ReMix:Treasure Hunter G "Linoleum Stalactites" 4:56

By ella guro

Posted 2003-07-03, evaluated by the judges panel

Adhesive_Boy provides another interesting, not-your-run-of-the-mill ReMix, this time in 5/4 and from the Squareresoft RPG Treasure Hunter G. One of the main highlights is a great acoustic drum riff, well articulated, lending a hybrid-acoustic feel to the mix. Overall, this is compelling stuff, that doesn't cut any creative corners or hesitate to try new ideas. The melody is sometimes impressionistic and sometimes more straightforward, and a jungle-style breakbeat is layered on top of the acoustic riff. You've also got distant, spooky arpeggios, excellent choral patches, swirling, liquid synth lead, artistic and haunting piano, a solo string breakdown (!!) towards the end, and elements of jazz, ambient, and breakbeat all coming together perfectly. Tellingly, due to its unique, left-of-center style, Judge Israfel was perhaps the most positive, describing it as being "packed with interesting ideas from beginning to end" - if you're looking for interesting ideas, I'd have to agree: look no further. Not just interesting, but also musical and well-executed. Not quite chill music, not really driving or dancing music, to me this has enough motion, variety, and originality to just sit and listen to intently, appreciating the textures. At about five minutes, it's also telling that this mix still seems ephemeral, and doesn't drag on, which sometimes more experimental pieces have a habit of risking. Impressive and very respectably original stuff from Adhesive_Boy, from some new territory at that - kudos + recommended.



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on 2023-11-16 00:54:07

Who here likes 5/4 time? I like 5/4 time. Depending on how you go about it, it's got a very cool inherent drive to its metre; however, it can be very hard to pull it off effectively. But that's what ella guro (Adhesive_Boy) did here.

This truly is a ReMix where the journey is better than the destination, not that it's a bad thing in this case. We're taken from a breath to a come-and-go drums and hi-hat line that is there to add intensity rather than beat: the bass is what keeps that 5/4 groove going. We go through mysterious synths playing a melody that seems really ephemeral. The soundscape really does feel cavernous: lights only able to go so far and only in certain directions as flashlights get shone around the space.

I would go so far as to call this one a classic, but not in terms of popular appeal like, say, #01184 "Triforce Majeure". This one is for those who like, or would like, to expand their musical horizons and hear something different but not too challenging. Seriously, don't be afraid, have a listen to this one because you'll be better for having done so.

on 2014-04-13 11:13:12

Nice use of 5/4 and a smooth jazz pulse together. Makes for a very slick audio experience, especially with headphones. Ella's ReMixes have always had a certain unique touch to them, which makes them fun to listen to.

on 2011-10-17 13:26:47

Aural Experiences, indeed. They're so vast, and all over in the place, but in a fantastic way. Love 'em.

on 2008-04-16 14:13:01

Interesting and ambient take on a track, with a few creative liberties taken. I generally like it, though I think the progression of the track is a bit slow; it meanders a bit, and the beats could definitely be mixed up a bit more frequently. 5/4 is pretty under-utilized, and you did a nice job with the percussion to make it sound good.

Synthwise there's lots of cool stuff going on, with a pretty nice lead sound and some nice arpeggios as well. There is a bit of painful feedback about 3/4 through to the end though; i think some of the frequencies on that could have been tamed a bit.

I think i'd have enjoyed this a bit more if there was a little more going on melodically; there is plenty going on, but it mostly just fleshes out the underlying chordal structure rather than adding any specific color.

on 2005-08-02 05:26:14

Adhesive Boy's mixes are far and few between, but consistently deliver as aural experiences. No two songs of his take the same approach. Such is this piece, you wouldn't expect these instruments to work well but AB pulls it off in style. Nice work.

on 2005-06-01 00:50:29

I found this mix while checking to see if there were any Treasure Hunter G mixes on the site... so far this is still the only one. :(

The game's OST was absolutely mindblowing. By the time I got to the first training dungeon (where this song, "The World's Cavern 1" is played), I was hooked on the music. The CGI-rendered graphics weren't bad either. :D

Anyway! Just wanted to say how much this ReMix stands out for me. I love how it drifts around, pushes at the edges, and yet still comes back with the drums and beat. Funny you should mention Radiohead's "Morning Bell" - that was precisely what I thought of when I heard the intro percussion, complete with fade-in and all. :D

Actually, come to think of it, this ReMix style reminds me a lot of Radiohead's experimental stuff (as found on Kid A and Amnesiac - not so much Hail to the Thief). Electronic and very, very textured.

