ReMix:Einhänder "Waztelands" 3:00

By Jivemaster

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Primary Game: Einhänder (Sony , 1996, PS1), music by Kenichiro Fukui

Posted 2003-02-13, evaluated by djpretzel

Einhander is the perfect example of a modern game soundtrack that I admire greatly for technical proficiency as well as sounding very badass overall, but which also reminds me why I love the simplicity of less-modern soundtracks from the days of 8-bit, when melody reigned supreme. I'm a melody-centric fellow, and while Einhander's soundtrack was very contemporary and cool and *totally* appropriate for the context, and while I do indeed dig it, it's more about feel and motion than notes. Don't get me wrong, I think Fukui did a bang up job on this OST and I do enjoy listening to it. It's the fact that it's so good that reminds me why I still prefer the older stuff, if that makes any sense. I'd personally love to see a sequel to Einhander, with the same team at the helm, as I think it and Tobal were some of Square's more interesting side projects. Joel Bird, the master of jive from down under, gives us our first Einhander ReMix, some fast-paced techno that blends in guitar, which Joel seems to be working more with these days. The trademark quick, undulating, "helicopter" bassline that's prevalent throughout the OST starts off, with drums on top, and dual synth and guitar fairly polarized to either side of the stereo spectrum - JM does keep different elements discrete and clearly paid some attention to panning for overall effect. The main guitar chords used could have been meatier - the shred thing does add an edge, but if it had some low-midrange to it that would have filled a nice spot in the mix. Things dropout towards the end for a fadeout with a repeating piano motif. This is the type of BGM I'll probably never cover myself, so it's hard to say what I might have done differently. I think my only real beef is that the lowend and lower midrange feels a bit empty, and I might have added another bassline, some low pads, or fleshed out the guitar to compensate. Then again, the feel is futuristic, cold, and calculated, so the fashion that Joel did mix it in is in keeping with that atmosphere. A cool adaptation that brings guitars in and thus incorporates the organic into a very inorganic context. Like the Borg, man, like the Borg. Check it out for some quick, frenetic techno from Jivemaster.



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on 2014-08-30 23:59:05

Kind of an interesting techno mix. It's frenetic but actually kinda constrained at the same time. Sounds haven't aged as much as some of the heavy electronica mixes of the same era, and I very much appreciate what variation was included to break up the repetition. I've not heard the Einhander OST, but it shows promise.

This is a nicely structured track; but it comes up empty on being remarkable. It serves its purpose well, at the very least.

Psycho Goth
on 2009-05-05 02:52:30

This song is the main reason I got onto I Love this song so much I really want to aske jivemaster what that voice is saying at the end. I don't get why some people here don't like this song very much Any way, Jivemaster: what is that voice saying?

on 2008-02-11 12:44:32

The bass in this is super hard to hear, and the beat repeats far too much. I actually got kind of sick from it. :-(

I can't recommend this one, check out some of Jivemaster's other tracks; he's a talented guy, and I think his other mixes worked a lot better.

Shadow Magus
on 2005-06-03 22:36:23

I've enjoyed this remix ever since I first heard it. Great job!

on 2004-01-08 21:03:12

Sounds like something Blue Man Group would do =D I love it!

on 2003-02-14 19:09:09

Very very nice...

The beginning was a good way to start. As soon as the geetar kicks in I'm dancing inside my head. Then it breaks off into a -tar solo...ooooooooooooooooooo... Then the voices are a nice affect in the background...then comes GEETAR IN FULL FORCE. Now a break for some interesting stab orchs... A well placed break... Solo key action, beats, nice distorted voice bckgrnd. Then a bit further up there's some pretty nice piano fading out...

The fading pretty much worked for this song, but I don't recomend it for many others. I really liked the -lectric -tar. And just the fact that its got a good 4/4 beat makes it fun fo- me.

I woouldn't say that this is a full-bred techno track, more like a rock/hardcore/techno mix. Very well put together. I don't know if you could have done more with this song...but what you did do was pretty cool.

Official Zellus Mobilus Radikal Scale©

------o--- 7.5/10


on 2003-02-14 09:31:12

I was pretty damn surprised to find an Einhander remix on the front page... And I'm actually sort of depressed you beat me to it ;)

Anyway, pretty cool. This song is pretty damn crazy... the guitars, the synths, the drums, EVERYTHING... it all just bangs which does maintain the feeling of the original. I didn't really recognize it too well at first, despite being very familiar with the original.

The song starts out pretty damn good. It snags your attention like nobody's business, and maintains it for awhile. I would have to agree that it gets a bit repetitive, though. My favorite section was 1:27 to about 1:55. That panned synth work is very reminescent of the Einhander soundtrack. I also think the end section is hella cool, but it could have gone on a bit longer without fading, maybe throw in one big finale-type thing, and end it, but that's just how I'd have done it...

