ReMix:Castlevania II: Simon's Quest "No Flesh Allowed" 3:01

By goat

Arranging the music of one song...

"Dwelling of Doom (Mansion BGM)"

Primary Game: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Konami , 1988, NES), music by Kenichi Matsubara, Satoe Terashima

Posted 2002-11-21, evaluated by the judges panel

I know what you're thinking - what's with this "one ReMix" posting thing? Where are the three or four mix-a-night posts? Well, I'm trying a new habit where, on nights where I would otherwise not post anything due to being otherwise occupied, I post at least one mix. Even if it's just one, and it's quick, it keeps things rolling and maintains a bit more consistency, so I figure it's worth trying. Tonight's piece is from the unassumingly-titled newcomer "goat", and is a heavy, guitar-centric Castlevania 2 ReMix. For some of you, that's probably all you need to know - it's CV2, it's heavy, it's guitars, and you're sold - but for those who want a bit more description, let me proceed. If not heavy on variety (lil repetitive), goat's arrangement is heavy on just about everything else, including some rapid, mean, thick guitar work that fits the ominous-yet-badass ambience of Castlevania like a (spiked) glove. With shrieks, chugs, cries, and screams, this is some workin' stuff, and the drums follow the hits and runs like a good metal drummer would. There's some deep, evil talking at one point, though I couldn't quite make the words out. It don't matter though . . . he could be talking about his pet ferret George and it wouldn't affect the ReMix, which I think most of you will enjoy quite a bit. There's the gratuitous guitar noodling w/ key change. Just a very tight production with excellent musicianship overall. A great metal contribution from goat - recommended, and highly recommended to guitar fans.



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on 2010-09-14 20:09:14

Wow, goat, doesn't waste anytime getting us into the mix here. The heavy power chords leap right in and drive this bad boy home. The lead guitar are played with a wonderful precision. The drums samples are a little wishy washy, but considering this was done over 8 years ago, I really can't fault for a little problem. Besides, its the lead guitars that make this mix what it is! Not a bad first mix at all. The arrangement is fairly simple and repeats itself, but its not repetitive by any standard. It hits the ground running HARD and never lets up, nor does it need to. Very good first mix from goat!

on 2009-12-02 23:20:47

The track is great, Goat rocks, he fucking rocks.

The mix has some dark'n'heavy chugs which suits the foreboding style of this greatly. The solo in this was a little off, but I doesn't detract from the mix at all and a change in the drums now and then would've been great, but then again, that's just a pet peeve.

Overall, a solid, meaty metal track by Goat. \m/

on 2009-12-01 14:49:12

woah, awesome, it's Goat's debut mix!

Back when I first joined the site, he was the Go(at)-to guy for rocking Castlevania metalz outside of the official arrange albums.

This track has solid riffs, some great solos, and the only thing i'd prefer is for the lead and harmony guitars to be a little louder in the mix.

Totally good stuff. \m/

on 2008-12-11 22:27:55

A great classic metal remix. The drums suffer a bit, but as we all know goat has improved his craft exponentially since this song. I still really like this one, though.

on 2005-12-01 18:39:25

I knew that someone one day would make a remix of the Mansion song! One day me and my friend, were watching a speed demo of Castlevania II:Simons Quest, and wondering "What if someone did a metal version of this song?" And lo and behold someone did do it, and to our surprise it was really good! Kudos on making it how it sounds!

on 2005-10-10 01:56:21

Oh my rocking Jesus! Dwelling of Doom translates SO WELL into heavy metal. This remix pwnz so freaking hard. Goat I love your work.

When ever I played the levels with this music (or watch my bro play it), I always thought that those levels had a real scary tone to it. I actually hated going to those levels because they kind of scared me, until I got better at the game. Putting it in heavy metal multiplies that horror factor greatly (but in a good way off course).

It is just so freaking awesome.

on 2005-08-30 10:05:44

To me, this is the definitive version of Dwelling of Doom, although it's let down by muffled recording/production that robs the beautiful playing of a lot of its power. There's no way I can be listening to the same mp3 that someone said was "too loud." I may have severe hearing loss from years of listening to this sort of music live and on CD, but I refuse to believe anyone could think this recording is overbearing. The sound quality on his later recordings is so much better that I wish he'd rework this one!

on 2005-06-17 15:27:37

I just realized that this song is all done in triplets


on 2005-05-06 18:51:21
This song sounds very cool but it's too loud. Why!? What are you a record exec? Jesus Christ. Why do people record music too loud? Are they assholes or completley inept? When you recorded this did you listen to it over? a duhh...


And I thought it was too soft, in all honesty.

on 2005-03-27 06:44:25

Goat is the best remixer on here hands down. \m/ :twisted: \m/

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2005-03-22 21:44:49

It is good to know goat is evil enough to honor the other aspects of Castlevania music that some of us metalfreaks adore..

Great song !

on 2005-03-21 04:45:05
This song sounds very cool but it's too loud. Why!? What are you a record exec? Jesus Christ. Why do people record music too loud? Are they assholes or completley inept? When you recorded this did you listen to it over? a duhh...

Uh ... this is a heavy metal remix. Heavy metal is not subtle. Heavy metal is not soft. Heavy metal is not background music. It's something you blast over your speakers. This is a heavy metal remix of a song taken from a game about a badass vampire killer. goat is a badass guitarist. It has every reason to be loud.

Does this really need to be explained? Are you an asshole or completely inept? When you wrote this did you read it over? a duhh...

on 2005-03-20 22:06:24

Whoot! I'm hardcore moshing to this madness!

This is plain awesome, Castlevania music just can't be any better!

on 2005-03-05 01:21:31

This song sounds very cool but it's too loud. Why!? What are you a record exec? Jesus Christ. Why do people record music too loud? Are they assholes or completley inept? When you recorded this did you listen to it over? a duhh...

on 2005-02-05 00:38:35
I was just gonna post this review, but Disco Dan beat me to it by one minute. Oh well. :)

I like this. It does sound like Castlevania meets Lords of Thunder with a little bit of muffled Yngwie Malmsteen "Far Beyond the Sun" thrown in. I think it's done pretty well. The original tune lends itself to being redone in this style. If you like guitar, then you should have already downloaded this!

That's probably because the original version of this song was almost a remix of FBTS. The Metallica/Maiden-ish comments are close, but that's because Yngwie influenced those bands in style and subject material. One of the greatest guitarists of all time, I'm sure he'd have rubbed off on a few guys. :)

/me runs away after random comment

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Primary Game:
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Konami , 1988, NES)
Music by Kenichi Matsubara,Satoe Terashima
"Dwelling of Doom (Mansion BGM)"

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