ReMix:Final Fantasy VI "Cid in the Factory" 3:58

By Gaffeizil

Arranging the music of one song...

"Devil's Lab"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2002-07-25, evaluated by the judges panel

update: originally credited incorrectly to CotMM, this is actually by Gaffeizil, with vocals by Ian.

There was recently a post on our forums regarding the frequency / deluge of Final Fantasy ReMixes, particularly from FF6. While I can't argue that certain games, and esp. certain themes from certain games do tend to get covered and covered . . . and covered, I don't think this is a horrible thing. Personally, I do like variety, and with each mix that I do myself I try to switch game/system/composer/genre. But that doesn't mean I'm not capable of making four or five Squaresoft techno mixes in a row, and ones that I'd feel half good about as well. It's just my choice. To rob individuals contributing this free music of their choice of themes seems almost criminal - if you're only inspired to mix Mega Man, so be it. Now, if you kept mixing the same specific track over and over again, there might be some issues, but I suppose my point is that there's a lot out there, but it's still a matter of whether the artist feels compelled to cover a piece. Again, I personally feel willed to mix from many different games, in different styles, but that's just me.

Anyway, it's not fair to newcomer Gaffeizil to use this space as a soapbox, but because his mix (with vocals by Ian) is also from FF6, I thought it warranted comment. This is a very narrative arrangement of the Devil's Lab theme that McVaffe and others have covered, but it's got quite a different spin on it. Specifically, it's basically an industrial smorgasbord of chugs, whirls, plunks, ploinks, and other metallic, gizmatic onomatopoeia of your choice. Though most of the piece is in a hammering industrial vein, there are sections that include ornate polyrhythmic percussion (see 1'00" - great work there), sleazy brass (2'10"), and an interesting wind-down ending. This is a rich piece with more than a few highlight sections and it elicits images of a factory quite effectively & appropriately. Cool.



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on 2011-01-25 22:22:00

This song is so gritty and industrial. The Voice work with Cid and the computer really

makes it feel like there is a point to the whole song. It makes it feel like your a part of the Magitek work day. You can imagine all the Espers and magicite being transfered and processed as the song goes on. Its Very Quirky and Its a blast to listen too. This is my favorite song on OCRemix I'd like to hear more from this artist.

on 2010-09-03 21:17:08

What the heck is that rapid-fire synth at 0:55 (popping up every 5 seconds)? It's thick, it's chocolatey, and it gives a sharp contrast to the other sounds at play. And I like it. :) I'm not too fond of how the segues at 1:58-2:09 and 2:32-2:51 oscillate in volume, but thankfully it's tamer on headphones. Similarly, at 3:29-3:31, every other half note buzzes a little high, even within the already busy sound field.

I can overlook the flaws when I consider how the mix is constructed. Tempo and genre shifts, attention to detail in the machinery starting up and breaking down, Cid speaking, and other admirable quirks tell a story that gives equal emphasis to chaos and order, which of course are dual qualities of the Magitek Factory (machines do their thing, but navigating the lab is the devil). Plus the image of Kefka blowing a trumpet is priceless humor.

on 2010-05-29 17:50:29

Can't believe I never commented on this before. This is one of my favorite classics, in big part to the first 40 seconds. The samples aren't much to work with, but the remixer works well with what he has. Excellent :)

on 2010-04-06 17:21:51

Great ReMix. Especially great gaming music (i.e. to listen to while gaming.) Very interesting use of vocals, but it adds to the feel of the mix.

I'm gonna have to make a montage to this at some point........

on 2009-07-24 17:22:29

I also want to say that I love this Remix! :

Now that the important part is taken care of, I want to know: is it just me, or does Cid's voice sound somewhat like Homer Simpson? :razz:

Permit me to digress :idea: (sometimes, I get lucky and my digressions are worthwhile! 8O): For me, that adds just enough familiarity of something I know and love, without the theme of Homer Simpson dominating (the whole Remix is heavily "industrial" (?)...of course, Homer Simpson is anything *but* industrious).

on 2009-06-01 14:46:19

Fun and creative with some great beats, though it seemed to just repeat the second half. The voice acting and overall theme of the mix was great, I love when mixers go out of the box a little, and the production was pretty good as well.

