Posted 2002-08-27, evaluated by djpretzel

Before I wrote a single nanosecond of this mix, I knew ahead of time it was gonna rub some people the wrong way. It takes two themes from Zelda 64 - the title and the Ocarina of Time / Zelda's Lullaby themes and completely decimates the original chord progression and alters the melody considerably too. I don't know. I still feel like if someone else submitted this, I could spot both themes a mile away. But for purists and those expecting something fairly close to the original, you've been warned - don't even waste your time :)

There - now that my fairly clear + direct disclaimer is outta the way, we can proceed. This ReMix answers the age-old question: what would happen if you combined two themes from Zelda 64, totally reworked them into a sort of hip-hop / pop composite, added in Pachelbel's Canon in the background, and used warm (slightly distorted) electric piano, cello, clean electric guitar, classical guitar, and a tempo-delayed calliope lead as your weapons of choice. Actually, that's probably not an age-old question. Actually, it's probably not even a week old, and I'm probably the only one who's ever asked it, and perhaps I'm the only who enjoys the potential answer I've created. Actually, this took more than a week because I've worked on it in 20-30 minute sessions due to time constraints. It's certainly pretty zany, I can tell you that. Boils down to me wanting to hear Zelda's Lullaby as a chorus rather than a solo with some backup. As a technical sidenote, this piece uses FruityLoops 3.55 as a VSTi, controlled from Cubase SX, which was also driving my Motif for the drums and electric piano. The title theme is really just used as the first half of a modified phrase for the verse, and the classical guitar solo is a further variation on that. The tempo delay was really key, as it becomes part of the melody and not just an effect. To the loose interpreters of the world - hope you enjoy :)

Oh yeah, sorry bout the name - none of Ganon's music was used, it just fit with 'Pachelbel' - sue me.



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on 2021-03-06 00:01:33

I just made an account to say this remix was my favorite one back when it first came out. I pored over all the remixes back in 2002-2003 and I remember this one standing on top of the pack. Its as much as my formative years as Ocarina of Time itself was.

on 2020-11-26 10:37:03

This is simply amazing. Mellow and soothing, yet it has a hint of groove. It's honestly surprising how good this track is considering its age. I really love the warm pianos and guitars, the cellos create just the right amount of ambiance and even melancholy, I suppose. Also digging the panflutes during the chorus and relatively simple but quite catchy beat. It's a definite must-download.

on 2015-07-29 22:03:50

This is one of my favourite remixes!

on 2014-06-03 10:45:36

I came back to this site after more than ten years. Just to listen to this track. It's been stuck in my mind that long.

Anti elytS
on 2012-07-21 23:36:16

For many a year now, this has honestly been one of my top 5 listened to tracks on the entire site. I loved OoT and its music and i LOVE Pachelbel's Canon. This mix absolutely floored me the first time, and to this day I still love it... so thank you many times over.

on 2012-07-04 18:03:30

I didn't go through the 18 pages of comments for this, so apologies if I echo the exact same things ..

This mix, is amazing. Zelda's Lullaby is so beautifully intertwined and dat-chord-progression is fkn gorgeous.. It tugs at my heartstrings, it's downright emotional. I guess I had a similar reaction upon hearing that Rose of May ReMix by katethegreat19, just beautiful. gargle bargle, I'm listening to it now and I'm getting goosebumps .. djpretzel knows his stuff.

on 2010-09-05 22:23:55

To be brief, this mix has become my favorite song. Not just from this site, but since the first time I heard it, it has been the one song that has been my absolute favorite. As in, no other song I own has captured my attention and my imagination as much as this one.

The two themes blend seamlessly and swirl together to create an intoxicating audio experience. Each time I listen to it, I hear things about it I hadn't caught before. Even after hundreds of listens, I still find an immense amount of gratification and wonder from this one song. After only about 9 or 10 months, it has become my top played song in itunes and I've listened to it even more in my car on cd. The total has come now to 364. The next most played song comes in at 276, and coincidentally it's one of yours; The Koan of Drums.

