Artist: Kenichi Matsubara 松原健一


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  • Name: Kenichi Matsubara (松原健一)
  • Roles/Credits: Composer (4)
  • Aliases: "Gentleman" Ken-chan Matsubara (じえんとるまん まつばら けんちゃん), 20-dai Dokushin no Kenichi-kun (20代・独身のけんいちくん), Giant Matsubara, K.MATSUBARA, KEN, Ken-ichi Matsubara, Taurus Matsubara (Taurus松原)
  • Born:
  • Groups: Konami Kukeiha Club
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Sophomore YearEsther's DreamsVampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to CastlevaniaVampire Variations: Volume IIBadAss: Boss ThemesHeroes vs. VillainsCastlevania: Sonata of the DamnedVampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania (KNGI)The OneUps Volume 2Select Start
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