I can't really comment on the EQing and stuff because these headphones I'm listening on are total ass anyway, so I'll have to listen when I get home some more. All in all, nice work Jivemaster, but certainly not your best.

on 2003-02-13 19:51:58

To be honest, *I* haven't really enjoyed a song as much as this for quite some time. I love the guitar and the beat. Great stuff!

on 2003-02-13 12:36:34

I enjoy this remix very much. Games with such a complex soundtrack are much more difficult to remix, so that makes the mix all the better.

I do have something that I must say about the guitar in this mix though, and I have heard it in many other remixes on this site. The guitar sounds slightly out of tune from the rest of the song. Its not a major issue, but for me it kind of ruins the part of the song where the guitar plays a larger role. Its fine and not noticable in the part where the guitar is distorted in the background.

Everything else in this mix is wonderful though. Excellent synth effects, excellent drums, nice panning effects, love the stab organ, neat transition at 1:40, synthesized vocals....all so wonderful. Wow even some piano.

on 2003-02-13 11:37:14

Nice. Sounds like something from Thunderdome.

on 2003-02-13 06:34:22

Yes, I a must admit, this wasn't my greatest mix. Definitely lacking in the mid/low end. The elements of the mix were very touchy (almost as much as Malcos and my "Dub Island" mix), and altering one would effectively through the rest into a tizz and create distortion. I had several levels of breaks in addition to the regular drums there, and that made things difficult too (you'll notice the overal volume level of the mix is lower than most of my others for this reason). Overal, I think I actually tried too hard :S, but I was fairly happy with it none-the-less. Mind you, this mix has been sitting on my computer unfinished for yonks (about a year), so it's really more of a insight into my mixing past rather than a step forward for me... await my future mixes ;)

Oh, and thanks for the comments guys.


on 2003-02-13 01:55:06

I dig it Jive. Nice, hardcore techno.

But I must say... why does everyone hate the fade out? I like fade outs. They add variety. Some songs stop on a dime, others fade out. I likes me the fade out.

on 2003-02-13 01:11:30

FINALLY JIVE! how long ive waited for another jivemaster mix =) unfortunately im not familiar w/ the original.. but it sounds like the classic jive techno, sorta taking on a 'particle brain/power puppet' feel. although id like to hear more like symphonic ruin, this is definately another keeper for the jive archives. great work! looking forward to the next one (quickly please :D )

on 2003-02-13 01:10:47

DAMN YOU!!! I was thinkin about an Einhander mix (because I like the be the first to mix from a game), but now being the first is spoiled! :o It IS about time for an Einhander mix, though. This is pretty cool. I'm pretty familiar with the OST, but I can't figure out what song it is a mix of. Hmmm. I like the guitars a lot and the energy is fast and furious in this baby. GAH! FADE OUT ENDING NOOOOOOOooooo! Why must people do that? Good job overall however.

on 2003-02-13 01:03:17

Okay JiveMaster.. lets take a look -Song played- Hm.. Interesting..some cool stuff, I enjoyed the melody.. and it did a good job of putting off a cool vibe, but It gets a bit repetative, and the ending is less than desirable for me. The voices were of cool note, as they add to the atmosphere. ontop of that, You can't deny that raw energy vibe. Worth a listen, but I simply can't call it a Keeper.

0:01 - Interesting beat. Nothing amazing..but .. i suppose it works. But i bet its going to get repetative fast.

0:15 - pretty good work here.. The synth's used are very sharp and edgey, and paint the tone quite well..

0:40 - This is where the mix actually begins to take a much better level, and thats with the guitar. Which adds SO much. But that drumbeat is really ALREADY killing it for me.. and I can tell its going to keep it going.

1:14 - Again, sounds okay, but its that hi-hat thingie in teh backround thats driving me up the wall. You change it up a bit right here, and god bless that, but id still appreciate a bigger change.

1:49 - I think a bit more panning might've done this good.. It feels like everythings a bit centered..

1:53 - Again. Same drumbeat im pretty sure..maybe 1 new addition.. Oo..are those words? pretty well with the general mood.

2:10 - Boring. its gotten boring, its lost its flair, and it feels like the same thing with a few minor breaks. MIX it up man.

2:33 - A much needed change. But.. its an ending..and an ending that *I* don't dig. It's just a fadeout that doesnt really match the mood of the middle-work. On top of that. Instead of "cooling off" with the energetic Vibe and letting things close off, which is what SHOULD happen. it just falls flat and it's basically over before the crazy-stuff has a chance to cool off. it just sort've drops.. owell.

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Einhänder (Sony , 1996, PS1)
Music by Kenichiro Fukui

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