The only gripe I have at all is that on the sections where the bass drum restarts its beat, it's a bit overpowering through headphones. But really, it's so minor I only notice it when I'm paying attention.

I am a huge fan of your work, if it hasn't already been obvious and I always look forward to any works you may post.

on 2010-09-02 11:49:11

One of the best-named remixes on the site, for sure. It's really liberal, but the source melodies are pretty apparent, and the soundscape is good. I think i'd notice it more if I was more familiar with the original music, I think.

The idea to mix these tracks all together is pretty cool, and the execution is strong as well, I really like the guitar sample too. From the looks of things, this resonates with a lot of people too, so nice work. :-)


on 2010-08-04 14:17:03

Though I'm not the first to do so, I've joined the site solely because I was so compelled to praise you for this amazing piece of music. It's been on repeat for the past several days, and I still find myself enjoying it ever bit as much as the first time. There's something really evocative about this piece that gets the artist in me thinking in new directions. It's soothing, a little melancholy, and wonderfully pensive. It's become my working music, keeping me going during crunch time in my project development (video game design) class.

I have to say that the chord progression you're using here is something I find myself actually favoring OVER the original. Exquisite work, a beautifully reflective piece that is wildly different from its roots without losing sight of them. Gorgeous, reflective, and soothing.

....and I was wondering if you would give me permission to play this song as a background piece for a drawing it inspired (emotionally, since it has nothing to do with zelda)? The picture is on deviantART, and it really needs this song to accompany it to evoke the proper mood. I've compromised by linking to the song itself (on the OC ReMix Youtube vid) and encouraging people to play it while viewing, but it would make me the happiest person on earth if you would grant me permission to embed the song. dA is a stickler for formalities when it comes to copyrighted material.

Anyway, even if you decline, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this amazing arrangement, and for the inspiration it's given me.

Something Else
on 2010-05-19 10:03:42

This is my favorite song on the site right now. I kind of wish that more mixes did this kind of thing - taking the melody and changing it so much that it's wholly separate from the original. The mix is no longer the theme with accoutrements and things put there to evoke nostalgia, but a truly original composition, a new song on its own terms. And this song is just wonderful - the other day I put it on repeat for quite awhile. The use of the theme is just... mindblowing. And the choices of instruments/tones/effects work perfectly. It all comes together to create something very melancholic, and very beautiful. The chorus, if you will, evokes a rather vivid kind of imagery for me, and the atmosphere of the track as a whole is unique and nearly tangible. It's quite an accomplishment. Very good work.

on 2009-09-29 18:43:18

I actually had done some vocals for this song. Still sitting on my laptop down in the cellar. This is a good one though. This is the song that you will remember DJ Pretzel for. Check it out NOW.

on 2009-02-06 12:41:43


The intro reminds me of something and






Anyway, I love this mix.

It so mellow, dreamy, hazy, foggy.

It's sort of like that edge of consciousness when you start to wake up from dreaming, and you can't tell what's reality and what's dream. Especially the echoing Zelda's Lullaby as the chorus, that was slick.

on 2009-01-31 03:03:18

I listen to this remix a lot. It's melancholy, euphoric, and nostalgic simultaneously. Brilliant work. I'd love to hear more like these. I think you made the Title Theme and Zelda's Lullaby meld together perfectly. I love it. So relaxing...

The Scar in the Twilight
on 2008-12-12 10:23:55

So, I'm new to the community here and I'm just now getting a taste of what a remix actually IS...

I think this is definitely one of the songs I can look up to and honestly try and dissect the meaning of the word "REMIX".

Wonderful job. This is something I would pay money to sit in a cafe and order expensive coffee while I listened in a euphoric state! :sleepdepriv:

on 2008-09-29 12:17:12

I instantly loved this track even though it took me a while to figure out the source. It sounded so familiar... Brilliant.

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