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Primary Game: David Crane's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia (Absolute , 1989, NES), music by Mark van Hecke

Posted 2002-12-21, evaluated by djpretzel

The first of the last ReMixes of 2002 has arrived, in the form of a sort of joke / mad, twisted experiment from Mazedude. I'll let Chris explain himself:

"As it says on my page - - The reason I did this was quite a joke - this game and its music both have graced several "most annoying game" and "worst music" polls in the OCR Messageboards. So - someone had to remix it! :-) Might as well be Mazedude. Also, I dunno if you've ever messed with shoving EXE, TXT, FNT and whatever else format files into the sample bank of a tracker, but the results are quite fun sometimes. Most of the time it's garbled white noise, but now and then you can find a pitch! Ah, and then you can track with it. There are several moments in the tune where that's what you hear - ONLY non-Wav samples. Files that were never, ever meant to be samples. Garbage! Bwuhaha! Quite a fun twist of irony, eh? Most annoying game music, remixed with garbage! And to top it off, I made it Happy Industrial. Like - the techno folks have Happy Hardcore, but what about the industrial people? Heh, so yeah - all in all this was a fun and silly experiment, I don't expect a ton of folks to dig it, but it just had to be done."

So there you have it - how can one argue with the impeccable logic of one Chris Getman? Seriously, this is pretty "avant garde" in its usage of . . . alternative sound sources. But it's amazing just how musical this mix actually is, when you consider the lackluster original and the somewhat random pallette of sounds at play. It's certainly not what I would ever call "smooth" - many of the textures are abrasive and will hurt and maim you if you have weaksauce ears or what not. I definitely recommend checking this out, if only to hear how a talented dude of maze can take .exe and .txt files and one of the less memorable NES soundtracks ever and end up with something good, at times downright inspired. Truly neat.



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on 2020-11-10 21:07:14

I really like the - I guess I would call it the "arrangement."
But I don't like the instruments.
It's a great tune, and I love the way it explores the melodies and moves through various "feels" behind those melodies. But about half of these chiptune sounds just come out really poorly and are grating to my ears.
I'd love to hear this as a different version that replaces the instruments.

on 2019-07-23 05:24:46

hey mazedude, since you reacted to my post, i wanted to ask you something: have you ever put the original doom.wad into your tracker as a sound? because i remember doing this, and it produced a very distinctly pitched, a couple seconds long dark synth sound. i found this really astonishing and unlikely back then - and it should be reproducable. wanna try it?

on 2019-07-19 07:14:04

can't believe i never commented on this piece.

i might compile a double CD set sometime with essential OCR classics from my time. cyborg blobby would have a definite spot on there. hugely creative, an infectious sound palette used to great effect, resulting in impossible levels of catchy-NES.

i remember this one exploding on my senses back then, and raising awareness of how neat this site really is.

on 2013-02-24 14:19:39

definitely hated this game after getting pretty far and then losing all my progress.

this is a neat experiment, and a good mix!

on 2012-08-13 11:53:38

I just want to say that after all this time, this remains one of my favorite mixes on this site. Maybe because it's so awesome compared to its obnoxious originator, maybe because I like the rough, raw sounds put in the music, maybe because for me, it just works. It's upbeat, catchy, just the right tempo to do basically -anything- to... I love it. I put it on mix CDs, for god's sake.

I wish I could hug this remix.

on 2010-10-26 15:29:34

Experimentation is fun. :D I actually tried a few non-audio samples back in my tracker days, before I had any real music skill. The results were never this good (no skill).

It has a bit of a chippy sound but takes it to another level with the oddball samples. The result is a more distortive and glitchy sound that adds to an already high level of quirk. The game with the worst music? The remix gives no indication of that. 8 years since posted, and it doesn't sound bad at all. A successful experiment, a fun mix. :D

Skyline Drop
on 2010-07-06 14:35:12

Never heard of this game before, but I've just got to say that this is pretty awesome. I'm not at all put off by the somewhat abrasive sounds chosen - rather, they make for a unique and interesting tonal palette, I think. I had a lot of fun with this one. :nicework:

(Also, I just looked up the soundtrack for this game. God, this is obnoxious : )

on 2010-05-07 11:39:07

Really inspired stuff, and it's fun and catchy. Some of the breakdowns could have stood be EQ'ed slightly, but the spirit of adventure is very much alive in this track, and overall I really enjoyed it.

The arrangement is super solid, with a ton of cool stuff going on at all times, and some excellent cross-panned glissando's and white noise percussion. I think Polo has the right idea describing it as musical confetti. Really fun stuff, I love it. :-)

on 2009-12-12 00:36:59

This has some awesome melody, with all the sounds and quirkyness about this mix, it's definitely a winner. Just make sure you don't turn up the volume to loud, or else you'll get a headache, no matter how awesome the song is...

on 2009-09-02 04:44:20

The synths' textures are so oddball - sharp-edged, crackly, beeping, rubbery, what have you - that their collective bursts of energy are like confetti showers. Those bursts blow away creepy-spelunky moments like 1:26 - 1:30 (love that chipper synth that returns from the outset) as if to reiterate the party atmosphere. And that atmosphere gets packed to the next level when the drums at 2:06 enter. All the while, leads trade off between staccato notes and tenuto/pitch-bent notes. In the latter, the source's emotive inflections come to fruition, like when the mood turns starkly serious at 0:37 - 0:40 before conceding to optimism. So for all its chaos, Cyborg Blobby has plenty of interconnecting strengths.

In the end, the Blob bids the boy farewell as it turns into a Root Beer rocket and gently jets away into the night sky. Really puts things in perspective. :)

on 2008-06-22 14:32:29

Even when one doesn't know this one was created (at least partially) using .exe and .txt files it still sounds pretty good while still staying pretty close to the original source material (yes, I was one of those who owned the game) which was really not too bad (if absurdly repetitive). The static and other random noises really seem to fit well. Overall, nice one Mazedude!

on 2007-05-14 01:39:10

That's just crazy. A crazy idea, and even crazier result. Some of the levels (and sound choices :-P) made things too abrasive, but this one is definitely a winner. Just gotta make sure my ears are ok afterward! ("Broke 'em when you joined the panel," I hear someone say.)

on 2007-03-31 11:31:36

Nice song as always, Mazedude--thanks.

And I loved the game for its sheer silliness, even though the play was glitchy and all-around awful--why was it I always wanted to go eat some jellybeans after I gave up on playing it? :)

on 2007-01-28 23:48:36

I think that this song is really cool. I thought that the baby squeak? at the end was funny. :)

on 2005-09-19 03:13:58

What can I say that hasn't been said before? Awesome, original work, and easily among my top favourite Mazedude mixes- and that's saying a lot. That sound at 3:09 (what is it? A baby squeaking) is alone worth downloading this mix.

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Primary Game:
David Crane's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia (Absolute , 1989, NES)
Music by Mark van Hecke

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