ReMix:The Legend of Kyrandia "Kyrandia Medley" 5:28

By Ryan8bit, Xaleph

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Pool of Sorrow", "Timbermist Woods"

Primary Game: The Legend of Kyrandia (Virgin , 1992, DOS), music by Frank Klepacki

Posted 2003-02-07, evaluated by the judges panel

Alright, first off: if you like crunchy, satisfying guitars, come with me, keep reading, and download this ReMix. They're very much Ryan8bit's forte, and in this collaboration with DJ Carbunk1e they figure heavily. But first, some background: before becoming rich, famous, and highly-acclaimed for his work with the Command & Conquer games, a certain Frank Klepacki scored this and a couple other games in the early 90's. Kyrandia was a sort of King's Quest-ish thing, and Ryan8bit and DJ Carbunk1e pay tribute to its adventurous score with a rock ReMix that covers different portions. Carbunk1e's work meshes well with Ryan's guitars for most of the mix, and it's the places in the arrangement where this symbiosis peaks that work the best on a musical level. There are some issues with synchronization and tuning, the former being the bigger problem to my ears, that makes the foundation a little shaky, but it never totters so far as to become unenjoyable. Protricity sums things up well:

"A few sync problems here, a few tunage problems there. But man, good job with the guitars! Not only the way they were played, but the way they were implemented in the song. I would say the weak points are the drums. Also, the guitars should be louder. Other than that, very nice mixing/medley ability. A better ending could have been better, me thinks."

Sounds about right. It's good to see earlier work from now-established composers getting some lovin', and this is different stuff from the usual Frank fare (though you can still tell it's him). As per the collaboration between DJ and Ryan, most of the time it works out quite well, with the body and crunch of electric guitar melding with Carbunk1e's synthetic contributions, but more polish would be needed to surpass the better individual efforts of either artist. Nevertheless, cool stuff, and worth checking out for a look back at the original composer's roots and the collaborative result of two talented ReMixers.



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on 2022-04-27 19:25:21

There's a honky tonk piano or something that's just out of tune, trying to play along with a sweet guitar, and I'm sorry but that just isn't doing it for me.

One-Winged Angle
on 2012-10-12 04:48:06

I don't know who these Kyrandians are, but THEY CAN PLAY SOME SWEET LICKS.

Anyway, there's a lot to love about this mix, even nine years later. The sound quality and some of the samples show their age, but the fundamental power and sheer fun of the arrangement shine through the wrinkles even so. The guitars are the heart of this mix and they beat fast and furiously. I really like what the Remixers did to showcase the guitars, without making the arrangement completely over the top.

I'm not too sure if I dig the badly tuned piano that comes in at 1'14, but it DOES keep the Remix tethered (however tenuously) to its medieval roots. The medley change at 2'38 mostly avoids medley-itis and introduces a slightly more contemplative (if I can use that word in connection with raging guitars) side to the ReMix. The piano at 3'49 amplifies this introspective idea for the listener. The weakest part is probably the ending, where the twin guitars, though fearsome to be-hear, sound slightly disjointed.

As a historical sidenote, I think the writeup for this song demonstrates djpretzel's transition during 2003 from an enthusiastic fan to a professional remixer and webmaster. 2003-2004 seems to be the time where OCR took shape into the powerful force for popularizing video game music that it is today, and this remix seems to be a part of that. The song is higher-quality, the Remixers seem more serious about their work, and the remix epitomizes part of OCR's mission: to recognize lesser-known but worthy games for their artistic contributions.

This is definitely one for the download column . . . and the Burnout: Paradise playlist. Recommended.

on 2008-03-19 11:26:18

Legend of what? I can't say i've heard of the game before, but it gives me a clean slate to hear the mix on it's own. Structurally and melodically it's great, though there are some production issues that really date this.

Big ups for midisoft though; I used midisoft 3.0 (as in the windows 3.1 version) for about 10 years before getting garageband and then logic.

I think this is a good look back for both mixers, as they are both pretty accomplished nowadays, and a remix of an obscure is always something worth listening to.

on 2007-11-26 10:12:27

This is one the remixes that first brought and kept me at this site back in 2003...

Westwood's somewhat forgotten adventuer series are hidden gems- they may not be up there with King's Quest or the Curse of Monkey Island series, but they're still fun, quirky and a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

The tunes from the first two games, which I played back when I was around ten or eleven, were quite memorable, and pretty catchy (I sometimes catch myself humming them unconciously). Ryan's remix exceeds the awesomeness borders by a few hundred miles, and then some. Gotta love that crunchy guitar!

