ReMix:Final Fantasy VII "Space Station of the Ancients" 4:18

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...

"Listen to the Cries of the Planet"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2003-03-28, evaluated by djpretzel

Getting jiggy with the percussion! Mazedude's been around for so long, and has contributed so many great ReMixes, it's very encouraging to see he's still at it, still coming up with new ideas and exploring new sounds, and still maintaining an ever-increasing level of quality. This downbeat FF7 electronica mix has elements of Industrial with its very dynamic, stereo assortment of electro-percussion fx. Introing with a raw, unprocessed basic wave that's got some interesting aliasing going on with the pitch-bending, things quickly expand outwards and gradually evolve from there. This is more of a developing sound environment than a melody-driven piece per se, and it actually reminds me of much of the Metroid soundtrack with its repeating patterns and ebb-and-flow. Choir and pads form a bed, with some low bells and additional synths joining in, but no real dedicated lower bassline. Clearly, the drum track is what drives the piece, and where a lot of attention was paid to make things diverse, robotic (but not repetitive), and of high sonic calibre. You can sorta think of this as a "symphony of electronic percussion" - it literally sounds like not just one but perhaps two or three quality electro kits were used in the process. Things end as they began, which in this case I felt was sort of anti-climactic, but the overall effect of having such a percolating, clockwork drum track underneath iterating melodic motifs that trade emphasis is fairly hypnotic, but not in a mellow way - more like a journey into an infinite abyss or something foreboding looming on the horizon, approaching slowly. Interesting, more free-floating stuff from Mazedude, with less structure and melodic emphasis than his usual fare. I still think that his forte lies in styles rooted more firmly in a traditional melodic focus, but this sort of soundtrack-ish work is pulled off successfully as well, and is quite transporting. Recommended.



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on 2011-12-15 12:36:42

I got a heavy Metroid feel as well, not just from the use of choir, but from the off-kilter slightly alien synths used. Great work on the drums. I was disappointed that this never busted into a balls-out industrial onslaught like it hinted, but one of Chris' strengths is to never go for the obvious play.

on 2009-12-12 02:56:34

I like how this piece keeps the feel of the original, yet it off to that place that only Mazedude does. The drum track is the star of this and works well alongside the quirky, catchy electronic elements.

Another solid track from Mazedude. :nicework:

on 2009-11-28 22:36:21

As usual, Mazedude makes them big or not at all. And that warrants no complaints from me. Nice constantly blossoming mix with a very meaty, industrial approach. There's a sense of the familiar and a strong sense of uniqueness to the sound. Of course, the source can be a little difficult to sustain for too long, and the mix hints at a struggle to reinvent it in so many ways to sustain a decent running time, but despite a struggle it's pulled off with gusto. I always love what Mazedude manages to inject into things, and this one, while having a slightly more subtle arrangement than usual, is still absolutely stellar. As per usual, sound choice and production is faultless to my ears. We're dealing with A-grade quality here, but of course, we already know that going in.

Fans of mixes that build up in complexity and then unleash a storm of sound need look no further. Mazedude has provided the good yet again.

on 2009-11-20 17:08:37

I kind of wish that opening synth was gliding, but once those awesomely panned syncopated beats come in, and the delay hits, i'm doing just fine. This mix sets up an incredibly cool mood, and with the choir and big bell hits, it sound very dramatic as well. I gotta say though this track never really explodes into something super intensely epic (which is partly the source), it really does a lot to keep interest, and ends up being a fantastically creative mix, packed with interesting and well-planned details.

One of my favorites from Mazedude, and definitely recommended. :-)

on 2009-05-17 04:07:39

That's a curious drum loop claiming soundscape dominance. It sounds like an unorthodox combination of swift tongue spits, a robotic hiccup, and electro-industrial drum beats that move in a panning circle. Meanwhile, the synths playing the source change the feel of a brooding wasteland into a cause for alarm. But the lingering rumble effects really control the tone of the mix, sounding like meteors hitting the earth. I imagine Cloud running this way and that, alternating steps and changing directions every beat.

At 1:40-1:55 and 3:27-3:53, the two electronic leads (of different octaves and textures) stabilize the beat and mellow down any untamed moods. The eerie, sudden quiet of 2:25 acts like an "are you afraid of the dark?" moment before another meteor strikes and lights up the sky. An alien warp sound flies by once, around 0:25-0:27, like a UFO (and like a UFO, I want it to appear again). And every time the death bell tolls or the choir sings, someone's soul returns to the planet.

Encompassing stuff.

on 2006-09-01 00:38:26

OK, I'm not all that knowledged with breaking up tracks and analyzing them, but I definitely know what sounds good, and mazedude cranks it out with one of the SWEETEST FF7 remixes I've heard yet.

Major FF7 fans need to check this one out because the song just pulls you in and takes you for a musical ride, interpreting the emotion and feel of the original track perfectly and expresses it in an absolutely convincing way. The song has a very epic feel to it, like you're in the middle of one of the great stories of all time.

I very much agree with djpretzel on this track's reminiscience of the Metroid soundtrack. After listening to it a couple times, it reminded me quite a bit of the theme of Kraid's Hideout in the first Metroid. Very dark and fateful, but in the most glorious of ways.

mazedude strikes with not only an excellent Final Fantasy remix, but an excellent musical piece in general.

lady zelda
on 2006-01-17 00:33:10

^ You said it, all right! This quirky, innovative, and catchy electronic sound really works with it. It's a completely different way to interpret You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet, and I love it! That sweet futuristico-ness here gives it that awesome twist. Gotta love it!

on 2005-09-21 12:31:22

Dude, this is awesome. Great idea turning the ancient-theme into a spaceversion, which succeded with.

And that´s good, ancients in FF games shall always have flying fortress, in this case in space. The choir in the back(or whatever it is) and the technic noises really gives this remix the feeling of beeing in space and gazing at a great station floating through space.

You´re the dude, Mazedude. 8)

on 2004-02-21 23:46:40

This was an interesting song. It sounds like a song from a gameboy game mixed in with a techno version of a song from Dark Cloud (Perhaps the Yellow Drops theme or Yellow Drops' dungeon theme). Anyway, this is quite an interesting mix, and I agree with Blindstrike. The spacey and haunting atmosphere of it is quite captivating. Good work.

on 2004-02-08 19:00:55

mmm...yummy. i REALLY liked this one. it was very spacey and almost haunting...beautiful and moving

on 2003-05-16 21:48:25

A haunting work that makes you feel alone and cold. It really brings you to the moment that something was wrong, but nobody knew just what it was. All you knew was that you feared the worst.

The bells/chimes, the echos and the way the melody builds and then falls is very well done. One of my favorites, and I think many other's favorites as well. Excellent remix.

on 2003-05-10 10:28:47

Absolutely f***ing amazing. Mazedude, I officially crown you the best game remixer. This shames even Ailsean's most emotionally-wrenching guitar mixes. Brilliant work.

on 2003-05-03 03:47:57

I just lost my pants to this song. And my head. I really don't quite feel like I'm sitting here typing these words, but more that I've got a 2001-esque thing happening. It's very enjoyful.

on 2003-04-12 02:32:56

definetly an outthere kinda remix but i like it. really gives you a space feeling. great mix, i've just gotten a chance to comment about it since i left, this makes three that i know for city of ancients and it is number 2 on my list, thanks and have a nice day

on 2003-04-12 00:29:24

This remix has an amazingly eerie sense to it and really does give a feeling of space and makes you think of a spacestation floating all alone in space. Another great remix by my favorite remixer as of now on this site. Keep up the great remixes Mazedude!

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Listen to the Cries of the Planet"

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