ReMix:Streets of Rage 2 "Go Back" 2:57

By lazygecko

Arranging the music of one song...

"Go Straight"

Primary Game: Streets of Rage 2 (Sega , 1992, GEN), music by Motohiro Kawashima, Yuzo Koshiro

Posted 2003-01-29, evaluated by djpretzel

Not a lot of time for this write-up, unfortunately - got back from a three-day, no-Internet trip this afternoon and have been busy catching up. This is some high-energy, straightforward, groove-based mixage in the techno/dance genre from GY off the Streets of Rage 2 OST. This is going out on a limb a bit, but this still retains many of the touches that make it "Yuzo Koshiro-esque" and might possibly be what the original would have sounded like in redbook instead of the Genesis' FM chip. There's the cheesy-but-fun vocal FX, the moving patterns including intro chords and the undulating sub-synth bass, as well as analog percussive fx and lots of synth. Stays pretty true to the original in other regards, but expands upon some of the ideas and adds some flava to the beat and some interesting ritard to the ending (would have left off the very last note, personally) - in other words, not Gecko's most daring piece, and not a concept piece like GY's previous Sor2 'SID of Rage' ReMix, which paired the C64's SID with Yuzo's tunes, this is just a good ole fashioned fun-lovin' unpretentious techno arrangement. Good, solid, danceable, and retains the "essence of Yuzo" in all the important ways.



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on 2018-06-24 20:03:49

Best REMIX ever!!!

It's so damn good, you need big woofers to really enjoy this at it's best. The overall remix supports all important parts of the original track and the almost autoscooter part is amazing!

Never ever wanna miss this masterpiece!

Best regards!


P.S.: Please make a REMIX of China Town and other Streets of Rage music, like Level 8 SOR1 and Level 4 SOR4.

on 2012-10-21 13:25:01

Yeah, it's not too different from the original, and the introduction text is quite right in saying that this is what the original might have sounded like if the game came out today. I think that's the strength of the remix; it's an intelligent updating of the original.

on 2011-02-22 13:40:31

I don't get people criticizing this remix when they admitedly don't play Bare Knuckle / Streets of Rage games. If you've never heard "Go Straight" then the only thing you need to say here is, "Good Work!" Does it need to be elaborated on more? No, it doesn't. This is exactly what I wanted in a remix of "Go Straight", that's why I downloaded it to my MP3 player and have listened to it like 10 times in the past 2 days.

In case you don't realize this, and I don't think some of you do, when remixing BK/SoR music, there are two major issues: 1) popularity and 2) Yuzo Koshiro. The first item means that the original scores from the SoR games are some of the most loved scores in 16 bit gaming. The second... Yuzo Koshiro was one hell of a good composer so the challenge is to somehow perfect on perfection. Most creative endeavors fail at that point.

If you're going to mess with the SoR score, you can't TOTALLY change the tracks because it won't be appreciated by SoR fans. When you really listen to the score coming out of that 16 bit machine, you can hear the sound that Koshiro was trying to put in but the technology did him no justice. Teasing out the full potential of his arrangement is, IMO, what makes a GOOD Koshiro remix. "Go Back" is a perfect example of what I mean. It's fun, it gets you moving, it gets you going straight! Well Done!

Holy Land
on 2010-10-02 13:01:14

Haha, this is cheesy as ****.

Could be more interpretative, but it's decent enough.

on 2009-12-24 22:37:49

I'm split down the middle down this one. .

On one hand, I really like this but I can't really think of a reason why. It just feels like a really cool mix and a good groove.

Yet on the other hand, it is soooooo repetitive and cyclic. Each section of the song feels like a repeat of the last. Probably one of the most repetitive I've heard recently actually....

ARG!.... blah....

My recommendation is to just at least listen to it and decide for yourselves.

on 2009-04-03 14:56:47

More of a sound upgrade than anything else, it's good and well produced, but doesn't grab me as something really expanded upon.

I think i'm missing the nostalgia factor here is all. I'm sure things would be different if I had played the game. :-(

on 2008-12-07 18:32:13

*grooves* *shake* Woo! Woo! (yeah!)


12/01/2010, 5:56 PM EST:

**still grooving**

**still shaking**

Woo! Woo!


on 2008-04-14 02:03:05

All right! First stage music! I love the source material, and I am loving this song. Just makes me wanna get up and dance. I love the percussion, and I'm really digging the quality in sound. Definitely up there with some of my favorites.

on 2006-08-15 06:17:43

Wow. This is good stuff, and I've never seen the game. It strikes my fancy because it reminds me so much of Prodigy. It would suprise me to no end if Gecko didn't borrow themes from them.

on 2005-08-10 02:34:01

This is some funky stuff, Gecko. LOVE it.

Why don't you ever submit anything anymore?

on 2005-02-25 14:48:01

Gecko Yamori, huh? I never listened an remix from this guy. But I know this dude in some place...

That's the first stage theme from sor2. And sorry, but it is very seemed with the original song. Except in some concepts, instruments, etc. But I'm pretty sure I liked it a lot. Enough changes to keep it interesting the whole way through. Good stuff.

Mr. Dillznick
on 2003-12-16 10:37:33

This is a very Funky remix I was just listening to it and it has the style of the game in it. Very good. For some of the party's I would have used another instrument but its overall very nice.

Keep it up! :D

The Berserk Fury
on 2003-07-10 04:55:13

Great job. The chessy voice sample sounds a little like when the chicks witha moh hockdie.

on 2003-02-25 00:25:23

sor tracks are very difficult to remix since they are pretty intense already. i think gecko pulled it off very well, maintaining the feel yet still putting in some new stuff. i doubt it could have strayed further from the original, cause its already a lot. in my opinion, sor2 is very difficult to mix, and for gecko, he has produced yet another winner.

(wow mustin ur tough heh ;))

on 2003-02-24 23:57:46

Loud, overbearing, and still somewhat fun. The instrument (whatever it is.. my ignorant self has no clue) that comes on at the beginning is blaring and annoying, but the rest of the song as a variety of well done instruments that paint a nice picture for the original. The best parts are undeniably the vocals, which for once at a tremendous amount to the feel of the song without drowning out the other elements. 4/8

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Primary Game:
Streets of Rage 2 (Sega , 1992, GEN)
Music by Motohiro Kawashima,Yuzo Koshiro
"Go Straight"

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