Now I wish someone would turn their attention towards remixing something from the Quest for Glory series, or the second Legend of Kyrandia game (Hand of Fate).

on 2006-12-17 05:40:14

Guitar bias ftw. Got some cool harmonies in this one in the first half. Honky tonk piano has a nice effect.

2:54? How the hell did you come up with that transition idea? Wasn't expecting it at all. Neither was I expecting that massive insanely fast guitar run shortly after; thats some awesome playing.

Some nice piano/harp fills going on in the second half. Hi-hats and bass get a bit old after a while, but that's alrite, lots of variation in the other parts. Pretty good stuffs.

on 2006-04-15 23:19:16


You have no IDEA how long I've been looking for either a copy or a remix of the Kyrandia theme music....I go to OC Remix....and there it is waiting for me! THANK YOU.

....If you ever feel like doing ANOTHER remix of it, I'd be tickled even pinker.

on 2005-01-03 03:22:48

great job on this one carbunk8e and ryan1bit!

the beginning had a nice melody and then this great guitar work came in

and the piano makes up so much of this song as well as the guitars

Amayirot Akago
on 2004-06-30 16:01:50

Wow. Guitar work reminiscent of Eduardo Gouveia (check out his MI remixes here), great atmosphere, and overall, Kyrandian goodness. Definitely one of my favorite OCRs.

on 2003-04-23 09:21:38

i think this remix is good how it is...

on 2003-02-17 12:10:53

This was a tight song. Despite what people say about the guitar i thought it was fine right were it was. Drums did need a little more though. But damn that song was awsome.

Also love you Wizards Warriors 2: Iron Foundry song. I'm a huge fan of the series and have searched around for songs from the game, but I have yet to hear a remix as good as that one.

Good Work!

on 2003-02-10 22:56:22

I love the Legend of Kyrandia series.

This is a dream come true and a beautiful Mix. Great work. I just wish I thought of it first! :D

on 2003-02-08 20:48:51

I'll tell you what. Ryan is my favorite remixer here and I'll listen to anything he does with a guitar. I only wish there was more of it.

on 2003-02-08 20:47:34
Orororo, how come i wasn't informed you guys were doing this song? =(

People may not know, but this mix was finished in the summer. Before I even finished Ironsword which was right around then. It wasn't submitted until later because of miscommunication who was submitting it. And by the time it was accepted, both Carbunk1e and I had grown as artists and producers of music. We realize many things now that could've been changed. If it had been released around when we finished it, you would've better seen the progress of our work. We could probably fix it, but might make better use of our time by bringing something new as part of our collaboration.

on 2003-02-08 15:59:51

Okay Guys.. lets start :P I Do like what you were striving to do, and they're are a lot of parts that shine during this mix, but i think there are a lot of Flaws aswell. Volume and Panning seems the biggest issue to me, but other then that minor complain't, I DO think its worth the listen. Especially if your a fan of the original.

0:01 - hm..Im not sure about the quality right here at the beginning.. but .. it seems nice.. the incoming Strings REALLY help this out.. sounds a lot better.

0:29 - HELLO! pretty big switch here.. The Guitar work is Fabulicious.

1:06 - Needs more. The Backings work okay.. but the Guitar needs more Support i think, the drumbeat sounds pretty cool, but a bit soft in comparisin with the rest.

2:10 - That guitar lead is getting a bit boring by this point, even with all the backround.

2:40 - What are you building up too?

2:51 - Hm.. not sure if i like that..Im not a fan of the Drumbeat for this point..but .. after everything Comes sounds much better.

3:23 -whoa.. Guitar is a bit.. Loud, and drowns out a lot of other stuff, i can tell you wanted it to take center stage, but.. tone it down a bit..

4:12 - I love the backround at this point, What i dont like is how the guitar is panned directly infront of everything, it pulls your attention to it, while that can be a good thing, i DONT like it here.. They don't balance with each other, and they Could balance. needs a bit more volume and panning work, i think.

Sephiroth Lives
on 2003-02-07 20:04:15

Orororo, how come i wasn't informed you guys were doing this song? =( I thought we were a team =/ You know me i love basically everything i hear, with a few exceptions. To semi-quote one of the worst singers of our (my) generation "DJ Carbunk1e, the synth man, if he can't do it, then nobody can". The guitars are wonderful as many people said, but I don't agree with people who say they should be louder, they are just fine the way they are. The intro reminded me very vaguely of Dragon Warrior for some reason, and when the guitar starts, I think the drums should have been louder, but besides that it's really a very great remix. Now I have to go download the original =)

You can check out more DJ Carbunk1e at the Anime Remix site, if you didn't already know.


Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
The Legend of Kyrandia (Virgin , 1992, DOS)
Music by Frank Klepacki
"Pool of Sorrow"
"Timbermist Woods"

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