ReMix:Gun.Smoke "The Smoking Guns of Liberation" 3:56

By K. Praslowicz

Arranging the music of one song...

"Stage 2 BGM"

Primary Game: Gun.Smoke (Capcom , 1988, NES), music by Ayako Mori, Junko Tamiya

Posted 2002-11-11, evaluated by djpretzel

Two birds with one stone - been a long time since we had some K. Pras in the house, and even longer since our last, memorable, and previouly sole Gunsmoke submission from Gux. Fading from the NES original into piano then letting loose with a wall of guitar and stereo breakbeats, this is an odd combination of hard and soft - the guitar and beats obviously are very in-yer-face, but the happy-go-lucky melody continues to be carried by upper-register piano. Things drop for an ambient, effected iteration of the melody then come back in for some straight hard stuff with some nice guitar falls. A nice feedback ending rounds things out - not the most accessible mix, especially to those who aren't into the wall-of-sound guitar thing, but the combination of abrasive and delicate elements works well, and the arrangement has a lot of verve, to the point of sounding at least a little like JAXX. I think I would have liked to hear guitars carry the melody instead of piano for one go-round, perhaps near the end, just to add some variety to that aspect. Nevertheless, anthematic and driving stuff with some very edgy textures and lots of energy. Good and good for ya, and great to see Mr. Praslowicz back in action.



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on 2009-10-27 11:09:18

Chiptunage. Let's see how you build this. The piano has a nice, distant tone to it. When by it self, it sounds pretty cool. However, when the rest of the track busts in, it's very noticeable. The rhythm guitars, like in your other work, really covers a lot of frequency ranges and doesn't allow for much else. The drums, while they drive pretty well, feel a bit repetitive and lack a lot of the punch that could make this totally kick ass! The breakdown is a cool idea, but it's swimming in so much verb, it's hard to tell what's going on. When the track comes back in, it sounds better. The lead that simulates an alarm going off is really cool. Once again, there was a lot of potential with the track and if the production quality was a little better, I have not doubt that this would rock. However, it does still have the garage band sound which is very very VERY prevalent in you other tracks!

on 2009-04-02 17:10:03

While I'm not a huge fan of guitar, the floaty, ethereal piano work here is simply astounding and I love this piece for that fact alone. Despite the fact that the guitar seems antithesis to the piano, somehow I can't really imagine the piano standing alone without some sort of solid base like the guitar provides.

Good job overall, it's an interesting piece that's not exactly easy listening, but I suppose that's what I like about it--it does require thought to appreciate.

on 2007-08-03 10:48:10

THe concept here is pretty sound but it seems like there is too much delay on the piano lead, as it isn't synching up properly with the guitar and drums; maybe the guitar is off? I'm not really sure which element is to blame here, but the mix isn't as tight as it needs to be. The drums are also over-reverbed, in my opinion.

The guitar tone is pretty distorted, but is pretty meaty, I like it, and the overdubbed parts blend really well with the rhythm track. The playing is good as well, but it's just the timing of the entire mix that seems off, and the fact that I can't pick out what is the issue is frustrating.

on 2005-07-12 15:08:26

I hear this song and i think i am in an FPS with a pair of Six shooters This song friggin rocks The critics are from a techincal sound point as far as i am concerned this song over all just friggin rocks!

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2004-07-28 14:56:01

more Gunsmoke remixes are needed , if only someone could have ALL BOSSES covered as well screaming distorted guitars and hysterical drums ..but i suppose that this one is a step in the right direction .. :puppyeyes:

on 2004-07-28 12:43:17

I think the mix of guitar and piano is a little weird, but it still sounds good. Though at times I think the guitar is a little extreme. Good mix though.

on 2003-11-18 20:41:26

Nooooooo! Please don't listen to the criticisms K. Praslowicz! I understand your vision. The bi-polar nature of the heavy distortion guitar the light whimsical piano is what make this song so great. It's like nothing I've ever heard before and it's extremely refreshing hear outside of the heavy house beats of most of the other songs here. Sure I love techno remixes as much as the next guy but there has to be some diversity as well to keep things fresh around here; and K. Praslowicz has just brought in a new shipment. I'm not saying that everyone can't have problems with it or even hate it for that matter, I just don't want K. Praslowicz to be discouraged from straying from the traditional path for his future songs. As for me I'll be waiting patiently next to the mailbox for his next delivery.

on 2002-11-14 13:09:07

This mix has but one downfall: the introduction of the guitar. It just feels out of sync. Im not sure if thats a noise gate issue or something else, but i focus on it every time i listen to this song.

Once the guitar is going, it carries itself excellently. To the point where i completely forget about what i just said.

By about 1:50, the tune is really quite pretty, isnt it? Yes, very much so!

Please never stop using real instruments! It adds so very much! :)

on 2002-11-12 16:56:58

Hmmm... this mix is weird. The guitar is a little too dirty.. and it ruins the nice little piano playin... This song has a little too much treble..hurts my ears... Maybe a little more base? PLZ?! Like others said.. not your best work. But not really that bad.



on 2002-11-12 09:27:50

Okay, really, there's no reason piano and grunge guitar can't go together. I think it works in this mix, although does sound a bit awkward. The guitar work is farking awesome and INCREDIBLY thick stuff. Very stereo work, nice arrangement, good idea with the fade in's and out's of the originals, and the siren-like guitar work that comes in at 3:02 is like nothing I've ever heard. Cool stuff. I'm looking forward to more Praslowicz remixes.

ella guro
on 2002-11-11 16:16:57

Not K. Prazlowicz's best, but still a cool listen. The "mismatch" of instruments didn't really bother me too much. The original melody was a good choice for this type of remix...and the two instruments seem to at least deliver something entertaining and happy yet grungy and the same time.

Overall, good stuff from K. Prazlowicz...but not something everyone will like.

Digital Coma
on 2002-11-11 16:06:27

I am liking this mix, as I'm a fan of unique combos of otherwise standalone instruments. It's fun and enjoyable, good work.

on 2002-11-11 15:50:57

Well, I do like the title.

But I have to agree, I don't think the piano really fits with the guitars.

on 2002-11-11 14:52:26

Gun.Smoke 'Smoking Guns of Liberation'

I'm afraid this is not my favorite piece of work by K. Praslowicz. The guitars and the the other instruments just don't fit for me. The guitars are also a little too grungy for my tastes, and I'm struggling hard to find something good to say about this piece, but I'm finding it just doesn't work for me at all. I guess I can say that I like the piano, and if it was just the piano with a completely different style of music, I could go with that. Sorry K. Praslowicz, this one doesn't get any props from me.

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Primary Game:
Gun.Smoke (Capcom , 1988, NES)
Music by Ayako Mori,Junko Tamiya
"Stage 2 BGM"

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Breakbeats,Chiptune,Electric Guitar,Piano
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