ReMix:Chrono Trigger "Enter the Frog" 4:23


Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Frog's Theme", "Yearnings of the Wind"

Primary Game: Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda, Yasunori Mitsuda

Posted 2003-03-13, evaluated by the judges panel

There's actual "ribbit" frog samples in this, so kudos right off the bat for what I believe is the first relevant usage of real-world amphibian samples in an OC ReMix. Newcomer JigginJonT gives us this Chrono Trigger ReMix of Frog's theme (if you didn't guess from the title, yo), that's actually a resubmission of an earlier incarnation, with feedback from judges and others taken into account. There are still some outstanding issues, and judges still had some reservations, but most felt that in spite of any shortcomings, this newer revision is a quality take on the original theme. This isn't the easiest piece to envision as techno, at least for me, and JigginJonT pulls it off with a brand of smooth techno that features highly separated strereo panning on a shuffling snare pattern, a deep 808-style kick with no thud or audible attack to it, synth patterns bubbling with delay center-right and pads and chiming, FM-ish textures far left. There's some rough patches in terms of sound quality about halfway through, but I think JJT has capitalizes on what he had well by giving each element very equal weight for a balanced sound that also features respectable variations in programming and rhythm, esp. for the genre. There's no one stand-out synth solo, hit, or element that wanders into the loud mid-to-high EQ range, so nothing comes out and grabs you, but instead there's a steady flow. I found this to be decent background music for surfing, what not - there's not quite enough action or depth for extended, focused listening. But I feel that the ReMixer achieved in an effective way a fairly unique vision, to realize frog's theme in a new context, not quite techno but more of a smooth, reserved electronica. It won't rock your socks off, but it's well-constructed and fairly innovative, has some different choices made with regards to panning, and works on a couple levels. Good, unique stuff from newcomer JigginJonT. Good title, too :)



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on 2010-08-04 21:48:15

Awesome opening synth! The delayed/echo bass is pretty cool. THe shaker percussion is nice. I wasn't a huge fan of the first lead synth as the attack was a little slow for the part, but that's minor. The bass drum is thumping, but mellow at the same time. I really like the plucked string in the left side.

I get the idea of the juxtaposition of the rhythmic backing synths verses the slower attacking lead synths/strings. Wit a slower lead line, I think it would have worked a lot better. However, the ambience of the track is fantastic. Considering Jon did this 7 years ago, it's quite good!

on 2010-03-16 17:22:02

It's a cool arrangement, but the production choices aren't doing it any favors. We all know that JJT is way better now, so the mixing on this one can keep him humble. I certainly feel that way about some of my earlier mixes. ;-)

The variation on the theme is really nice, though, and the build to the frog croak was pretty sweet as well.

It has it's strengths and weaknesses, but overall it's enjoyable to listen to. Also, reading the judges decisions on this one really show that it's not just the mixers who have come a long way; I bet the judges now wish they could get away with a single sentence and then a 'yes' or 'no'. ;-)

on 2009-04-25 11:24:46
Needless to say, I think he has improved leaps and bounds from this mix, and continues to do so.

That makes two of us.

on 2009-04-25 03:37:45

I had trouble enjoying this mix, for the simple reason that it just wasn't strong enough. It has no gravity to it, and I didn't feel any sort of pull. OCR is flooded with trance, and this is by no means the worst trance I've ever heard, but it did come across sub-par for me.

For starters, the softness, whether intentional or unintentional, is counterproductive to whatever the mix is trying to convey. The elements that count are obscured by senseless fog, and things a presented very dull as a result.

Secondly, the strength of the main melody is a little hit and miss throughout. There are some very rich sections that have some interesting arranging and creative stuff in here, but there was a lack of cohesion between all the seperate areas for me. Everything seems very spaced out and lacking in relationship with another; the opposite of what trance should be about.

