ReMix:Hang-On "Journey to the Finish" 5:56

By Ryu7x

Arranging the music of one song...

"Hang On"

Primary Game: Hang-On (Sega , 1985, SMS), music by Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Katsuhiro Hayashi

Posted 2002-09-18, evaluated by djpretzel

Ahh, Hang-On . . . as the proud owner of a Sega Master System back when most everyone else was singing the praises of Mario, Link, and Excitebike (I eventually got a NES as well), I fondly remember buying my SMS - the first game system I actually owned myself (we had a 2600 and Colecovision, but they were joint-owned by the entire family) - and popping in Hang-On / Safari Hunt (the mega cartridge! oooh!) and playing Sega's competent answer to Duck Hunt and this classic "3D" motorcycle game as well. Ryu7x gives a simple techno makeover with a basic sine wave lead synth, some nice pads + accompanying patterns, genre techno drums, pads, and a deep sub bass. There's some interesting usage of a vocal sample, and a nice acceleration sound effect towards the end. Though I like the retro presence the lead sine lends, and think it works particularly well in the ending, I think this mix could have used either more processing or programming on the lead or at least one additional synth part, to give it more meat + more forward momentum. As it stands, though, a good solid techno piece of an old 8-bit classic.



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on 2015-04-04 14:48:25

As a person whose brain feeds on repetition I found this mix actually quite pleasant to listen to. The intro instantly transported me back to the amazing old days where this was the best sound you were gonna get from your games, and we loved it.

Added bonus for making me feel all nostalgic about the old school days of OCR as well. Really took me back to the early 2000's and listening to OCR to survive my job/boss.

on 2014-08-07 17:36:52

It's dated, especially due to the thin claps. I wish the textures were denser; even for its day, there should have been at least a bit more density to this.

That said, it had a good groove. The bike rev SFX at 1:19 was actually pretty baller, and the source tune itself is fun. Michael pulled off an effective gradual build, finally getting to the meat of the source at 2:38. Smart stuff for one of the longest mixes out there in OCR's old days.

on 2008-10-01 15:28:23

It's just long overall. A little too much repetition, though it fits the style. I like the squiggly line that you hear near the beginning, both in and out of time. Adds a nice touch.

Would have liked more variation on the theme, even if it was a few change-ups here and there. Just something to make it stand out a bit more. Vocal samples don't bother me, but I'm not crazy about them either.

A decent piece overall.

on 2008-02-06 13:21:15

Beat-wise this is super repetitive and boring,but there is some nice melodic work going on, and the texture shifts keep it from getting too monotonous, though by the end it is definitely running on fumes idea-wise(get it? motorcycle reference :P ). I recognize a bunch of vocal samples from back in the ol' dance party days, and I guess it gives the track some "authenticity", but the fact that they are used exactly the same way as several other tracks i've heard just seems to me like cut and pasting.

Production is unremarkable but serviceable.

Overall decent but too long for the material there.

on 2006-12-19 11:49:53

This ReMix is very long, so one may be led to think that it's boring or repetitive. I don't think so. Ryu7x is a skilled ReMiXeR and he managed to keep the song interesting for almost 6 minutes. If nothing, this is good background music, in fact, I have this MP3 on the CD I use in my car when I drive. And when this song starts, I always start to drive a bit faster.

Nice arrangements here, especially given that the original wasn't very long.

A good piece by Ryu7x.

on 2004-10-02 04:11:09

Props on this wonderful beat, to one of the few games that revolutionized the industry... madd talent, with two d's just so you know I mean buisness, but perhaps that's the nostaglia talking.

Vash the Stampede
on 2004-05-08 14:25:57

Sweat beat we got here!!! Great replacement man, this is an excellent tune!!

Mahjong No OujiSama Yoshi
on 2004-05-06 14:00:55

Woah! This is the best "Mini-Mix" of any of the mini-mix songs, in order now are, "Bubble Bobble: Speed Garage" (3rd), "Excitebike: TitleTechnoPhatulence" (something like that and 2nd), finally "Hang On: Journey to the Finish" (obviously 1st)! I really liked the BGM from this game and it serves to be a catchy part of the tune!

on 2003-08-26 09:34:43

The chiptune beginning earns this one a place in my heart...

The blipping that seems out of time with the chiptune-ness, however...kinda irks me...I do *not* like that.

I think the way the square wave plays the whole of the melody is a little unimaginative...I would have preferred a trancy lead to come in and take over...slowly fading in and eventually taking it over, y'know?

The part where chords play...Im not too keen on them, they seem a little off key for the tune...too much so for dissonance, in my opinion.

Repetition is this remixes demon...there's just too much of it...

If the track were shorter it would have been far better in my opinion...but the lack of extreme variation throughout the piece makes it worse, I think...

And the ending is a little off, too...I would have preferred the background synths fade out and the last note on the square wave to 'stutter' as it were

But its still good though...of course its good, I recommend it to anyone looking for a kinda ambient trancey track.

on 2003-04-23 09:25:55

well its good, not great, its my type i suggest it

on 2003-01-03 01:52:32

Excellent! The original piece was one of my favorite video game songs of all time, but was in dire need of a remix. Ryu7x answered my call with a wonderful techno mix. I especially love the part around 1:20, when the motorcycle engines start to rev in teh background, Very cool, indeed. Vocal samples are also used well, but are really audible without headphones. I shoudl also make note of this songs length. 6 minutes, give or take 5 seconds. Quite the opus, if you ask me. My only grudge is the remix is a little repetitive, and is pretty boring by 6 minutes. I advise you to get this well done remix, now!

on 2002-09-21 07:13:25

This little ditty gave me chills. My best friend and I used to stay up all night playing this game until our little geek hearts were content. I still have my SMS, but I can't find my mega cartridge for this game :( Anyhow I think this is great. Kudos!

on 2002-09-20 18:19:55

Hmm. for what its worth, it does belong on OCR. But I just didnt like it too much. I guess what makes me upset with this remix is the synths and loopness.

The leads just seem too dry. I thought the drum samples were a bit dry too. Its arranged well for a techno remix, however I feel its not produced well enough. This is why I stay away from doing techno, its not as easy as it may sound to produce.

What could have made this remix better would be re-engineering all the synths, make the fat, make the percussions wet, etc. Its still an 'ok' arrangement nonetheless, but 6min is too long with constant melody loopage.

on 2002-09-19 00:17:46

personally I didn't liked this one... it's just too simple... the beat is too simple.. and very very repetitive... at the first 2:00 I got bored of it. but I liked the lead and the way it was used.. makes me remember me playing this oldie :wink:

on 2002-09-18 22:54:45

Wow, I like this one. It's got a nice beat to it. it's just.... Amazing!!!

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Primary Game:
Hang-On (Sega , 1985, SMS)
Music by Hiroshi Kawaguchi,Katsuhiro Hayashi
"Hang On"

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