ReMix:Star Fox "Godspeed" 5:44

By The Wingless

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Star Fox (Nintendo , 1993, SNES), music by Hajime Hirasawa

Posted 2003-06-13, evaluated by the judges panel

I wouldn't have necessarily known this was The Wingless if no one told me, especially considering the very contrasting nature of his preceding submission, which is a testament to his diversity. I've a feeling a lot of people were waiting for a mix like this - a good, kickin' electronica take on the Corneria theme. J.A. Burnett actually mixes in - fairly seamlessly - more than just that in this near six-minute opus, including the title screen theme as well. And while this is largely electronica, it's really of a more soundtrack/hybrid nature, as there's extensive use of string stabs, piano that at times throws some rather daring chords out there, and string pads feature heavily as well. Some interesting comments from the judges - some preferred the first half, which I'd agree is more accessible and has a bit more verve to it, but some also singled the very natural transition between the halves as a highlight. I think we've all been waiting for a Corneria mix to come along that we could feel good about posting for some time, so each of us may have had expectations that weren't totally filled - capitalizing a bit more on the very energetic Corneria theme with some harder-edged synth-rock and perhaps a cutting lead solo, for instance. But, in the end, after listening some more - especially to the second half - I guess this does sound like The Wingless, in that it doesn't make efforts to live up to others' expectations, but instead puts a unique, innovative, even risky spin on some very beloved themes, and ends up with a pretty polished final product that's fresh but recognizable. Recommended.



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on 2023-11-27 21:40:09

Arwings primed and ready!

If you want your floating, ethereal, transporting ivory tinkling that The Wingless is known're not going to find it here; at least not as the main focus. This one is different. djp said that this one doesn't really feel like The Wingless, and he's right. With the wonder of hindsight, though, this ReMix feels like an electronic experimentation with, preparation for, and promise of the Girl/World duo that would come out later in 2003.

And yet, despite its strangeness, I still get that Wingless chill down my spine at its opening. Yes, it's two computer voices talking to one another and perhaps it feels a bit drawn out, but that's not a real minus. It sets up the universe of the ReMix nicely, and once the Arwings are launched...there is The Wingless piano, playing the triumphant theme but not with any bombast; with modest understatement instead.

It's not peak, it's not even classic, but it's mighty fine. Give this one a barrel roll... er, whirl.

SubNormal J3
on 2011-09-11 13:35:49

The Wingless definitely branched out musically in the beginning of this track, but by the second half, we get some classic Wingless vibe. The first half is much more electronic with a fittingly sci-fi opening complete with a script. Musically he creates some tension that resolves into the second section at 2:36. Here he moves from the Corneria BGM into the main theme. At 3:33 we get the first distinctive Wingless key modulation of the track. The outro sounds very spacey and appropriate to the theme.

on 2011-03-15 11:42:31

Immersive! Makes me wish I had a Arwing!

on 2010-09-01 15:05:02

Nice intro that is pretentious and grandiose enough to live up to the legacy of The Wingless. ;-)

Overall an excellent theme selection, and a really well-done approach to it. The samples don't hold up amazingly, but the arrangement is still really good and creative.

on 2010-06-22 13:53:23

A shout out to The wingless:

For a long time you've been one of my favorite ReMixers on this site. You have always been at the top of your game, my friend. Hearing this was just what I needed today. Completely moving. Completely epic. I can't wait to fire up my catalog of your other tracks that I have on my computer and can't wait to see another post of yours soon.

on 2010-01-16 23:11:32

All I got to say about this track is if someone gets the idea to film a Star Fox flick, it better be good. And if this song is not in the trailer or the opening credits, i'm throwing my popcorn already. great work on this, it's my absolute favorite song from my absolute favorite series :D

on 2008-12-30 17:52:26

The extended buildup and the following explosion make the song. Chills at 1:15. Every time. The rest is gravy.

In the parallel universe where I am not colorblind, this remix plays in my mind every time I, in training, fire up my Talon. The pre-combat tension, along with the hectic, blood-pumping, ephemeral nature of the dogfight itself, is captured perfectly, to my ears at least. Sure, I wish the Corneria portion was longer, but what you did here Wingless fits perfectly with how I would envision aerial combat. Then the comparative serenity and reflectiveness in the aftermath... yes. If only you could make a cut-and-dry distinction between good and evil forces and fight on the side of good. But nevermind the impossibility; this piece takes me there.

i heart robots
on 2006-07-30 22:32:49

I really like this song for the fact that it remixes the Starfox credit theme :)

It is however a great song all around, very unique.

on 2006-07-23 03:48:33

I don't wanna keep chewing on an old bone, but I'd like to ask 2 things.

