judges panel

Those with patience will be rewarded by DJ Carbunk1e's latest ReMix from Tales of Phantasia. Though this techno/instrumental takes a while to get really going, the later portions are quite groovy. Introing with sampled strings on the upwards arpeggiated melody, with ambient forest/wind/water sounds, an offbeat synth bass comes in round 0'27" with a piano as well. Hi-hats are well-used here, and enhance the drum track greatly. It wasn't until about 2'27" however, that this mix turned from above-average to fully-qualified "good", with the addition of a tasty stuttering synth lead. Just what the doctor ordered, and at 3'37", there's yet another nice synth, this time a stereo, cross-panned FMish texture. When the stutter lead comes back in on top of that, and things build to the solo piano outro at 4'30", the mix is working just the way it should, and is an impressive and dramatic arrangement. Just keep your pantyhose on for the first couple minutes, and enjoy the build.



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on 2015-12-30 19:34:13

God, that string sample is awful. It seems it wasn't heard much more positively 13 years ago. When the hi-hats came in, things started getting interesting. I like how this mix uses techno to turn this source into something really mysterious and otherworldly. Cool stuff, even though it probably isn't as good today for some. Good mix; it reminds me of why I added the source to my maybe-remix list.

on 2015-12-30 19:17:34

It does take a while to get going and even then it's more of a background track. Then again, some Tales tracks are like that (and usually meant to be played briefly in the game). I like parts of it, but that string-sounding backing loop drives me a bit nuts.

on 2009-03-07 21:23:26

The mix takes a -long- while to build up, but it does become more cohesive/coherent as it goes along.

Still, it's to repetitive for my tastes, but I do like what the mix is trying to present though.

on 2009-03-07 17:10:16

Gets a little choppy and loose in the arrangement at times, and does take a while to build up, but I like the overall atmosphere and mood that's set here. Nice work.

on 2007-07-06 11:04:01

Definitely gets better as it goes on. The string sample at the beginning though was a bit ouch; nice bring in the sound effects to cover the hiss. THe track got better as it got more electronic I think.

Not a favorite, but a good, solid track.

The Mutericator
on 2004-11-01 12:49:32

This one has been on all my OCRemix CD's since I got it about a year ago. This, along with Zelda 2's 'Temple Trance', ToP's 'Emotions Lost in Time', and several others, are my favorites. I'm a sucker for epic trance remixes, and this one definately hits the spot.

on 2004-09-21 19:15:18

Checking this one one randomly; the groove here was pretty good; pretty cool stuff, Matt! Tales of Phantasia definitely had some good cuts on it, and Journey to Thor definitely works well with the source material. I'm sure this one's fairly unknown to most people, so don't pass it up. It's not "great" per se, but things certainly got more solid as they went along and I liked the end result.

on 2003-10-04 20:14:06

I love the whole thing. It's all good.

It reminds me heavily of one of the instrumental tracks off of Depeche Mode's Music for the Masses. (which is a good thing imo)

on 2003-01-22 22:46:10

The City of Thor was my favorite music from Tales of Phantasia, and I was worried that, as is the case with so many remixes on this site, that efforts to make the song "tecnoish" would completely ruin the integrity of this dark, eerie music. Now listening to it for about the fifth time, I realize my fears were completely groundless--this remix is nearly PERFECT.

The strings at the beginning are beautiful and eerie, and the remix takes off from there through a roller coaster of ups and downs--in volume, not quality. The remix expands on the relatively quiet game music, turning it into a thrilling arrangement of dark and powerful sound, and, just for good measure, quiets down to the original melody several times along the way.

This is exactly what I would expect out of a Thor remix, and I can only hope future mixers will follow the example of this extraordinarily talented artist.

on 2002-11-30 22:11:08

I absolutely love this song. The strings could use some work, but they still give the song an "urgent" feel that works in its favor. The gradual building of the song was really nice, and completely annihilates any repetitive feel most remixes hint at. The SFX are wonderful, and really recreated the mood of Tales of Phantasia, minus the XXX. The break with the choir was a nice transition into the conclusion that totally went ape-shit with wholesome techno goodness. Even with the bad violin sound, I found this to be quite the remix. Recommended highly.

on 2002-08-25 03:42:27

I personally loved the ripened-like strings in the beginning and really enjoyed the rest of this detailed and fantastic piece.

Great job Carbuk1e!

on 2002-08-23 05:10:37

Fieari, I feel the exact way that you do, the intro I found was quite good...IMO. That doesn't mean that it IS good, but I like it, so I'm fine with that. The rest of the mix is as good as the intro, and DJ Carbunk1e is one of my favorites. ^^

on 2002-07-23 15:42:22

Homo, that's exactly what I was talking about! There's an odd sound about them, but I think that's GOOD. Hearing real violins would be neat though, I will look foreward to hearing an updated version if one ever gets made.

I had forgotten that the Abyss was underwater... I was getting it confused with that deep cavern thing where the most powerful equipment can be found (optional) at the very end of the game. But either way, there is a DEFINATE sense of decent involved.

I suppose the piano solo at the end would be entering the building, and standing in awe, gazing at the thing we had been searching for in the first place?

Homo Pocket
on 2002-07-23 13:21:26

Sheesh I don't know, I thought it was pretty good overall. I actually liked the intro Alot with the interesting sounding strings. The strings sounded kinda hollow which is what gave them such great character to me.

on 2002-07-23 12:09:17

This is not just a song about a specific place or a specific person but

rather a journey, and boy does that sound cheesy =D.

This is what is pictured in my mind,

1) there is a storm and you get onto a boat, where you travel to the

middle of the sea.

2) where the choirs are is where you jump into the water (with the help

of a summon, if you play the game you know what I'm talking about and I

don't want to spoil anything for anyone).

3) as you get further and furthur down you start seeing this city under

the water.

4) it's much further a long in technology than any other city known to

man at this time, it is incredibly advanced. Thus the electronic


Anyways I hope you enjoy, the storm is approximately 10 tracks, the

song with out the storm was around 30-40 tracks, this song I've spent

the most on.

Bad things:

1) I wanted to have a friend do the violin part, to give more of a real

feeling, however, he's working and is busy and doesn't think his skills

are up to par, (I completely disagree). Maybe I'll resubmit later

(much later) with real violins if I get someone to record it for me.

2) Also I wanted to get my girlfriend to do some talking vocals between

when you jump in the water and the pure electronic part at the end

stating like how many kilometers, how many knots... etc.. like those

female computers that tell you information.

and those are the bad things, well things I wanted to happen but


Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Tales of Phantasia (Namco , 1994, SNES)
Music by Motoi Sakuraba,Ryota Furuya,Shinji Tamura,Toshiyuki Sekiguchi
"Abyss of Thor"

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