ReMix:Sonic CD "Stardust Beat" 2:32

By lazygecko

Arranging the music of one song...

"Stardust Speedway "P"mix"

Primary Game: Sonic CD (Sega , 1993, SCD), music by David Young, Mark Crew, Masafumi Ogata, Naofumi Hataya, Spencer Nilsen

Posted 2002-11-23, evaluated by djpretzel

This one starts off musically interesting and stays that way for its brief two and a half minutes of fun, hoppin', syncopated Sonic CD mixage from Gecko Yamori. Starting with some dirty, jazzy synth chords and a deep "yeah" sample, highly syncopated 909-style drums come in along with a spastic saxophone that's followed by a groovalicios acid synth lead. And then there's the meaty, dark synth bass to anchor everything. A brassy saw synth and heavier, downbeat drums enter for the chorus round 0'55", a transition that works well and is aided by and old-school tom fall. There's a lot to follow rhythmically at any given point in time - it's fun just to focus on tracking each piece. Ending exposes some textured vinyl static that gives the piece sort of a 70's disco-house aura. Concise, solid, and bit more fun rhythmically than many tracks, GY's latest thus comes recommended.



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on 2012-10-18 19:26:29

I really like the bass in this, especially after 0:55. And I also really like 0:55 to 1:28 it has an almost sad quality I'm not sure if "sad" is the right word but it definitely has a lot of emotion in it. Also that piano(?) (can't tell, but it certainly sounds like a piano) that keeps playing the one chord over and over really gives the song a cool retro vibe. Both this and Gecko Yamori's other SDSW remix would make great music for driving at night.

on 2009-11-20 14:27:00

to be honest I wasn't super impressed with this one. Sonic CD has probably my favorite VGM themes of all times, and this is one of my favorites from the game. I guess maybe my hopes were set a little too high. It's a good song but not as good as such a killer track deserves. It's just a little too happy for my tastes.

on 2008-06-12 16:59:24

Pretty close to the source, but much better i'd say. I love the synths chosen, and the groove is pretty strong as well. The sax is a little strange, but is obviously not intended to be taken literally. The tom fills are packed with cheese, but it's delicious anyways.

A very fun track. :-)

on 2007-01-29 05:55:03

The opening "ew yeah" is REALLY annoying, which is a shame because other than that, this is an OK mix. But don't feel bad, cuz that was this piece's original flaw anyway. Even in the original, I thought the singing was being done by some retard.

The other iffy part is on the differing from the original. The samples are different, but all in all, isn't this just basically a recreation of the original piece using different samples? Just me.

OK mix though, if you can ignore the opening...

on 2006-07-13 04:41:41

You can mildly say that this remix caught my attention in the beginning, I thought at first that this was going to become some sort of weird karaoke session, but luckily that wasn't the case.

The samples are different this time, that saxophone isn't exactly high quality and the piano that jams from time to time sounds a little rough. However, although that thought pops up into my mind, it really doesn't bother me that much. If one sample sounds bad but the rest sounds good, then it bothers me. But in this case, almost every sample was happy, trippy and rough so that it created an overall theme to this remix, if there would be a real saxophone playing there it would only ruin it.

After listening to this for a couple of times, I can understand why AD was dancing in the shower, this really is fun stuff. :D

Well recommended.

on 2006-05-10 02:06:04
I would have really loved this remix except there aren't any scratch sounds like there are in the original.

Nah, that's not a dealbreaker for me. I'm actually glad it didn't have those, if at least to differentiate it from the source material, since the two songs are structured so similarly. Rather conservative (per the usual), but personalized well-enough. The mix does a good job upping the energy level compared to the original.

on 2003-12-06 13:09:30

I liked the record noise at the end. Nice touch.

Your Good Twin
on 2003-10-16 02:25:07

Well, what can I say? It's hard to review a mix that's already had all the good stuff said. Mostly I'm just adding a post and giving props where props are squarely due. It's sad that fantastic mixes like this don't get the many page threads that certain RPG remixes do *cough* Chrono Trigger *cough*. But that's neither here nor there.

I always love your choice of instruments and synths, Gecko. The kind of muffled, distorted piano sounds great. I love the original and you do it great justice, while adding much wonderful arrangement of your own. Being that I don't know remixing terms for shit, I'll stop here with "Keep it up up UP!"

on 2003-07-11 10:09:38

I would have really loved this remix except there aren't any scratch sounds like there are in the original. That sort of killed it for me.

That aside it's a good remix.

on 2003-07-04 12:45:24

I must say, this is probably my favorite remix of all time, the only competition being the MMX3 remixes of Blast Hornet and Gravity Beetle. Amazing work, Mr. Yamori! :D

Atomic Dog
on 2003-06-05 12:46:06

lol, nah. She loves me because I'm a dork at heart. :lol:

on 2003-06-05 11:49:38

Awww, I'm sorry I almost ruined your relationship AD :oops:

Atomic Dog
on 2003-06-05 10:39:37

So I gotta tell you this story...

I wake up this morning and I take a shower as I always do. Well, my girlfriend decides she wants to surprise me with a nice little shower-for-two. So, she comes into the bathroom and, as usual, I have a a CD playing. She opens up the stall and there I am under the water just dancing my brains out. She stands there, her jaw open, and then she busts up laughing and says, "You're such a dork Tim."

And guess what the song was.


I love this song. It's one of my favorites in the entire OC catalog.

(incidently, I've also been known to dance in the shower to Kono Sekai De)

on 2002-12-05 17:42:34

I liked this ReMix. It captures the feeling of a futuristic "Good" city so well (To me, anyway) that I can't help but take a listen now and then. Keep in mind, the citylike part I refer to is about 55 seconds in--hey, two people in this thread have the same favorite part!

Compared to the AWESOME sax solo in Mustin's Atomizer, the synth sax sucks. However, it does complement the rest of the ReMix, which does have an antiquated 70's feel to it. All in all, this one deserves to be recognized. Congrats, Gecko Yamori!

Unbiased Reviewer
on 2002-12-01 22:25:42

the unbiased reviewer gives this selection a 9/10.

i am a huge sonic fan, but i have never played sonic CD. i didnt particularly like the intro but i loved the synth effects. when the remix really captures my attention was during the 55' second. after that, i was all ears. the song is mostly synths, there is some piano, drums and sax but nothing as far as my knowledge (which isnt much).

i have to say, i thought the song was on the short side, but then maybe a third repetition would have been too long. kudos to gecko yamori. i love the remixer's name too. sounds like a japanese amphibian.

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Primary Game:
Sonic CD (Sega , 1993, SCD)
Music by David Young,Mark Crew,Masafumi Ogata,Naofumi Hataya,Spencer Nilsen
"Stardust Speedway "P"mix"

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