1. Since I read this thread semi-thoroughly and even though Wingless was very kind to post what the pre-launch sequence had said, I'm still confused about it. What source did the pre-launch sequence come from? Was it transplanted from the N64 game(since it had understandable voice clips and not meaningless mumbles like the first game had), or created from scratch just for this song? Side note: the first game did indeed have one clip that you could understand at the "scramble" screen as I recall. I can't remember what it said though....

2. Is it possible to get that pre-launch sequence just by itself? I feel it might make an excelent addition to my rig's windows startup sequence.

Either way, it's a very good intro to an outstanding remix. I won't go into any further detail than that, because I'd just be repeating what everyone else has been saying..... at least those on the positive side of this song.

I'll just drop my personal tastes right here, since I don't post much. The following can be safely ignored, and free you of any potental drain bamage. :lol:

[start semi-ignorant ranting]

And a P.S. to all those who despise fadeouts: There are times that come when a fadeout is the only way to properly end a song, especially if the end of the song slowly winds down like this song does. This especially is true when you come across songs that can, or were made, to loop on forever without ever pausing or breaking, as seen with videogame music. Or where it's slow and would rather trail off. I personaly favor fadeouts to sudden stops... but ONLY if the sudden stop would not work. I really get miffed when a song ends and leaves you thinking; "Huh? That's it? What's up with the cliffhanger?" But some people just seem to like those too.... but at least sometimes there is some consolation of the "residual reverb".

[end semi-ignorant ranting]

on 2006-07-15 13:54:21

I really love this remix! The first time I heard the original Corneria song I thought that was one of the coolest songs ever so I went looking for a remix here and found this, and I must say, it's truly just what I was searching for! The opening sequence with the voices is awesome. Makes me feel like I'm watching an Arwing about to take off. I was a tad disappointed that the second half didn't have quite as much energy as the beginning, but it's quite beautiful. This is a really awesome remix of a really awesome song. Two thumbs up! :D

on 2005-07-25 06:05:08

I love this piece through and through, and could listen to it over and over again, even though I like to max out every icrement of volume I have. It's literally orgasm for my ears... The opening checklist is probably the best lead-in I have ever heard, and once it got to 1:16... And then once it started up again at 1:44... People think I'm comatose during those 42 seconds of pure mind-bending orgasm, and I mean that in a good way!

on 2005-07-01 03:19:06

GREAT REMIX! I loved it the second I heard it. I've always loved the wingless' tunes, and I think he's working on a remix request for me at the moment. He did a perfect build-up, and he's a fricken genius....just visit his site :wink:

on 2005-04-25 11:35:28

Freakin Sweet! This being one of my favourite songs from an SNES game, this ReMix does it justice, great justice! The opening part with the start up sequence is pretty cool as it builds up into the main part of the song. Nice!

on 2005-03-23 03:26:08
pHaT b33tz!
I enjoy spam.

Can the wingless djp?

hawt song.

Strings=awkward, but not as glaring as your earlier work.

piano in second part should be louder.

beepy crap at the beginning is a great intro, but it shoulda been brought down just a little bit volume-wise after a little.

I just got a nasty urge to add a randomly selected dj shadow drumloop to the song and email it to you.

not gonna happen.

on 2005-03-15 15:01:30

This piece is brilliant. Not a particularly easy track to remix, the first part, "Flying Over Corneria." I love the sci-fi voice cuts here. Enable all systems. Set weapons to prime. Indeed.

The second piece remains my favorite part. A drifting quality has been added in alongside the pop style of the mix, and together the two work wonders reminiscent of One Girl in All the World, or was it All the World in a Girl? I can never keep the two seperated... hold up.

It's the All the World in One Girl, also by the WIngless. I hear a lot of that piece in here, and it works really nicely, adding an almost sad quality to the piece.

Anyways, good work WIngless, one of your best. Keep this up and I'm sure your wings will return.


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Star Fox (Nintendo , 1993, SNES)
Music by Hajime Hirasawa

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