ReMix:Mega Man X4 "Zero the Ultimate Warrior" 4:45

By MetaZero

Arranging the music of one song...

"Opening Stage Zero"

Primary Game: Mega Man X4 (Capcom , 1997, PS1), music by Tetsuji Hayashi, Toshihiko Horiyama

Posted 2003-02-26, evaluated by djpretzel

DJ Terra brings us some more solid trance from the later Mega Man games, this time again covering X4 with a good foundation techno trance arrangement. This is good but not great, which I often use "solid" as a euphemism for - basically, the foundation is strong, there's nothing out of place, the construction makes sense, the original theme is clearly there and clearly modified, and within the context of the genre, the piece includes sound decisions on mixing, instrumentation, tempo, et cetera. But there's nothing fantastically over the top that screams to be noticed & remembered, no one salient ingredient. Actually, the badass synth that comes in (way too) briefly around 3'20" with crazy-sexy-cool modulation is very juicy, but it only really has this cameo appearance. I also like the synthesized speech, ala the Lain episode layer number announcements. And the thunder is cool too. Okay, so there actually are some nice finishing touches that Terra included in an already strong trance mix. But at almost five minutes, I would have preferred either more such highlights, or to have had them last longer and/or figure larger in the overall arrangement. It's still dern good net-surfin' tunage, as my doing the ritual 15-minute check for new news over at slashdot whilst posting mixes tonight illustrated. I'd just recommend to Terra and all trance ReMixers to bring out the big guns sooner and more often when it comes to trance arrangements - the basic evolution of a trance intro is such known territory for most that getting a branded, unique hook or key element in there earlier on can really help ensnare listeners and make it more compelling. Trance/techno fans and Mega Man electronica junkies (you know you're out there . . . ) will definitely dig regardless, and there are compensating elements as indicated, so overall this does come with an emphatic "check it out" :)



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on 2010-12-17 11:57:35

Man, I'm going through a lot of techno tracks today. :-P All I can say about this one is that it is a really enjoyable ReMix. Nice electronica drum beat, clear and strong melody presented, and some interesting effects like the thunder and the "Zero the Ultimate Warrior" voice lines. Not a ReMix that demands to be the best, but enjoyable nonetheless.

on 2008-04-22 10:51:10

Pretty generic sounding to me, honestly.

Basic sounding synths, sound effects and snare rolls for the transitions, I agree with some of the other reviews saying they'd hope this would have done more. There are some nice arpeggios going on, but the beat is pretty boring, and a lot of the 'atmospheric' sections have a paper thin piano going on.

Sorry dude, not digging this one at all. :-(

on 2006-01-07 07:37:08

Man, the trance music doesn't stop coming from me. Ok, let's see what I got.

I got GOLD! This piece is awesome. Doesn't start out with a bang, but it goes easy on you, then BANG!....Terra adds some synths and beats and everything gets explosive. I can really see some real good improvements since your Stage Select remix, your skill level has reached da roof dude! This got nice synths, good beats, kicks that really......kicks, and VARIETY! Excellent! There are some extra ingredients like voice samples and thunder cloud rumbles, and it all flows really well. Personally I don't think that this remix needs something that makes it point out. This is a great trance arrangement, and yes, it's solid. I can see djpretzel's point about how more significant this piece would be if it had some sort of climax to work it's way up too, but it doesn't necessarily need something extra-ordinaire.

And just to ask, is Zero the same robot as Protoman in the early series, or is he an entirely different character? I haven't played the games, so it wuld be nice if every Zero fan would refrain from hitting me with wooden sticks.

Great remix Dj Terra!

Broken Saint
on 2004-11-03 19:20:32

.....Zero will rule all. While X may get stronger and stronger, he is an idiot. He always discards his stuff after hes done, and then something new comes up and he has to get new equip. Zero always has his there.

Anyways, this Remix was AWESOME!

MeTc123 RType
on 2004-10-08 20:05:56

This remix is simply mind blowing!, nuff said.

on 2004-08-05 01:07:04

This song is awesome but stops and starts too much for my liking, I like a constant stream of the hardcore techno but this certainly is kick @$$!!!! 8)

on 2004-08-04 05:03:10

Wow, a great piece of work here. This song is one for me that shall never grow old.

on 2004-06-30 14:52:24

ok, this is my first post on this website. first, I'd like to say, of all, like, 20 remixes I have heard, this is the best. you have to understand me to understand why I like this though. I am a nerd with a huge sound system in my living room. All my friends are nerds with huge sound systems. we all have subs on our computers. we like, noise, and more specifically, bass. So, all my friends and I have pretty much the same oppinion about this remix. It ROCKS! (literally, my house was shaking!)

