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OCR00875 - *YES* OutRun 'Passing Breeze (Lounge Suite)' *FT*


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[06:19:16] <presh> you about?

[06:19:24] <Protricity> yup

[06:19:26] <presh> i dont know if you remember but i had an outrun remix

[06:19:32] <presh> almost two months ago now

[06:19:35] <Protricity> hmmmm

[06:19:40] <Protricity> nope

[06:19:41] <presh> and i resubmitted a few weeks ago

[06:19:43] <presh> no response in mail

[06:19:52] <presh> i spoke to you for a while actually man

[06:19:55] <presh> u listened to it

[06:20:03] <Protricity> it was called outrun?

[06:20:12] <Protricity> I remember you sent me something, but I dont recall the name]

[06:20:42] <presh> outrun is the game

[06:20:49] <Protricity> oh

[06:20:49] <presh> its called Passing Breeze - lounge suite

[06:20:51] <presh> or something

[06:21:04] <Protricity> Yea, I think I remember it

[06:22:07] <presh> its been like.. two months man :(

added by rob the bastard king

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Well, this is definitely 'loungey', which is unfortunate cus I can't stand this kind of music, hah.

Anyway, it's sounding good so far. Definitely has that laid back feel to it, sittin back, chillin out, etc, etc.

I'm not hearing anything that sounds bad really. There's nothing here that I like honestly, but I don't hear anything to hold this back from posting. Ooh, liking the stringy bits around 3:30. This mightn't be my style, but it's definitely OC quality the way I see it.

Vote: Yes

Whoa. Scared myself for a minute there, stupid browser crashed just as I hit Submit. Damned MSHTML.dll

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This is like smooth jazz... no wait, it is, without any real jazz theory. No wait there's a little there... I just heard a few real jazz chords. The difference between jazz with and without theory is (and this has nothing to do with how the person thinks, it has to do with the end product) that jazz that has some theory base (or just got lucky in the creation process) generally SOUNDS like jazz, whereas the other stuff you can tell seems just "a bit off" or something...

Anyway, this is actually very close, except I'd need to hear the original to see if that's in there as well. Hmm... guess I'll go check out the original.

I'll give about half credit because some of those chords ARE in the original and some seem to be original, so good job on that. I don't know.

Great, I have to download it again because the cache expired or something...

Well that was fun

Ok, so yeah, I guess this pretty much is gonna get a yes, despite the fact that it bores me to death. Oh what am I talking about. The drums being a standard smooth-jazz loop plus there's really not much variation there in the percussion... though the other parts are very well varied, and the improv is good. Fuck it. You get a yes despite your über-crappy beats.


I'm only leaning towards yes because of the amount of time that was put into the improv piano and jazz guitar parts. For sequencing, it's a lot better than most of the "jazz" stuff I've heard on this site. And when those fake strings come in later, it's a nice effect. I must admit I started to head-bob for just a few... I feel so dirty....

anyway, congrats, you beat my conscience.


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