Posted 2002-10-20, evaluated by djpretzel

JD Harding gets a little old school with this retro-styled technodance incarnation of the ubiquitous Ice Cap Zone theme from Sonic 3 - definitely the most popular track from Sonic's third outing and one of the more prominent Sonic tracks in general. The (arguably) unfortunate thing about this particular theme is that Mr. McVaffe covered it early and covered it extremely well, such that all mixes that have proceeded it have had much to live up to. JD Harding's no slouch, though, and has his own not surprisingly competent, solid, and groovy take on the tune. I say old school because this uses a lot of basic synth textures reminiscent of chip tunes (not the Genesis' 2612 in particular but earlier hardware). The beat is classic dance, with an offbeat bass, and layered arpeggios udner the main melody on piano. Not JD's most daring piece, but another enjoyable version of this tune that most should dig. I especially liked the rhythmic relationships between the different layers - recommended.



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on 2015-12-31 08:00:47

A nice interpretation of the Ice Cap theme in the intro leading into some nice arpeggio background compliments. The pad used throughout sounds very similar to the source material with helps keep the vibe from the original going. The bass-line is lifted directly from the source and meshes very well with the overall track. Production is very good, however the drum track is literally the same loop repeated throughout. One of this remixers better submissions.

on 2015-12-14 00:10:29

And here’s number three in the list of remixes I listened to in my introductory year. This is a very drastic arrangement of the second Ice Cap theme. It’s kind of hard to hear the original melody over all the beats and samples used. The balancing is very uneven, as all I can really hear is the repetitive synth notes being played rapidly in succession throughout.

on 2015-12-03 14:57:09

I'm not familar with the source, so maybe it's just the song, but I liked the intro and the overall vibe of the song. Samples sound good for old OCR. The energetic arp compliments the laid-back pad and melody nicely.

Daniel Caton
on 2015-12-02 16:51:12

Huh. This remix is interesting. Despite it being an older track, I don’t have too many technical or production issues. It does get a bit repetetive, I’m afraid. I’d have liked to hear some variation somewhere - if not in the melody, then perhaps in the chord structure or something. I’m hearing a bit of dissonance at various points, which is interesting. You see, I’d actually have used more consonance and harmony, but that’s one of the things that intrigues me. I like artistic differences. To sum things up, this is a pretty good track, but I believe it suffers from a few issues. Even so, it’s a solid effort that makes some interesting choices. I approve.

on 2014-10-04 00:25:29

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Primary Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Sega, 1994, GEN)
Music by Bobby Brooks, Brad Buxer, C. Cirocco Jones, Darryl Ross, Doug Grigsby III, Geoff Grace, Jun Senoue, Michael Jackson, Tatsuyuki Maeda, Tomonori Sawada
"Ice Cap Zone: Act 2"

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Electronic, Piano, Synth

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