Julio Jose
on 2004-03-24 02:11:09

See we begin to run into problems with trance/rave. The same synth sample, or around that area is reused, leading to the problem of all rave songs sounding similar, due to their rave defining synthisizers. Really disliking the overuse of the similar trancy fadish rave/trance synthisizer.

on 2003-04-22 23:21:12

This mix was.... good. It reminded me of top gear and the intro was the best part. woo...

Son Goten
on 2003-03-26 15:43:20

Well i definitely liked the Zero the Ultimate Warrior remix. BTW, I LIKE BOTH MEGAMAN AND ZERO! :D

It would've been cool if megaman had a saber just like ZERO, NOW THAT WOULD SERIOUSLY ROCK :) . Also, the link that DJ Terra was awesome. I really like the part 2 remix of This song. REALLY HOT :D.

on 2003-03-01 11:58:47

So when I was listening to this remix I was thinking, "That's a lotta drum beats!" This remix is pretty cool, actually, even though the original piece was like a techno-rave-madness music.

I liked how it was a bit of classical, techno, and a bit of rock thrown into the music. BUT I was expecting more of a hard rock theme toward Zero. Since.. in Megaman X4, everytime I played Zero, I would hold down the dash button and jump and attack everything that moves.

So to wrap it up. It's good.

on 2003-02-26 19:35:16
Very NICE. But then again, i disagree with the one-liner in the song "Zero is the Ultimate Warrior". Other then that VERY GOOD :D . I smile at it

But true to what i believe, MegaMan X is the ultimate Warrior. but thats opinion.

Hey thanx. :D

but dude.. dont you see? Zero IS the ultimate warrior.

Zero have saved X so much times.

Without Zero, X have been done for.

And Without Zero there wouldnt be any X series 8)

And the Z-saber is triple triple as strong as a charged X-buster.

Zero is so much better than X... (but thats my opinion)

Like in the new MegaMan series. MegaMan Zero. Zero destroys X's perfect copy you know. He's the new hero in the MegaMan series

on 2003-02-26 09:51:00

I would just like to state that i am Zero's fan-bitch. so if you've done anything what-so-ever to hurt his theme ill hurt YOU! .. Start! songplayed Otay! .. umm.. there were some issues, I wish this mix would've done "more" on an all-around basis..maybe i expect too much of Zero's themes.. Deffinitely some cool things going on here, worth checking out, the synth quality is Awesome. The beat also, is very dynamic - this rarely gets old and it comes through at you pretty strong so make sure you check it out.

0:01 - Good. its good so far. the beat is good. the synths rock. and the arrangement feels like its going to be good at this point. Excellent.

0:30 - Not so sure if i like the synth handling it like that, but it "works" i suppose.

0:50 - Good work for the building sensation.. I like where this is going.

1:10 - Not sure if i dig that drum-beat too much.. but it works.

1:20 - There we go! this is exactly what i was waiting for..Certainly a diggable vibe.

1:48 - While it sounds cool, i wish more was done thus far. the choice of Synths and such here is excellent, it sounds very good.

2:33 - Cool work, but you havent blown my mind yet like im waiting for, still, this isn't bad at all.. some very cool stuff here.

3:06 - Not sure if i agree with this.. but ..more personal taste issues.

3:40 - Better work could've been done on mixing up his theme.

4:02 - Hm.. its funny how this arrangement somehow reminds me of a theme from TopGear on the SNES. wiiieeerd. the instruments sound very close to it.

4:39 - Eh.. That voice is a bit wierd.. and while i like the lightning effect like magic appears.. I don't think the cutoff was used quite right.. but still sounds *okay* i suppose.. and it fits.

on 2003-02-26 09:35:17

Ah, Some simple yet effective trance. Meh, you dont want to get too complicated anyways... The only thing that gets on my nerves ALL the time in everysong like this is the Fruity loops kick drum...I duno...It always stands out for me.

As for the other sounds they were kicking, the Melodie was a little weak..I've seen that in a couple of your songs... NEVER bury the main lead too much... The lead is very important..cause it carries the song your remixing..And thats what we want to hear.

The piano was nice, I liked it..Maybe a little Piano solo(ish) thing would be cool. This is definatly a BIG improvment from your last remixs. Glade to have another good Trance remixer on board, we've been lacking Trance lately. If you want to impress DJP more (Make something Stand out) I'd say MORE variaty, surprise us with drum changes throught the song..More purcution.. More Harmonization, Stuff that'll make us go what was that! :o THAT WAS COOL!

Hehe, I'm not saying I can do that just yet myself...But I'm still trying.

Anywhoz, Keep Trancing Terra!! I'm looking forward to your ever progressivly better trance Everytime. And Maybe one day you'll compose your own songs make a CD and be the next Trance star? :o


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Primary Game:
Mega Man X4 (Capcom , 1997, PS1)
Music by Tetsuji Hayashi,Toshihiko Horiyama
"Opening Stage Zero"

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