ReMix:Mega Man 6 "Master of Flame" 3:49

By Evil Horde

Arranging the music of one song...

"Flame Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man 6 (Nintendo , 1993, NES), music by Yuko Takehara

Posted 2002-12-05, evaluated by djpretzel

In addition to being our first Mega Man 6 ReMix, this is Evil Horde's first submission in quite awhile. Taking on the Flame Man theme, EH gives us an interesting techno-funk hybrid with some truly unique, warbly synth timbres over top a moderate-tempo breakbeat but with a bassline that sounds like an electric and gets a lil' funky here and there. There's also fun vocal samples and dirtier, edgier synths in da middle, including a beefier synth bass and some nice, length-quantized patterns. The main synths used for the chorus are, as mentioned, warbly, sounding like they were recorded from a slightly warped audio tape or underwater (but in a good way) - and you gotta love the ambient ending: a nice, appropriate touch. Not your typical techno mix - throws a few changes here and there and favors the melody and bass over the drums at points in terms of mixing. Some good, new sounds being used as well. Good to see Evil Horde back after about a year, and esp. with a ReMix like this - recommended.



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on 2013-06-26 08:42:18

I actually like the warbly effect that this ReMix has in it's sound. Good to hear a ReMix that can be good even with several things that might go against it nowadays. The vocal clip works for the arrangement and the source is clearly audible. Very nice take on Flame Man's stage.

on 2010-12-28 15:18:40

What I love about this remix is that it gets to the actual song! I've seen far to many remixes that wait until two minutes to get the actual rhythm of the song! Not only that, but it's a fairly catchy tune, and I love the style.:)!!

on 2009-12-08 14:14:16

The mix really gets going in the chorus- the synth is a little strange, but it is effective in giving the track a unique sonic signature. The mix could use a little more punch as well, but in it's current state, it's still very charming and catchy. I even like the vocal clip! *shock*

on 2007-01-27 11:57:22

That being said, Flame Man was my most favorite track. Centaur Man's pretty cool, but his is pretty short.

I like the melismatic effect given to the lead instrument, as it adds to Flame Man's middle-eastern look and feel.

on 2006-08-25 13:34:49

This remix has a certain charm that come from the low quality synths. It really has a catchy beat and main melody. Though it doesn't sound at all professional or well mastered, threre's just something about it that makes it entertaining and enjoyable.

I'd check it out if I were you. Yes, you.

Goten X
on 2006-01-24 12:13:31

Yes he would. I like the techno feel of this song. To tell the truth, when I heard this song (while playing the game), I would have never thought that it could be remixed, or at least not this good. And that "Turn the Flame Higher" is awesome! 7/10 from me.


Jimstander Drago
on 2006-01-23 17:44:22

Love it, Love it, Love it. Thanks for this amazing piece of melidious musical megaman mastery. Flame man would be proud.

on 2006-01-07 05:13:24

This remix is HOT.

Ok, with that bad joke out of the way, I can now concentrate on the remix. It was good. EH kept the arabic feel that the original had, my only question though is if he kept the synths too. I can't really say for sure, my ears apparently likes to play tricks on me, but they sounds very familiar. It feels like the synths give off some NES sounds to thr remix, but yet they sounds different, cause I know that the original wasn't better than this. Since EH was so kind to give this remix some cool beats and drums, he gave the original more than a face-lift. He pimped its style too into something that makes me think of hiphop and car pursuits, and that's one fine improvement in my opinion.

The input of voice samples might been a good idea. I couldn't hear what it said though, but now when I now it says ”Turn the flame higher”, it actually makes some sense, AND adds some more extra material to this remix.

After several listens, I finds it OK. It's up to oneself to decide if the synths bugs you or not, but I feel that EH's changes in the arrangement stilol makes it worth to download. Flameman has now a greater flame to show off, and all I can do is to dig into this music. Awesome EvilHorde.

on 2005-07-17 05:40:15

my gf loved this mix and that alone is reason to DL it.

shes a stern critic and she loves it ALMost as much as I do. truely one of my favorite Mega Man remixes 8/10

on 2005-07-10 00:47:46

I really enjoy this track a lot. Just got it and it keeps playing int the background :)

on 2005-02-13 23:26:09

megaman 6 was the first megaman game i played and i loved the raw tracks of all the songs... once i heard some nice zelda 64 OC ReMixes, i went straight to megaman 6 to check em out.

i only saw flame man (which has a good raw track), listened, and loved... the beats sorta weak... but after getting used to it, and listening to so many hardcore stronger songs, it was a nice setback to listen to... i love the beat change at around 2:55 and the vocals freaking RULE!!!!!!

the pause at the end, omg, at first, i was like wtf.. then i hear HIGHER! and im like ?? and then it busts out again, it was tiiiiite! i love this remix, it was well done and definately one of the better ones. and once i got used to the pause at the end, the suspense it adds is great!


on 2004-12-10 04:16:42
No matter where in the order I upload the song to my MP3 player, or what download of the song I use, it always goes berzerk at 3:33 in the song and skips to the end. Is there some codec fracturing going on that a few of the MP3's haven't been properly ripped for use on the site, or that the files got slightly corrupted somehow?

It's on your end. I just listened and had no problems. Check your system

on 2003-03-22 05:23:23

No matter where in the order I upload the song to my MP3 player, or what download of the song I use, it always goes berzerk at 3:33 in the song and skips to the end. Is there some codec fracturing going on that a few of the MP3's haven't been properly ripped for use on the site, or that the files got slightly corrupted somehow?

on 2003-03-15 07:05:11

I was very happy to see the song on OCR, and even happier when I listened to it ... just like most of the people who posted, I was blown away by Flameman's theme when I first heard it (at my birthday party).

Thank you, EvilHorde, for making such a splendid remix. You know, the first time through, I wasn't too sure about the vocals, but now I really dig it.

I second M Sipher's request for Windman. ^_^

on 2003-03-11 03:49:00

Hmm... diggin up an old review here, but oh well. Why not? =]

I'm in the same court as John here - Flame Man will forever be my favorite MM theme. This is the song that made me go back and play all the MegaMan games from the beginning. The intro-waves just had such a cool dynamic on the little NES. I remember re-starting the stage over and over just to hear that pseudo-chorusing. And c'mon - the rest of the tune is just too groovy to deny. I'm glad EH took the good time to remix it.

Overall, this remix does justice to the original, and stands alone as pretty good if enjoyed as lo-fi. Even with the sample quality, the sprinkle of ethicity does the mix well. My only problem with the track is that it doesn't have much of that crossing (maybe even kinda dissonant) harmonization [hope that's the correct term, my music-speak is rusty as hell] that made the original so cool.

Bottom lines: Great mix for an awesome original. And I'm glad I'm not the only person that loves this song and MM6 in general. I'm used to being lambasted for loving the game and its tracks so much. =P

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Primary Game:
Mega Man 6 (Nintendo , 1993, NES)
Music by Yuko Takehara
"Flame Man Stage"

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