Well done. :)

- Fyda

p.s. Oh, and uh... one more thing: "Linoleum Stalactites"? O_o

on 2004-10-19 19:33:11

Very interesting... In a good way.

I like all the breaks from the fast paced backgrounds like 3:27

ella guro
on 2004-02-02 20:49:48

The re-equed version of this track is avaliable at vgmix, which seems to be down at the moment. (link later) and here (at 128kbps, unfortunately. that was kind of an accident):

I also have the original rns file, but the drum patches and some other of the crucial samples I used were part of larger refills that you'd have to have in order to open those samples.

on 2003-07-15 19:13:24

I really liked this song. I wanted to bring up something I thought of when I fired this mp3 up. The beginning drum sequence starting at around 00:30 (that also comes back around 3:02) Sounds just like the beginning of Sakuraba's Arranged version of "Stab the Sword of Justice" from Star Ocean: The Second Story. For all that have seen my posts, I'll sometime comment on how much I love that game hehe...and anime for that matter lol. But yeah, the the sequence sounds very familiar. If you can find that track somewhere, you'll notice it too. ^_^

But anyhoo, great song, I like it at 3:25-ish when that whole violiny part starts.

- EX / mAnicmoogle

on 2003-07-10 08:17:35

Just to clear up any uncertainty, my previous post was NOT meant to be disparaging, though it may have sounded that way.

Despite my misgivings about the genre of music, the quality is high, and very creative. 5/4 is one of the least commonly used common time signatures used in music (if that makes sense). Way to use 5/4 EFFECTIVELY, and hope maybe some people will take some creative license with upcoming remixes and decide to make something 7/8, or even 12/8. :D

Keep it up Adhesive_Boy.

ella guro
on 2003-07-09 07:45:41

Yes, it does emphasize the same beats as Mission Impossible, but that is also generally the way 5/4 is done anyway. I always counted it as if I was counting in 10/ it'd be like 12345678910. That's just generally the way it's been done...Mission Impossible is really just the most famous tune in 5/4, so everybody usually associates it with that. One of the drum riffs is pretty similar to the drums Radiohead's "Morning Bell" though.

Anyway, thanks for the compliments.

on 2003-07-08 20:38:45

Not to rain on Adhesive_Boy's parade, but Mission Impossible anyone?

It's the exact same pattern. (5/4 with the exact same rhythm)

I must say though, this, while not my style, is very unique. I can't really explain it. I liked it for the sheer unique/strange feeling it had, while being a song I didn't particularly enjoy. Good work though, I must say.

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2003-07-07 19:08:56

At least 99% of all songs ever created are in standard 4/4. This song may throw you off, but it's all good - I found it easier to listen to after I started doing the conductor thing, waving my finger in the air to the time of the music. I happen to have a picture lying around from when I was telling a friend about 5/4, will dig up from harddrive and link...

Just try and find the beginning of the measures... the 3:32 area is a good place to find the rythmn, land the 1 like on that picture and cycle through, and the rythmn is much more apparent. At least that's what I did, the song went from somewhat disorienting to enjoyable.

ella guro
on 2003-07-06 00:35:16

Thanks guys! I didn't figure that everyone would like it, but I figure that there's so much normal-sounding stuff out there, it was time to do something a little different. The track is pretty simple - I did about 2/3 of it in one day (because it was for a contest), and if I were submitting it now I'd definitely EQ it and add some more on the low end.

Umm, but yeah. The intro sound was just me breathing into the microphone with tons of delay (and speeded up a little) and the drums are just riffs that I had floating around in my head. They do sound looped, and I really should've done more to vary them. At that section that starts at about 1:54, I just had two different drums that I fiddled with the volumes to make a weird effect. Most of rest of the stuff is pretty basic...some arpeggios w/the piano and I added some violins in there so people wouldn't go insane listening to that extremely flanged and overdriven guitar lead for the whole piece.

The way djp describes it, though, it sounds like a friggin masterpiece. Glad he liked it. Enjoy.

on 2003-07-03 21:36:45

Hmm..never heard the original version of this song, so I feel somewhat guilty reviewing it.

That aside...

The percussion is great. I agree with the previous posts about Dave B. (awesome music, awesome!) I wish I could get this remix with just the percussion and the chanting-voice-sound from 4:42 till 4:50.

Not too keen on the other synth stuff going on...though there was a point at 3:30 with the violins that I liked.

Good remix, trying something new. Can't say I care for it tooooo much, but that's my own pickiness. Anybody else should listen and judge for themselves.

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