This mix does hint at promise and inventive music, but it gets bogged down by a case of flat delivery, sadly. I'm a big fan of JigginJonT, although you probably wouldn't know it from what I've just been rambling about. Needless to say, I think he has improved leaps and bounds from this mix, and continues to do so.

on 2007-02-28 01:59:27

I love the sound of the Masamune being drawn at 0:25, that really screams Frog. It's the little details like that that separate this mix from the countless other techno mixes out there.

on 2006-09-21 16:36:47

The intro is nice, mellow, mysterious on what will soon come. The sword at :025 is a nice touch. The familiar theme comes in. Then out of somewhere soem techno esqu beats come in, nice. The mix blends well and continues through out the song. 1:33, the pan flute works well. The music change at 2:14 is done nicely. This is a nice take on a classic melody Rock on man!

on 2005-09-25 14:05:43

Enter the matrix..NO! slap Enter the frog, the frog, sorry.

Now, hrrm..this is totally a great techno, the frog melody really does fit in that funky synth JigginJonT managed to dig up. My favorite part began at first when that little more guitarish synth came onto the scene at 0:54, that one was awesome, and that nice flute at 1:34 was the same, gave this mix a character that not many would refuse to download to their computer.

Totally liked those strings beggining at 2:15 too. Eh, screw it all, I liked evrything in this mix. Ribbit.

Don´t be afraid...enter the matrix.SLAP! SLAP!

on 2005-09-03 14:04:44

Although I would have prefered an orchestral version of Frog's Theme, this is definitely still a very, very good remix. I'd recommend it.

on 2005-09-03 03:12:42

Uhh.. Ok then.. Left Panning..yes... anyway.. i Though it was pritty good. Its a Light song with some deep moments.. Worth almost getting GROUNDED for being up past 12 AM on the computer wrighting this review. All in all i give it a:



on 2005-09-02 01:29:40

argh! the left panning! my ear!

on 2005-08-29 11:00:10

This has slowly become onf of my favourite remixes on the site. It's very mellow and cool. 9/10 from me.

PS: I too want an orchestrated version of Frog's Theme :D

Baruch - Vampire Lord
on 2005-08-24 16:51:26

I agree with Luca Blight. I want to find an orchestral version of this song. But I digress...

It was a good remix. I agree that you should not compare the original to the remix. However I believe that the music should have the same spirit as the original, just a different body. You can quote me on that. Anyway, I disagree with Nintendo Guru. This song plays to the low key depressed aspect of the song. When I hear the remix I think of the scenes were Frog has flashbacks about Cyrus. It's depressing. All they need now is a remix depicted the triumphant Frog who drew the Masamune and opened the magical cave. This remix scores a solid 9/10.

And admit it. Frog was the real main character. Him and Magus. I say the worst part of the game was that Frog and Magus didn't share any doubletechs. So what if they were enemies!

on 2005-05-16 07:57:21

This song is fantastic if you relax and take it for what it is. Actually, you should do that with any music that's out there.

This song is much easier to appreciate after a few listens.

About the song not doing frogs theme justice, this song, like the others on this site, are remixing the original melodies, and by doing so (i.e. changing tempo, beat, progression, a few notes, instruments) change the ideas that are conveyed by the melody.

You shouldn't go into any remix on this site and expect the same thing you felt when listening to the original midi. Some remixes lend themselves to the same ideas and emotions that were originally intended by the composers of the melodies more than others.

Get over that and your bias coming into the remix and you'll appreciate what these people are doing more and have a more enjoyable time yourself.

edit: I just read djp's comment on this, and you prolly should too. It's basically what I just wrote, like 3 years prior :P .

on 2005-04-12 15:53:16

I'm a huge CT fan, and I think this remix did Frog's song no justice. His original song was majestic, and triumphant, and every remix I've heard just lays down his track like it's a mudmix. You did have some good effects, the song itself wasn't bad, it just didn't give the justice to Frog's song.

on 2005-03-23 13:41:05

This is a pretty good remix. Not something that I can listen to more than a few times a week though. I love the frog croak though, I found it awesome for some reason.

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu,Noriko Matsueda,Yasunori Mitsuda
"Frog's Theme"
"Yearnings of the Wind"

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