ReMix:Chrono Trigger "Memories Lost in Time" 3:19

By GrayLightning

Arranging the music of one song...

"Schala's Theme"

Primary Game: Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda, Yasunori Mitsuda

Posted 2002-12-03, evaluated by the judges panel

Prot admits his ReView of this piece by newcomer GrayLightning wasn't too great, but it was at least candid. Let's take a look, shall we?

"HMM, this is gonna be hard because there are so many damn schala mixes. Sometimes, I just wish Janus would perform matricide. So anyway... Nice, slow, moody, melodic expansion, all the things I like... but.. OMFG its schala again! I have 10 of these songs. Still, thats irrelevant. I'll give it a YES because its not just another FL-lets-import-the-spc-and-play-around-with-flange remixes.... Also because it's nice, slow, moody, melodic expansion, all the things I like... etc. This wasnt a very good review, Im sorry. But at least ya got a YES, so QUIT COMPLAININ! geezus.... "

- the eloquence, the sheer literary genius ^^ Seriously, Mr. Protricity correctly points out that there are, in fact, enough Schala ReMixes to take over a small nation, form a new political party, or colonize Mars . . . if they combined their power, the sky'd be the limit, that's fer sure. This ReMixer (crowd?) favorite takes a licking and keeps on ticking - we've got a couple good Magus ReMixes, the indefatigable Team Gato, and others, but something about that Schala theme . . . well, I can't keep going off on the ubiquity every time we get a new one or it'll seem trite, right? Orkybash says: "Well, at least it's not a techno version of the theme! Actually, this is very good if you're in the mood for slow, ambient, new-agish stuff. Even if you're not, it's still put together well, aside from maybe an ending that's a tad abrupt, " which sums it up as well as I can. Good initial submit from GrayLightning - enjoy.



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on 2014-11-17 12:39:11

There are areas where I wish the piano sequencing and beats aged better, and the ending should have been a better resolution instead of the bottom just dropping out. That said, I was surprised by how the deliberate pacing didn't plod for me. The lone cymbal, padding, and airy instrumentation all worked nicely in presenting a relaxing mood. A very solid debut mix by Gray from way back in the day. :-)

on 2008-05-06 11:52:06

Laid back with some pretty good interpretation, and GrayLightning's first historical sub to boot!

Very relaxing stuff, with some great pads. The opening left side strings had too slow of an attack for the line it was laying, but otherwise the samples are pretty nice.

Arrangement is very good, and even though i'm pretty sick of Schala after all these years, there are fresh ideas in here.

Good stuff, very nice.

on 2007-03-04 15:36:18

Schala's theme has been done often, but often done well. This is one of those. It's a very atmospheric piece, which relies on a hi-hat for the beat as opposed to a bassline alot of mixes rely upon. Very nice job.

on 2006-03-29 08:11:54

Simply... awesome. So what if Schala's been remixed over and over and over - that just goes to prove how many different things you can do to one track. It's really nice to listen to stuff like this once in a while. Something you can just chill out to and enjoy. Nice one.

on 2005-09-26 10:06:26

Peaceful. Beautiful. Soothing.

As long as the Schala remixes are good, just let them keep coming.

As for the remix, very good from Graylightning that once in awhile comes with a mix that feels. The piano, drums, strings all weaved together into a mix that gives Schala that caring and sensitive character she has.

I don´t really know what new-age music is, but I know that this one was good.

on 2005-03-04 14:49:37
First of all, I can't say that this is the best schala mix, like so many others are saying. Good? Yes. Inventive? Yes. Best? No. I'd like ot think that I haven't heard the best yet, but I already like "Tears for a Girl" better, so...

Always interesting getting a review of such an old mix. I agree Tears for a Girl is better, it's newer of course and Freemind and I worked a bunch on that one. Israfel's take of the schala theme is my favorite one though. That one should not be missed.

But I still haven't gotten bored of the schala theme though, even with 2 OCR mixes of the theme up already... I still think there's a lot left that can be expressed with this theme, I will probably attempt a third arrangement of Schala for OCR submission in the near future. :D

on 2005-03-04 14:30:00

First of all, I can't say that this is the best schala mix, like so many others are saying. Good? Yes. Inventive? Yes. Best? No. I'd like ot think that I haven't heard the best yet, but I already like "Tears for a Girl" better, so...

