ReMix:Final Fantasy Tactics "Teach Me How to Rave" 4:00

By Ghetto Lee Lewis

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Final Fantasy Tactics (Sony , 1998, PS1), music by Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Yukiko Mitsui, Yuko Miura

Posted 2002-07-26, evaluated by djpretzel

Though we've had some submissions that have come close, this Final Fantasy Tactics ReMix by Ghetto Lee Lewis is actually our first FFT mix to be posted here at OCR. Ghetto, aka Thomas Nelson, gives us some trance/rave coverage of the tutorial theme, with traditional drums, a couple different saw wave synths (staple synth food of a rave diet), a bouncing, solid bass, and appropriately dreamy, long-decay reverb on the non-bass/drum elements. Basically, everything you'd expect - certainly, this isn't a ReMix that's going to surprise you much, as once you know the genre, from the first twenty seconds you can guess how it'll go. But hey, it's good genre work and is enjoyable nonetheless. I especially like the synth effect at 2'11" - a deep, flanged whoosh that helped with the build. What helps immensely is that this piece truly lent itself to the style - from the triplet-laden, arabesque lead at the beginning and end to the triumphant melody in between, the structure was born for trance, and Ghetto had the ears to hear it and do it right. Predictable but not really any less enjoyable because of it, in the end. Cool.



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on 2011-02-25 11:12:32

Very fun remix! Not a source I'm familiar with but since when should that ever stop anyone? _

I was hooked after about 4 seconds haha.

on 2009-05-04 01:43:51

Gee. My feet are buzzing. ::razz:

Dante L. Wolfe
on 2007-08-05 16:18:01

Ah Final Fantasy Tactics. The first game I bought myself for the ps1. This track takes me back^^; I honestly do admit I put it on every single mix CD I ever make.

on 2007-07-19 15:10:17

Fun and fast, it could use a few change ups throughout to make it a little more interesting, but rave music isn't about changing up music a lot, it's about shaking your ass as fast as you possibly can. For some reason this track has always stuck out to me since I first heard it, and I think it just might be because it is such a fast electronic track; possibly the fastest on the site.

A little more variety would have been nice, and maybe a bit more sophisticated drum sound, but this is a pretty enjoyable mix.

on 2004-08-12 18:30:11

Yeah!! I like this Remix!! I love rave, anyway... :lol: Oh, and guys, if you like this remix, you probably love FF6_Celces(Dance) isn't it?

Royal Sovereign
on 2004-08-12 13:04:42

Professor Daravon does disco? But surprisingly, it works. The remix does some original repititions to give the tune length and substance, and adds a cheerful synth line to complete it all. I like this mix a lot -- it's high on my playlist!

Jason Vorhees
on 2004-05-07 01:51:21

First off I like the synth effects for the main theme, also this track has a very nice Paul van Dyk feel to it but I must stress, a song(mainly a remix) that is over 170 bpm is way too much for something so well made, I turned the pitch down by 200%, after that it was a perfect PvD feel, I still love this track, a perfect rework of the original, I just don't like the 100,000 Bps T1 punch a hole through the sun speed :) great song though.

on 2003-09-24 16:08:54

I listened this remix a long time ago, but I must now say how it aged so well! One of the better aged remixes I can remember from this site! It's epecially cool considering that a TUTORIAL music of all things has been remixed from FFT! Lot of kudos!

Technically, there aren't too many anomalies that takes away from the entire piece. It's just fun listen!

on 2003-09-24 14:07:22

This song is great, to say the least. I love it. It has to be the best thing I have heard yet off of this site. When I got my new comp, this was hte first thing I downloaded.

Neo Zero
on 2003-06-17 08:51:35

all i can say is that its really really lively and just plain old good to listen to for me :D

on 2003-02-25 18:25:46

when i frist saw that there was a remix of final fantasy tactics i chuckled/cursed at the idea...."the orignal soundtrack was can anyone improve it"..but what ghetto lewis by nature what a remixer is suppose to do.....he gave me a new perspective of the song...the whole soundtrack for that matter...this song is just AMAZING..i highly recomend it...esspically to fft players out there

-squall lone wolf

on 2002-08-07 00:31:51

I've never really thougth it would be possible to remix final fantasy tactics, and then i stumbled on this song

Its a tad repetitive for a 4 minute song, but this song sums up on how the tutorial song would've sounded, should final fantasy tactics be turned into a futuristic TRPG. I was amazing to see that the synths sound almost as well as the music from FFT sounds.

In and out of a good mix, the intro and outro give this name a good name, but reducing the time would've made it an even better mix that kept you coming back for more.

Old Omen
on 2002-07-31 20:32:37

A good techno work. I agree that it was slightly repetitive, but everything seemed so natural and seamless overall that I couldn't help but like it. One of my favorites in the genre, and - in my opinion - a good example to anyone looking to work in this style. I like it better than Thou Art a DJ.

on 2002-07-29 20:42:39

Intro/Outro on this mix are pretty good. Although the song's a little repetitive, I think that's part of what makes it good. Nice job all in all, I seriously enjoyed it. Final Fantasy Tactics is probably my favorite game of all time, and I really enjoyed this remix. Looking forward to more, Ghetto Lee Lewis.

on 2002-07-29 13:21:44

The Good:

I like the synths. Nice FX on them to polish them up, too.

I love the hats, even if they are FL default samples.

I'm a big-time synth bass fanatic and this one is no exception. I can't tell, but I believe it's also a default sample, but even so, it's use is perfect in this song.

The Bad:

Default FL kick drum. Seems like it's clipping a bit, which doesn't really help...

Not really all that textural, but that doesn't hold it back too much considering the genre.

Slightly repetitive.


A good, fun Final Fantasy tactics remix. Nice work picking out the song, too, because I'd have to agree with DJP in that the original version of this song had the perfect melody for the genre, it just takes a good ear to pick that out.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy Tactics (Sony , 1998, PS1)
Music by Hitoshi Sakimoto,Masaharu Iwata,Yukiko Mitsui,Yuko Miura

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