I certainly felt cramped into a crazy factory. :-)

on 2008-06-17 20:24:26

I'm into the whole Techno Industrial scene and this is just wonderful, from the time Cid kicks the malfunctioning machine to the very end where the entire factory goes haywire. Ever since I've gotten back into Retro gaming and in turn playing FF6 Advanced (pure heaven) on my DS this has been my theme of choice during its entire run. Also, according to my music player of choice I have a count of 200 for this track alone and I've only had it on my laptop for the better part of a month (not including the number of repeats on my MP3 player.) Absolutely Smashing.

on 2007-03-18 02:08:52
Why, thank you for the praise everyone. :) My firstest remix ever, all posted and stuff! *wipes away a tear*

Excuse me... getting a little mushy... mmp... *runs off*

... and never came back again. It's been almost 5 years and he still hasn't returned to provide more of his unique talent to the likes of OC Remix. A damn shame, to say the least, this is one of my favorite songs here.

Well, to my review, first one evar :P I do have to say, I love the industrial feel to the song. The grinder sound at the beginning and the electronic greeting "Hello, Cid" is pretty neat, and is what first interested me in this song. Then, the breakdown at around 0:36 where Cid does his first massive sigh was really, quite humorous and actually fit in quite well. Then, at around 1:02.5 it picks up into a growing number of sounds in the myriad that leads up to 1:22 where the sound goes into deep bass grunts reminiscent of the "Devil's Lab", and then back up in 1:31 for the up-tempo "chorus".

As 1:51 hits, it goes into the vocals "Kefka, Trumpet; General Leo, Drums", and the (GREAT) trumpet and drum mix, along with that synthesizer. Then, at 2:55 it starts bleeding back into the "Chorus" of the song, and up into more sounds added to the myriad, then back down to 3:41 into the breakdown again, and Cid's sigh.

Now, while that doesn't sound great in text, it actually works pretty good in the music Gaffeizil made here, it's a shame he isn't here to make any more music.


(P.S. Hi everyone, first post For The Win, Fo Sho :P)

on 2006-12-25 11:22:30

Haha, I really like this mix. Cid beating the sh*t out of the thing at 0:41 is funny. The industrial/factory sounding feel to the mix is..driving and awesome. Forgive my lack of creative vocabulary.

3:00 to the end is also awesome.

Good work Gaffeizil, guy who isn't CotMM.

on 2006-06-30 12:15:09

No one appreciates an artist, I usually dont use slang to describe things i like, but this warrants it. "F*CKIN BADASS"

on 2006-04-22 00:49:39

I admit I haven't visted for quite awhile. :P Most of my favorite old remixes are on CDs and all around my room. I simply pick one up and toss it into my portable player.

Lats night, insomnia kicked in, I found a CD hiding in my blank CD spindal. Tossed it in, and this was the first song. I fell asleep listening to it over and over. I LOVE this song from the vocals to the heavy machine.

The drums didn't impress me too much, but knowing what was after them always keeps my ears glued to the headphones. Overall, amazing piece. One of my top 10 favorites.


on 2005-10-07 08:29:06

Dude, this track is one of my favorites, and you really draws out that factory/crazy lab feeling. Although I´m not that into many sounds and stuff that goes on at the same time, but I did so like those industrial sounds, kling, klang and then Cid´s sigh: MMMIEEUUUH. That one was both funny and creepy.

But this mix actually has its bright moments, like that jazz part at 2:09, sweeeet.

on 2005-07-11 19:10:10

the voiceovers are my fav

Less Ashamed Of Self
on 2005-04-01 15:15:06

Very nice... lots of delicious rythmic things going on here.

My flavour of weirdness, very free from the original but definitely in the same mood. Doesn't lose it's momentum. Very fun. I love the grittier industrial parts... everyone loves something with a good chug-a-lug feel to it.


Stalwart Jester
on 2005-02-23 23:17:46

(I'm gonna start out by replying to some of my favorite music tracks I've listened to as I've lurked here for years, mainly of which are....FFVI Songs. :roll: )

Alrighty, I heard the beginning of this and all...and I instantly liked it. I just think it's creative how you set it all up, "malfunctioning" machines and Cid's frustration, and finally the main song, it was all nice in my opinion, I practically started headbanging. o.O;;

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Devil's Lab"

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Magitek factory operational.
Hello, Cid.



No, no, no, no, no.

Hmm... that was good.
Kekfa... trumpet.
General Leo... drums.


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