Anyways, all that said this IS a wonderful mix. It's got great character, which is hard to accomplish, and that character is heavy, which is really hard to accomplish with this piece. The only problem is, at times it seems too heavy. On Schalla's theme, I generally prefer the lighter side of the equation. But I have to give recognition for showing this darker side, and for making it work so well. If the drums were stepped up a bit in quality, it would be even better. Like the orchestral feel to it, though.


on 2003-04-14 00:48:31


This is very effective. incredibly chill. There is a lot of instrumental interplay and interweaving, but its not crowded. there is still plenty of space. i like how he slowed it down. it is fantasticly ambient. it would sound right at home on the deus ex soundtrack. really cool.

I know this mix isnt REALLY that short, but for such an ambient and haunting peice, its not long enough. a song like this could go on forever and it would still work. its not like a melodic piece you can get sick of. its very cool bacground stuff, and i think it should be longer. and i didnt like the ending. too abrupt. but if you listen to my stuff, i'm a fan of the overdrawn, long-ass ending. so maybe i'm biased.

overall, very nice stuff.

on 2003-03-06 04:34:42

Surely the best remix on Schala's Theme... First of all it has a freedom in the composing lines... Gray doesn't fear to use his imagination between the main theme... At the beggining you hear the intro of schala's Theme...and then you "flow" in the sounds of a piano...

The best part is when the strings and the atmospherical pads "take control" and there is no melody...only the background music!! This is much relaxing! And finally the grand finalle with pan flute ( and a tremolo piano at the end )!!!

That's really a good work that prooves that even a new age piece can be a remix for video games!!!


Speed Demon
on 2002-12-26 09:47:38

I enjoy this mix very much - it's not a loud or fast song as the original song wasn't either, so IMO it's a good song to relax.

I was especially impressed by the nice creation of the drums and the improved quality of the instruments and of the song in general.

Very well done! :D

on 2002-12-20 17:19:05

AAAHhhh. Chill and atmospheric. This is done very well and very professionally. Great samples used for the instruments and great arrangement. I'm having trouble saying anything else about this other than that there is nothing bad about this mix. This is great ambient stuff done really well that makes me feel like I'm someplace else. Great work! Lookin forward to more!

on 2002-12-10 13:30:42

Excellent work by Gray here.. Im a fan of the slow mellow pace this puts off, its really nice to simply relax too.. also, the tones were chosen carefully, and you can tell, with each chord brings a subtle new change, some lighter, some darker, i really like that. the drumbeat flows, slowly, very slowly, right along with the song, which i like. Deffinately a keeper, especially for a fan of CT because Schala's elements are embedded so well. Beautiful.

on 2002-12-10 11:54:36

I'm pleasantly surprised this finally made it to OC and got positive comments all around from the judges, given their high standards. Thanks as well to those who took time to review this one, it is very much appreciated. :D

on 2002-12-04 20:39:12

I don't think any mix manages to capture that early 90's new age sound as well as this one. The pads, harmonies and even the synth drums all fit perfectly with the style being used - this could have easily been a track on Arkenstone's "Valley in the Clouds" release. The sound is really that authentic.

GL never believes me when I say this, but I honestly think this is the best Schala mix I've heard. This version just seems to have more depth and emotion than the other mixes- I can easily get lost in the world presented by this piece.

There are things one might want to change. The ever-present cymbal might have been softer and I would have liked a bit longer track so as to let the atmosphere really sink in, but these things don't alter the fact that this is a really great mix.

Everyone should at least give this a try, but fans of new age in particular are in for a real treat.

on 2002-12-04 12:43:08

What the-- there's like not even a dozen mixes, what do people have up their butts? Given the number of total mixes on the site, there AREN'T that many. So yes, I'd say this is a nice new variation on a song that I would *gasp* LIKE to hear more of. MUCH MORE!!!! :twisted:

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Primary Game:
Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu,Noriko Matsueda,Yasunori Mitsuda
"Schala's Theme"

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