ReMix:Dark Cloud "La Saia's Resting Place" 3:06

By Dev

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Dark Cloud (Sony , 2001, PS2), music by Tomohito Nishiura

Posted 2002-11-28, evaluated by djpretzel

Hey, wow. Out of nowhere comes a mature, mellow ReMix of Dark Cloud from newcomer Dev (who's also project manager for the open-source RPG project Fate of Io) - purty cool. This is mellow, acoustic-guitar heavy breakbeat-anchored work. Introing atop a low ambient thrush of wind with piano and guitar, the ambience sorta "takes off", sounding like a jet engine, into the song proper, where the beat enters along with a good-but-soft bassline. Right off the bat you can appreciate the strengths - variety, great tradeoffs and transitions, attention to panning (note the guitar solo), and some great synth counter-rhythms going on underneath some of the busier sections. Could have been longer - Dev obviously knows how to tradeoff and vary passages to keep them fresh, so the ending - while melancholy and spacious - did seem a little early. But what's here is fantastic, sets a high benchmark for any future Dark Cloud mixes, and is a great contribution to the larger collection of all RPG arrangements. Mixing is on, and the cameo electric guitar even works well. Recommended.



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on 2014-04-07 02:34:15

Can't believe how old this mix is now.

It's really awesome and even feels period accurate to the game almost. Which I am currently playing through for the first time in over 10 years.


Gonna listen to this on loop like a million times

on 2012-01-26 12:15:32

aye, thanks for the mem'ries. Happier times.

on 2009-12-16 12:07:51

I loved this game, one of my favorite levels was queens, this remix definately fits the semi dismal mysterious sad feel the game gives to the place. well done my friend definately keeping this one, very very well done!

-Thanks for the memories-

Pachi Risu
on 2009-11-12 20:27:32

Never had the chance to play the game or heard any of the music, but I did like this track. A job well done. Thanks.

on 2008-05-13 15:06:51

Great feeling to this one, I gotta agree that real guitar would have put this over the top, but as is, it is very strong.

The beats are great, and the atmosphere is very nice, and I have to agree that this is a very stylish upgrade of the original. The source melody itself works better for BGM than for something to listen to actively, and that feeling is kept in the mix, but the added elements make the track so much more engaging.

Nice work, I really dig this one.

on 2007-12-07 14:31:40

I really enjoyed Dev's FFVII track. This track might not carry as much 'mood' as his other track but it is still a very chill piece. Wish the guitar was a real acoustic. The drum work is very simple with lots of little glitchy things goin on. Since it is in the background it keeps the mood goin really nice. Def a nice laid back track to chill to with a very mellow feel to it.

on 2006-05-27 01:19:56

It made me cry, lol. I loved the game, and now this...

Mini Mog
on 2006-01-08 21:28:16

I downloaded this before I even bought the game and I loved it the minute I heard it!!! :D I have to admit that I actually prefer this version of the song over the in-game music!

The echoing piano and catchy bassline are PERFECT. I hope we're lucky to get more remixes like this from Dev in the future.

I recommened this rearrangement to any Dark Cloud fan. It's a nice, calm remix for anyone who's looking to kick back and relax.

on 2005-05-16 22:41:36

Wow.. this mix is just pure awesomeness. It carries a melancholy vibe, much stronger than the vibe that the original piece had, making this mix a very big improvement. Not only is it strong, but there's just so much done right that gives a nice added effect that takes it further beyond the source material that not many other mixes tend to go.

It starts out with a very nice echoing acoustic, and then comes in a distant piano sound that emulates the original piece, creating a perfect atmosphere. As the percussion comes in, this is where the mix starts to progress. The piano is now closer and gives an added sense of clarity, along with that repeating high-pitched synth rhythm, which I think was genius. Then comes the acoustic solo; excellently executed, and goes perfectly with the rest of the mix. It's great to see a guitar solo incorporated so well into an originally piano-based track. The synths start to come in, and the height of the mix ensues. So much done right with this one, but I might be a little biased with my score because this was one of my first mixes and a strong feeling of nostalgia always seems to sway my opinion.

What made me come back to this mix is that my friend has been playing Dark Cloud recently (probably the first time I've ever seen the game in action), and I immediatly noticed the music at the Shipwreck dungeon. The original piece seemed very repetitive, and I was amazed at how much more was added to this mix after going back to listen to it again.

on 2004-10-07 13:39:58

awesome piece right here. mellow and chill, leaves you wanting more. the combination of the piano, then the drums, then the guitar coming in work perfectly. seamless.

on 2004-04-18 22:07:19

Between the first and second times I've played through Dark Cloud, I heard this remix. In the second time through, I found myself highly disappointed with the Shipwreck music because it was not this piece. Damn you, and very good job.

on 2004-03-07 23:50:55

Incredible remix! It makes me want to play that game again, and every time I hear it I get all nostalgic, and not many songs do that, way to go :o

on 2003-05-23 14:36:25

what can i say? i love the dark cloud soundtrack, and this remix is awesome! very nice, it keeps the same tone of the music in DC only a little more upbeat. RECOMMENDED :)

on 2003-03-07 06:51:39

This is one of the most awsome ReMixs' I've heard. It's got a smooth melodic trance and at 1:38 some nice guitar. And at 2:02, the song gets more exiting. The drums in the background blend into a rapid beat. Also, the song begins, and ends nicely. It's got everything a new-age music fan would love. I would rate this a 10/10 :)

Keep up the good work Dev.

Bass Clef Man
on 2002-12-28 02:23:41

A smooth track that does an already good song proper justice. The Dark Cloud Soundtrack is a great one, and I'd like to see some more remixes out of it. Anyway, this mix takes many different components of music and blends them all together flawlessly. A little short, but I love it.

Overall: 8/10

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Primary Game:
Dark Cloud (Sony , 2001, PS2)
Music by Tomohito Nishiura

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