ReMix:OutRun "Passing Breeze (Lounge Suite)" 4:15

By Remorse

Arranging the music of one song...

"Passing Breeze"

Primary Game: OutRun (Sega , 1986, ARC), music by Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Posted 2002-12-15, evaluated by the judges panel

Light jazz isn't a genre that, outside of game ReMixes, I listen to by choice that often. It's often on in the background at a shopping mall or in a restaurant, where you don't even notice it's there unless it's absolutely horrible (which is rare - usually tends to be amazingly mediocre, but never downright painful), or (also rare) it happens to be some pretty good stuff. I think Kenny G kinda hurt light jazz by giving it an overwhelmingly touchy-feely vibe, maybe that's it. Regardless, this Outrun mix from newcomer Remorse falls into the latter category of light jazz that is not only tolerable but enjoyable and musically "there". This wasn't too much of a stretch, actually, because Outrun's three main songs (selectable via the classic radio/dash GUI) each had varying degrees of light jazz influence to them. Remorse has capitalized upon and emphasized this element in "passing breeze", giving us some tres mellow electric piano and jazz guitar duet work, with piano, acoustic drums with the omnipresent light jazz hi-hat pattern, and a quality, even funky electric bass. What's so cool is that Remorse clearly understands the genre, as mixing, bassline, soloing, drums, EVERYTHING is 100% spot-on, such that this could easily be sent in to the unwitting light jazz FM DJ in your region (Metro/DC for moi) and if all the paperwork were there I'm sure it'd be played, and popular as well. Aside from the jazz guitar doing some runs that sound more like piano than guitar in terms of feasibility and articulation, it's convincing stuff. If you like the genre, this is a no-brainer, and because of ther overall high quality and great soloing, even if you don't you should check it out. Recommended.



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on 2011-12-31 02:44:34

A very well personalized tune, nice soloing and good structure - love the strings at the end. The guitar is unrealistic and a bit dull sounding - the tone and feel of the playing is the same throughout - but what is played is very varied, and it's 2002 anyway.. I'm not very fond of Passing Breeze, but this was a very refreshing arrangement of it.


on 2011-12-30 12:29:42

Find: sunny day

play: cassette tape: ocr00875

drive: top down

be: happy

on 2010-01-14 13:07:03

Not bad!

This has a pretty relaxing groove to it, and is in general well done here with the instrumentation and arrangement.

One thing that detracts this a bit though is the production - sample quality and the somewhat low volume levels overall. The synth sounds too far in front to me towards the end.

on 2009-11-03 08:06:38

Traditionally, smooth lounge jazz is a totally yawn-worthy genre for me, but I find that videogame melodies add an extra stimulant into the genre that keeps me not only tuned in, but actually liking what I hear a lot. Much is the case here.

I wouldn't class this as straight up lounge, as it tends to get a bit dense and climaxish towards the end which sounds more remiscent of motown disco stuff. This I actually prefer over a structurally conservative lounge piece. As nice as the smooth, laid back sound is, I'm all for the added guts that almost spring up from nowhere.

There are neat little ideas and moments tucked away all throughout this, and additional listens are greatly rewarded; a big asking point from me. Things like holding off on the hook of the piece until the last seconds where everything gets bigger and more layered showcase some nice restraint and very cool arranging.

Sure, the whole thing sounds wildly artificial, but hell, this is lounge music. Audiophiles check their prejudices at the door when they go into a genre that keyboards built. Tackiness comes with the territory, and this seems to wear its tackiness with pride. And so it should, it's a terrific mix on all fronts and it allows me to listen to lounge without killing myself. Who can fault that?

on 2009-05-16 08:00:27

This is relaxing to listen to. The keyboard work was great.

on 2008-12-09 22:08:18

The only tiny thing that I have against this mix is the unbelievablility of the guitar run. This is fantastic. Really nice work here. Get it.

on 2007-03-27 12:04:34

Fantastically smooth, this is what I call quality remixing!

I love mixes like this that evoke something beyond just being a good song, but other senses too. Listening to this, I can imagine driving along coastal roads on a sunny day with the top down outrun car.

The guitar runs certainly aren't possible to play this cleanly, but they work well, the strength of the mix overall makes up for any issues there. I love the piano chords throughout, and the strings that come in near the end along with the heavier beat really progress things.

Excellent work, highly recommended.

on 2005-11-20 09:42:54

a perfect song when you need to relax.

or, of course, to be played in your car while driving on some kind of landscape.

this is one of the three best outrun remixes on OCR.

on 2003-07-01 17:20:54

Yes, this is a fantastic, relaxing, nice-flowing piece of sound/music. Well done, Remorse, on a piece of brilliant music. 8):D

I just need a Turbo OutRun re-mix now (I already have the d0d0 one, which is great)... I live in hope (see my request).

on 2002-12-18 11:40:34

thanks for the positive feedback guys, i actually had a more upbeat latin remix of the splash wave theme coming but i lost it ALL in a hard drive crash :( samples the lot.. no backups. Anyway, the drums aren't a loop, they are individual samples sequenced.. repetetive but i felt it suited the mood that i was aiming for in the song

glad you guys liked it

on 2002-12-15 20:39:06

Man this just puts you in the groove ne? My 2nd favorite Outrun song has been done so beautifully. And by 3:00 the song really starts to make you feel good. smooth indeed...

This song gets massive points.

on 2002-12-15 19:55:56

ooooh yeah love it. opening owns. the rest follows nicely.

on 2002-12-15 15:46:52

I'm sitting here writing this review while listening to the song and eating creamsavers. I'm getting a totally smooth, creamy, sweet, buttery vibe from both the song and the candy. Well done and seriously laid back this mix is. I liked the strings towards the end of the song; they added a bit more energy. Sweet stuff.

on 2002-12-15 15:04:38

Holy smacksaqs! This is awesome here. Really smooth, and at the same time a little groovey. I love the String hits near the end, makes me feel it could have transitioned into a house remix from there :)

My only complaint was an overuse of the guitar run/piano run. But everything is solid, especially the technique in arrangement. The ending was great. Good work, another one for the playlist :)

on 2002-12-15 13:50:02

This is great stuff. I've listened to this one a million times by now. It ain't my genre either, really. I mean, I love jazz, but usually not this elevator form of it.

But I love this remix for the quality of the arrangement, the skilly ( -- new word alert) solos and so on. You can hear that the person behind this knows how to play a keyboard. I could never have pulled this off. Not today.

My favourite part is when the strings come in. And that cool bass thing at 03:32.

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Primary Game:
OutRun (Sega , 1986, ARC)
Music by Hiroshi Kawaguchi
"Passing Breeze"

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Electric Guitar,Electric Piano,Piano,Strings
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