System: DOS

Computer, first available in 1981, by Microsoft

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Game: DoomGame: Doom II: Hell on EarthGame: Final DoomGame: Star Control IIGame: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeGame: LemmingsGame: The 7th GuestGame: The Secret of Monkey IslandGame: Wolfenstein 3DGame: Command & Conquer
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Yuzo KoshiroBobby PrinceMieko IshikawaPeter McConnellFrank KlepackiGeorge Alistair SangerTim WrightAlexander BrandonMark SeibertMichael LandCharles DeenenClint BajakianJeehun HwangLee JacksonRobert A. AllenAubrey Hodges
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BadAss: Paragons & RenegadesChronopolis: Music Inspired by Chrono CrossHeretic SinphonyEsther's DreamsHeroes vs. VillainsTeen Agent: The Root of All EvilDoom II: Delta-Q-DeltaHouseworksThe American Album: Special EditionThe American Album
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We have 54 game(s) on record for this system (view all). The most ReMixed games are:

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